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Study of New Jersey Brigade casualties in 1777
    Losses in the New Jersey Brigade at the Battles of:Short Hills (June 26, 1777);Brandywine (September 11, 1777);Germantown (October 4, 1777). John U. Rees(Note: Unless otherwise noted the following information was garnered from the Jersey regimentmuster rolls. One important factor to be taken into consideration is that often wounded soldierswere not listed as such on the rolls.)I. The Short Hills, 26 June 1777   Comparative Accounts Bloomfield's Journal ... one Lieut. & an Ensign Wounded, & about forty Privates killed,Wounded & taken Prisoners. Israel Shreve Journal Our Loss in kiled was 12... and about 20 taken prisoner... [and] about 20wounded... (Shreve included the following officers; 1 captain and 1 lieutenant killed; 1 captain andone adjutant captured) Israel Shreve letter , June 29, 1777 We had between 20 & 30 Wounded... mostly slightly Except 3or 4... Israel Shreve letter , July 6, 1777 we had 12 kiled and about 20 wounded and as many taken prisoners... 1st New Jersey 1 private killed(1 private wounded in June 1777) 2nd New Jersey Captain Anderson killed 1  (1 private dead June 25, 1777)Captain Lawrie wounded and captured 2 1 volunteer wounded 3  4 privates captured1 sgt. Missing3 privates missing 3rd New Jersey 1 private killedCaptain Hennion wounded1 private captured1 private missing    4th New Jersey Ensign Sproul killed1 private killedAdjutant King wounded and captured9 privates missing Totals for OfficersBreakdown of Casualties   and Enlisted Men  1 captain, 1 ensign and 2 officers killed, 1 officer wounded,3 privates killed and 2 officers captured2 captains wounded (1 also captured) 22 enlisted men and 1 volunteer, killed,1 volunteer wounded wounded, captured, or missing.1 private possibly wounded1 adjutant and 4 privates captured1 sergeant and 13 privates missing Combined Total (Officers and Enlisted Men)5 killed, 3 wounded, 6 captured, 14 missing Final Analysis, June 26, 1777  Israel Shreve's journal and letters seem to give the most accurate total: 12 killed, 20 captured and 20wounded mostly slightly Except 3 or 4... 3  II. Brandywine, 11 September 1777   Comparative Accounts   Lewis Howell letter ... wounded and killed not exceeding twelve... , he stated that Captain Stoutand a sergeant were the only killed in the 2nd Regiment. (found in A Biographical Sketch of Governor Richard Howell... ) Ebenezer Elmer stated that Stout, Sgt. Armstrong and 2 privates of the 2nd Regiment were killedand Colonel Shreve and 7 men wounded, 1 of these mortally. John Shreve's narrative Two men, Jeremiah NcMahon and Ezekiel Jobs, were severely woundednear me; they both recovered. Bloomfield's journal : Sept. 11, 1777: Major Joseph Bloomfield, wounded, 3rd N.J.Capt. Bellard, wounded, 3rd N.J.    1st New Jersey 1 sgt. Killed2 privates captured4 private missing 2nd New Jersey Captain Stout killed 4  1 sgt. KilledColonel Shreve wounded 5  2 privates wounded 6  1 sergeant missing or deserted 7  3 privates missing 3rd New Jersey 2 privates killedMajor Bloomfield wounded 8  Lt. Ballard wounded 9  1 private wounded11 privates captured2 privates missing 4th New Jersey 1 private wounded1 sgt. Captured5 privates captured4 privates missing Totals for OfficersBreakdown of Casualties   and Enlisted Men  1 captain, 2 sergeants and 1 officer killed and2 privates killed 3 officers wounded1 colonel, 1 major, 1 lieutenant, 41 enlisted men killed, wounded,and 4 privates wounded captured or missing1 sergeant and 18 privates captured1 sergeant missing or deserted 13 privates missing Combined Total (Officers and Enlisted Men)5 killed, 7 wounded, 19 captured, 13 missing Final Analysis, September 11, 1777  Ebenezer Elmer gives the most comprehensive total for the 2nd Regiment. According to thesurgeon's mate 2 privates killed and 5 wounded, all unnamed, must be added to the total. Thoughthe number of killed may have been higher and the number of wounded should probably be at leastdoubled the amended total is: 7 killed, 12 wounded, 19 captured and 13 missing.  III. Germantown, 4 October 1777   Comparative Account   Elias Dayton Papers : Ogden's 1st   Regt. ... about 20 men wounded.Field return of Dayton's 3rd. Regiment Oct. 6, 1777,1 sgt. killed, 8 rank & file killed1 sgt. and 12 rank & file wounded1 sgt. and 4 rank & file missingBrigade-Major James Witherspoon, killed 1st New Jersey Captain McMires killedEnsign Hurley killed1 sgt. Killed7 privates killed (2 privates died in October, possibly wounded at Germantown)Captains Conway, Morrison, and Baldwin woundedLt. Robinson wounded 10  1 cpl. wounded1 private wounded1 cpl. Missing3 privates missing1 private captured 2nd New Jersey  1 private killed2 privates captured1 private missing 3rd New Jersey 3 privates killed1 sergeant woundedEnsign Bloomfield wounded 11  1 sgt. and 3 privates listed as wounded in the Sept/Octreturn, probably wounded at Germantown.1 private Died of his Wound November 28, 1777, possibly wounded at Germantown.1 sgt. missing4 privates missing 4th New Jersey 1 private killedEnsign Hays wounded, possibly died later.2 privates wounded2 privates missing
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