Introduction to International Relations

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Department of International Relations Social and Politics Science Faculty Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta International Program Student Lecturer 1st Semester : Introduction to International Relations Lecture : Mr. Sugeng Riyanto S.IP, M.Si Student : Nur Aeni Musyafak
  INTRODUCTION TOINTERNATIONALRELATIONS  SYLABY;1. Why Study IR2. Meaning of IR3. Historical Facts of IR4. The study of IR5. The Actors6. Basic Concept of IR7. Recent Issues.  References; Jackson, Robert and George Sorensen, ³ Introduction to IRs (N ew York : Oxford University Press, 1999)Coloumbis and Wolf ³ Introductoin to IRs : Power and Justice ´Papp, Danil S, ³ Contemporary International Relations ´,Mingst, Karen, ³ Essentials of International Relations ´, ( newYork : WW N orton And Company, Inc, 1999).Plano, Jack C And Roy Olton, ³ The Dictionary of International Relationss´, Morgenthau, Hans J, Politics among Nations  SCORING SYSTEM 1. FINAL SCORE MUST A/B/C/D and E2. SCORING SYSTEM CONSISTS : MIDTERM (30%, FINAL EXAM 50%,ASSIGNMENT 20%).3. STUDENT MUST ATTEND IN THE ACLASS > 8 times. (75%)
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