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This book teaches how to get lower Adwords costs by improving Quality Score with irresistible ads (among other things). You can also read the content as a webpage here:
  The Path ToLowerGoogle Adwords Costs AndHigher  Ad Exposure TENSCORES by Chris Thunder  Chapter 1 - An Introduction By Quality Score   AN INTRODUCTION BYQuality Score  BE DAMNED IF YOU IGNORE ME et’s make things clear, I don’t care about you!I don’t care who you are, who you’ve been or who you’ll be. I don’tcare how rich or poor you are, I don’t care what your reasons are foradvertising online… If you ignore me, I will sack you!Ignore me and you’ll have a hard time advertising with Google.Ignore me and your Adwords costs will skyrocket. Ignore me andyour ads will never make it anywhere on the web.I’m capricious, hard to tame and I change moods all the time.Some say I’m high maintenance… I say I just have high standardsand I long for quality. My name is Quality Score.Most know me as a round number that ranges from 1 to 10, but inreality I have numerous decimals that you can’t see, along withother details that you need not know. Q  UALITY SCORE * See Appendix A to learn how to make a Quality Score column visible for your keywords and anImpression Share column visible for your campaigns. L  If you haven’t made me visible in your Adwords account yet, Isuggest you do it right away ( see appendix A ). While you’re at it,make sure you make “Impression Share” visible too. We’re going tohave one hell of a relationship... just don’t make me mad or you’llregret it!I have sweeping effects in your adwords account, some youprobably don’t even suspect.You may think I’m complicated, but I’m really not.I was born to help Google achieve its mission of providing valuablesponsored results to the millions of users who trust the searchengine everyday.To help you understand me better and learn the impacts I have onyour adwords account you’ll need to understand the Adwords adauction, Ad Rank and Actual CPC. THE ADWORDS AD AUCTION Every time a search query is performed on Google, an ad auction isrun for the 8 slots (sometimes 11) available for ads. 4
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