Group03 INSS2012 July14th Q27 Finished

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Group03 INSS2012 July14th Q27 Finished
    Our problem with cosmicrelic neutrinos … Saturday 14 th July,INSS 2012 problem presentationR. Castillo, M. Reeves, C. Sun, L. Yang    Why are relic neutrinos important? Cosmic Microwave Backgroundsuppression of first peakLarge scale structure, shift in turning pointto larger kRelic neutrinos have an effect on when there was matter/radiation energy parity in ourcurrent understanding of the evolution of the universe and leading from this has an effecton behaviour of the LSS and CMB.Relic neutrino's contribution to dark matter    The question ● ”What is the de Broglie wavelength of relic neutrinos withrespect to mass?”  ● ”What is the likelihood of detecting a relic neutrino?”  ● ”What experiments might be capable of thisobservation?”  ● ”Are these experiments currently technically feasible?” “Compute the de Broglie wavelength of cosmics neutrinos asa function of their mass. How can you translate that into aconcept for their detection (hint: coherent scattering)? Is it  practical compared to existing technical capabilities?”  Our approach  deBrogliewavelengthofrelicneutrino λ  =   pdn ν  ( T  ν  ) d  3  p = 12 π  3 1exp(  p / T  ν  ) + 1 n ν  ( T  ν  ) = 3 ζ  (3)4 π  3 T  ν  3 n γ  ( T  ) = 2 ζ  (3) π  3 T  3 T  ν  T  = (411) 3 , T  ν  0 = 1.7 ã 10 − 4 eV  n ν  ( T  ν  ) = 322 n γ  ( T  ) n ν  i 0 ≈ 56 cm − 3  p = 72 ζ  (4) ζ  (3) T  ν  0 = 5.3 ã 10 − 4 eV  ζ  (3) = 1.20205 ζ  (4) = 1.08232 Phys.Rev.D71:083002,2005 λ  ≅ 2 mm
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