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  Narrator Hansel and Gretel lived in the woods in a small cabin with his father , a poor woodcutter , and his wicked Stepmother. IN THE CABIN Father: What 's wrong? Stepmother - Now that the kids are sleeping , I have to talk to you . We do not have enough food to feed the children . Tomorrow morning the Take into the forest and there we will leave . Father:, I will do that with my own children . Do you think perhaps that I will leave where they can Be in danger? Stepmother - four ... Then we'll die anyway. Narrator She was so insistent that idea finally accepting the woodcutter ended . But Hansel and Gretel did not sleep; were listening to the whole conversation. Hansel do not cry, little sister. I have an idea to find the way back. Narrator The next morning, when they entered the forest , her stepmother gave each a piece of bread. IN THE FOREST Stepmother - Do not eat this bread before lunch because that's all you will eat on this day . narrator  As they walked Hansel was throwing bread crumbs to find your way back then to the cabin. And when they reached the thick forest stepmother said : Stepmother - Stay here until we come and get them. Narrator Hansel and Gretel met what they had said , but it was dark . Let Hansel Gretel , it's time to find our way home. Gretel :'ll help you find the bread crumbs . Hansel :not find any!  Gretel: imagined! Animals ate them! What do we do now?. Hansel: need to find a safe place to stay. Gretel: Look! There is a cave beyond. Hansel: Come on! Narrator Remained without eating a few days in the cave until the end decided to leave to seek Something to eat. So it was that penetrated deeper into the forest until , suddenly Saw something in the distance. Hansel: seems a small house. Gretel - Let us see. Narrator  And so he came to the little house . Hansel: This house is strange. Look Gretel! Is entirely made of candy! Gretel: And Delicious! Hansel: never tried something as exquisite as this in all my life ! Narrator The children had tried everything that was in the house and it was then that a witch opened the door. Witch: How did they get here , little children ? Hansel: We got lost in the woods. Witch: Oh, poor things! Pass, please. Gretel: No ... I do not think we should. Hansel: ‘Do  not worry, it will not hurt. Witch : Of course no.Soy an elderly lady , very old . Witch : Even can stay here with me. I live alone here in the forest. They prepare food, they look so thin and weak . Narrator  The two brothers stayed with the witch but Hansel suspected there was more . Gretel: What ? Hansel: Why so interested in us if we do not even know ? Gretel: And it gives us so much food! She wants to fatten Hansel... Gretel: To eat ! Gretel / Hansel  –  Oh No! Narrator The witch was hidden behind the door listening to every one of his words . Witch -'re right! ... Get in the oven! Gretel/Hansel- Does the oven? ...It's too small ! Witch: Of course not , until I entered the .....Look! Narrator Then the witch went into the oven and they quickly slammed the door, leaving Locked in there. Hansel: Come on ...Let's run away ! Narrator They ran out of the house with all its fuerzas.Caminaron for two days to reach Their old hut. Hansel: Finally we got home! Narrator They knocked the door and his father opened . Father: My dear children! Hansel / Gretel -Dad! (Hugging ) Father: My wife died and I spent the whole time thinking about you. Hansel: We miss you ! Gretel: suffered a lot but we learned to survive on our own .  Father: prease forgive me ! Hansel / Gretel  –  We love you, There is nothing to forgive!
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