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Cara install iAtkos ML 2
  24/10/13 14:59How to install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC with iAtkosPage 1 of 16 Is your PCcompatiblewith MacOS X? Read this first.How to install Mac OSX Snow Leopard onyour PC with iBootHow to install OS XMavericks on your PCwith UnibeastHow to useMultibeast 5: acomprehensive guideThe Basic Guide toUpdating Your HackintoshHow Much Money WillA Hackintosh Save You? HOMEINSTALLATION GUIDESNEWSHARDWARE RECOMMENDATIONSADDITIONAL RESOURCESWHAT IS HACKINTOSHING? JANUARY 2, 2013 How to install OS X Mountain Lion on your PCwith iAtkos Download Android Apps Largest Collection of Android Apps. Save DataCost. Try Mobogenie Now! If you're interested in running Mac OS X, but you don't want to pay ridiculous prices for a normal Mac, then aHackintoshjustmight be for you. Right now, the newest iteration of OS X is 10.8, known as Mountain Lion. In this guide, we'll show you howto install Mountain Lion on your PC with the iAtkos distro.We've previously covered how toinstall Mountain Lion on a PC using tonymacx86's Unibeast tool, which requires you tohave an existing Mac OS X installation. This usually means that you have to install Snow Leopard on your PC first, or find areal Mac. However, with a distro like iAtkos, you can jump straight to Mountain Lion. Distros are pirated copies of Mac OS Xthat have been modified to work with a PC. If you don't have any qualms with the legal issues regarding distros, they'reactually the most convenient way to set up a Hackintosh. Requirements: An existing Windows computer/Mac/Hackintosh : This is the computer where you will download and set upiAtkos. Either Windows or Mac OS X will work. If you're using a Windows computer, it needs to have aDVD/Bluray burner (just about every DVD/Bluray drive nowadays can act as a burner, too). A Hackintosh-compatible computer with 10 GB+ of free space : This is the computer where you will install OSX Mountain Lion. It can be the same computer as the one mentioned in the previous point. If your computer already has Mac OS X Lion installed, iAtkos will just update Lion to Mountain Lion normally, without deleting anyof your apps or files.However, not every computer will work with Mac OS X. Be sure to read theHackintosh compatibility guideverycarefully, to check whether or not your computer qualifies. Also, OS X Mountain Lion takes up about 10 GB of   ► Mac OS X to PC  ► Online PC Back Up  ► PC Free Software  ► How to Driver    Search SEARCH MACBREAKER How to install OS X 10.9Mavericks on your PC withmyHackHow to install OS X Maverickson your PC with UnibeastHow to install OS X MountainLion on your PC with NireshCan I install OS X on my PC?Read this first.How to install OS X MountainLion in Virtualbox withHackbootHow to install OS X MountainLion on your PC with iAtkosHow to install OS X MountainLion in Virtualbox with iAtkosPreview: New HackintoshLaptops of 2013Common boot options for Chimera, Chameleon, UnibeasiAtkos, and moreEnable writing to NTFS harddrives on Mac OS X POPULAR THIS WEEK  24/10/13 14:59How to install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC with iAtkosPage 2 of 16 space on its initial installation, so the computer where you install Mac OS X must have at least 10 GB of space inits hard drive. However, that's only the bare minimum; if you plan to install Mac OS X for day-to-day use, Irecommend allocating at least 50 GB of space. It's preferred that you use a completely empty hard drive for this,but if your computer already has Windows installed on your hard drive, be sure to create an appropriate hard diskpartition for OS X Mountain Lion beforehand (by followingStep 1 of our guide to MBR partitions). iAtkos ML2 (Free): iAtkos is by far the most popular distro of OS X Mountain Lion. I won't go into details, but youcan download it from just about any bittorrent websiteby using a bittorrent client(it's about 5 GB in size).Thestandard method of installing Mountain Lion on a PCrequires you to modify a retail copy of OS X MountainLion with Unibeast, but iAtkos already does all of this for you. In this guide, you will write iAtkos onto a USB driveor DVD, and boot your computer from iAtkos to install Mac OS X.This guide describes how to install iAtkos ML2. You can also use iAtkos ML3, an updated version that only workswithmotherboards with UEFI. If you're not sure which version to use, just use ML2. A dual-layer DVD, Bluray disc, or empty USB drive (8 GB or larger) :   If you are setting up iAtkos fromWindows, you have to write iAtkos onto a dual-layer DVD or Bluray disc (normal DVDs don't work because iAtkosis slightly too large).However, if you're setting up iAtkos from Mac OS X, you can use a 8 GB or larger USB drive instead of a dual-layer DVD. You will need to erase all of the files on your USB drive beforehand, so make sure to back up itscontents first. You can reuse this USB drive for normal stuff after you finish installing