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a set of questions recruiters should keep in mind while interviewing candidates
  HUMAN RESOURCE MANGEMENTINTERVIEW PREPARATION FORM GROUP 4HiteshLorettaZannDhanashreeShafiqArash  INTERVIEW PREPARATION FORM (For a middle level management post) Applicant’s name  Interview dateInterviewerPosition applied for EDUCATION AND SOCIAL DIMENSION YES NO COMMENTS Does the applicant possess thenecessary educationalrequirements for this position?   Has the applicant been in positions of leadership in school,social or prior business activities?   Does the applicant appear todemonstrate in willingness andability to assume responsibilityDuring the interview with theapplicant did it look like theapplicant was able to expresshimself/herself? PERSONALITY DIMENSION YES NO COMMENTS Did you feel that the individualfelt good about himself/herself?   Did the applicant demonstrate asense of personal security andconfidence during the interview?   Did the applicant demonstrate asense of personal security andconfidence during the interview?Did you feel the applicant isstable or reliable?Will the applicant get along withthe fellow workers?  COMPETENCY DIMENSIONS YES NO COMMENTS COMMUNICATION- candidate expressesthoughts clearly in writing and verbally,projects positive manner in all forms of communication.   DECISION MAKING- candidate demonstratesability to make decisions, involves others asappropriate.   BUILDING TRUST- candidate demonstratesthe ability to keep commitments and meetdeadlines with exhibiting integrity andhonesty   CONFLICT RESOLUTION- candidatedemonstrates ability to resolve conflict withperson directly involved   TEAMWORK- candidate demonstrates theability to work as a part of the team, seeksperspective and expertise of others.  WORK EVALUATION DIMENSION YES NO COMMENTS Does the applicant have the skillsand amount of experienceneeded?   Does the person remains on the job for a reasonable number of times?   Was the reason for leaving the previous job valid enough?   Does the work history indicatethe ability to get around withothers?   From your interview is it likelythe applicant will find the jobduties for the person applied for,satisfying?    WORK EXPERIENCE: Does the candidate possesses experience directly related to position  Yes : No: Comments: JOB KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES    Describe the candidate’s job knowledge, skills and abilitie s as it relates to the position:  ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________    Describe the candidate’s uniq ue skills that are important for this post:  ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Signature of the interviewer:
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