India's Economic potential is not overstated

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India s Economic Potential is not Overstated Overview We would take you through, India s Economic performance in 3 phases. Phase 1: Before 1990-1991 Phase 2: After 1991-2009 Phase 3: Future forecasts Our basis of projection on the economic potential include economic indicators such has GDP, Per-capital income & Inflation. We are united & governed We have changed & regulated We are now growing . We have also considered factors such has forex reserves, FII Inflow, FDI , PPP& other Investments i
  Indias Economic Potential is not Overstated  Overview W e would take you through, Indias Economicperformance in 3 phases.Phase 1: Before 1990-1991Phase 2: After 1991-2009Phase 3: Future forecastsOur basis of projection on the economicpotential include economic indicators suchhas GDP, Per-capital income & Inflation. W e have also considered factors such has forexreserves, FII Inflow, FDI , PPP& otherInvestments in the country. W e would also givean insight on the various sectors contributingtowards Indias growth in the economy. We are united & governedWe have changed & regulatedWe are now growing. 7/7/2010 2 India's Economic potential is not overstated  Believe it or not!!!  In the year 1700, India's share in the W orld production was 22.6%. The othersuper power at that time was china and its share was better than India at 23.1%. T he US had no prominent share in world trade.  In 1990, China account for 11%, India is less than 5% and USA 21% . 7/7/2010 3 1700 India's Economic potential is overstated Source: Goldman sacs, IMF  Believe it or not!!!  Note that we were at our best in the comity of nations when we were fullyglobalised and when we closed ourselves, where did we stand, when we had acrisis in 1991?15% of the world population7.5% of world's land W hat was our share of contribution to the world trade? . less than half a percent!!! 7/7/2010 4 India's Economic potential is overstated
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