Mountain Lion. You cannotwrite iAtkos onto a USB drive from a Windows computer. If you really want to use a USB drive from Windows,install Mountain Lion on a virtual machineand set up an iAtkos USB drive on there instead. Be sure to installtheVirtualbox Extension Packto view USB drives from your virtual machine. TransMac ($48, 2-week free trial): If you're using a Windows computer to set up iAtkos, you need to useTransMac to write ( burn ) the iAtkos disk image file onto your dual-layer DVD or Bluray disc. You don't actuallyneed to purchase TransMac; the free trial works fine. Carbon Copy Cloner   ($40, 2-week free trial): If you're using a Mac to set up iAtkos, you need to use CarbonCopy Cloner to write the iAtkos disk image file onto your USB drive. You don't need to actually purchase CarbonCopy Cloner; the free trial works fine. Multibeast (Free): Multibeast is a collection of kext filesthat your Hackintosh will need to run properly, after theinitial installation. If you're using a Mac to set up iAtkos, you will also need Multibeast before the initial installation.Be sure to download the newest version 5 of Multibeast, not the older versions 3 or 4 (which are for SnowLeopard and Lion, respectively). 1a. Create your iAtkos USB drive (Mac) Follow this step if you're setting up iAtkos on a Mac or existing Hackintosh. Plug your USB drive into Mac OS X, and openDisk Utility (located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder). Select the USB drive in the sidebar of Disk Utility, go tothe Partition tab of Disk Utility, and create a new partition layout with 1 partition. Set the format to Mac OS Extended(Journaled) . Name the new partition whatever you want.Click the Options button before applying your new partition layout. It should be set to Master Boot Record by default.Keep it that way. Then click Apply . 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Then,start Carbon Copy Cloner, and set the iAtkos disk image as the Source and your USB drive as the Destination . In thescreenshot below, my USB drive is named Whatever .This will write all of the contents of the iAtkos disk image onto your USB drive. This will take 15 minutes to an hour,depending on the quality of your USB drive.Once Carbon Copy Cloner is done, your USB drive will contain a fully-functional OS X Mountain Lion installer. However, it'sstill unbootable on PCs. To fix this, open Multibeast and select the USB drive as the installation location. Select Drivers &Bootloaders -> Bootloaders -> Chimera , and run the Multibeast installer. NOTE: If Multibeast doesn't give you the chance to choose the installation location, click past the pages in Multibeast, untilyou reach the page with the Change Install Location button. 1b. Create your iAtkos DVD (Windows) Follow this step if you're setting up iAtkos on Windows. Insert your dual-layer DVD into Windows, and open TransMac. ClickFile -> Open Disk Image. In the Windows Explorer window that pops up, select your downloaded iAtkos disk image; this filewill probably be named iATKOS_ML2.dmg .  24/10/13 14:59How to install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC with iAtkosPage 4 of 16 Your iAtkos disk image will pop up in the left sidebar of the TransMac window. Right-click on it, and click Burn to CD/DVD .Then burn the disk image.This process may take up to an hour (or more, depending on the speed of your DVD burner). Once TransMac finishes, youwill have a fully bootable DVD version of the iAtkos Mountain Lion installer. 2. Set up the parts of your PC I covered these steps inmy Snow Leopard guide, but they're worth mentioning again:Unplug all USB-connected devices from your computer before you begin the setup (except your keyboard andmouse). A faulty external USB hard drive can cause your Hackintosh bootloader to give you EBIOS errors onstartup.Open up your computer and unplug any extra internal hard drives that your computer has, besides the hard drivethat you're installing OS X on. (Just unplug the hard drive SATA cables from your motherboard.)If possible, connect your monitor to the DVI port of your computer's graphics. The Mac OS X installer sometimeshas problems with HDMI and VGA. NOTE: If you're installing Mac OS X on a computer that already has Windows installed, you may have toenable AHCI for Windowsbeforehand. Otherwise, Windows won't boot afterwards. Also, after installing Mac OS X, you should alsosync your clock on Windows with Mac OS X. 3. Set up your motherboard's BIOS The BIOS is basically a settings page for your motherboard. To enter the BIOS on my own computer's Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3motherboard, I have to press the delete key when it boots (before the operating system starts). Different manufacturers setdifferent keys for opening the BIOS. NOTE: If you have a newer Gigabyte motherboard that uses the UEFI interface instead of BIOS, check outour guide for setting up the UEFIinstead.
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