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ITS Engineering College BASIC CONCEPTS OF MANAGEMENT 1.1 Management - The Most Important Input Management, always important in all ' spheres of economic activity, has never been of such critical significance as today. The shifts in environment and internal working conditions (in general) in an enterprise in the seventies- all over the world but particularly so in the developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, some of the African the Middle and the Far Eastern countries, demand manag
  ITS Engineering College   BASIC CONCEPTS OF MANAGEMENT 1.1 Management - The Most Important Input Management, always important in all'spheres of economicactivity, has never been of such criticalsignificance as today.The shifts in environment and internalworking conditions (ingeneral) in an enterprise in the seventies- all over the world butparticularly so in the developing countrieslikeIndia,Bangladesh, Pakistan, some of the African the Middle and theFar Eastern countries, demand management,as the key inputfor  economic success. It is good to summarise here some of thegeneral and significant influences which have brought aboutthis change :-1) Society, which was earlier individualistic, has now becomeamorphous. Only groups and institutions can perform but theyare far from homogeneous or crystallized.2) As earlier noted, there is a shift toward pluralism, of multiple competing interests, concentrated round power andservice centers. This calls for a lot more adjustment,balancingand coordination by each enterprise in the system.3) The interface between all social and economic units,'including the government machinery, is now wider, more complex andgossameric.This has brought forth a newdemand on the managerial skill.4) People have come closer to industries and institutions andvice-verse. Whether as tax payers, consumers, benef iciaries or employees, they cannot be taken for- granted. A new vigilanceisdemanded of the present management to handle such asituation. 5)The economy is much more planned and regulated today in amacrosense. An enterprise management has a defined (and 1  ITS Engineering College delimited) periphery within which to function. It sets a'severedemand on the management's ingenuity and skill of adjustment.6) The economic laws and regulations are many and ubiquitous.They often shift and change. An enterprise needs a closevigilance that the best and the safest course is adopted on theseregulatory fronts.7) The, institutional inundation has called for enormous contactsliaison and coordination. Meetings, conferences, consultationsand the role of influence have grown enormously over theyears.8)Systems refuse to work on an even keel. A fish plate seems tobe torn the rails every kilometer or two. The management at thewheels' must pass watchful nights with its search-light on.9) The humanelementin management, at all levels of the team, is’more unpredictable than ever. Bending the concerted humanenergies and motivation to the common enterprise goal needsmagical powers of administration.10) The lines of discipline,well-recognized and respected two decades ago, have now eroded end thinned to nothingness.We seem to be at the crossroads where individual'sright and-demands of factions vie and compete, in devastating rivalries,with.the common social interest.'This influence is discernible’ where poverty and freedom.rub shoulders in the developingworld..Constant management-action is needed to even out this discordant note in the environment, both external and internal.11)Social accountability of business has developed as a growingconsciousness. Government machineries have been set up toenforce this accountability.This has caused,willy nilly,a conflict situation. A greet deal of management judgment andwisdom,is celled upon to resolve this conflict, consistent withenterprise success.12) Professional managementin farming and the small sector of the economy is either absent or in a rudimentary stage. A vast 2  ITS Engineering College amount of managerial function is needed as essential input inthese two vital sectors.13) In a developing economy the. basic goals are known butlargely. Unfulfilling. The critical constraints are two: -(1)Management of the resources and(2) Making full use of vast untapped opportunities. Both theseare important management areas. It is a truism that no countryis poor, no economy stagnant or industry tardy of growthbecause of resources constraints. The reel limitation ismanagenient with all its skills and obligation. _______________________________________________________  ã Characteristics and importance of Management  characteristics of Management: Following are some of 'the characteristics of good management:1) To maintain discipline and to keep control over the employersof various sections.2) To distr ibute work and machines among the workers in sucha way as to secure maximum output.3) To keep co-ordination among the staff at various levels.4) To improve efficiency, management keeps sufficient watch and strict inspection.5) To suggest new ideas and improvements,6) Toarrange for the efficient storing and recording.7. To make the arrangement of payments and their records etc.8. To provide good training to Staff for attaining high skill in.all fields.9. To impart the instructions timely and to provide constantguidance.10. By adhering to high standards of performance it must beable to provide more facilities and wages-to the wor kers'and reduce the prices. 3  ITS Engineering College ã Importance of Management:-  A scientific management is most-essential as it fulfils thefollowing necessities1. It maintains the discipline by keeping proper control over theemployees of var ious departments.2. It distributes the work and machines amongthe workers insuch a way so as to secure maximum output.3. It keeps toco-ordinetfonamong the staff at various levels.4. It improves the efficiencies, as it keeps sufficient watch.andstrict inspection.5. It suggests new ideas and improvements.6. It arranges for the efficient storing and recording.7. It makes the arrangement for payment on scientific basis andto keep their records properly.8.It develop means of marketing and publicity. 9. It gives due importance,to labour grievances and study their psychology for the purpose of maintaining the good humanrelations and for achieving the goals. _______________________________________________________  4
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