Greenhouse Gas Effect is Bogus

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Greenhouse Gas Effect is Bogus
  Terri Jackson Bsc Msc MPhil(econ) founder of energy group at Institute of Physics, London. THE GREENHOUSE GAS EFFECT IS BOGUS CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) - COOLS THE EARTH! climate  The UK Met Office recently releaseddata showing that there has been nostatistically significant global warmingfor almost 16 years.The US NationalOceanic and AtmosphericAdministration (NOAA) have recordedthat carbon dioxide concentrations rose by nearly 9 percent to now constitute0.039% of the atmosphere, a very tiny proportion of the atmosphere.Satellite measurements are the mostaccurate temperature measurements asthey cover the entire globe. Comparedwith 1998 the global temperature hasfallen as recorded by the University of Alabama Huntsville LT 5.2 satellitedata.Clearly global warming that hasnot occurred cannot have caused theextreme weather of the past few years.The UN own Intergovernmental Panelon Climate Change says in its SpecialReport on Extreme weather (2012) thatthere is “ an absence of an attributableclimate change signal” in trends inextreme weather loses to date. Fundscurrently dedicated, Canute like, totrying to stop extreme weather shouldtherefore be diverted to strengtheninginfrastructure.There is not a shred of scientificevidence that the small amount of carbon dioxide from humans is causingclimate change. Over 99.5% of thecarbon dioxide in the atmospherecomes from natural sources anywaysuch as de-gassing from the oceans.Data from the Antarctic Vostock icecore shows there has been four glacialcoolings each followed by aninterglacial warming.In all cases thetemperature changes precede the CO2changes.(see diagram one). Thetemperature changes are thus the causeof CO2 changes, carbon dioxide levelsare not driving temperature.Why isthis the case? Because the oceans storevast quantities of carbon dioxide, far greater than the atmosphere. As theworld oceans gently warm naturally asa result of the earth coming out of theLittle Ice Age which only ended in1850, carbon dioxide is then releasedinto the earth atmosphere. Thesolubility of carbon dioxide decreasesas the water temperature increases andso as a consequence de-gassing occurs.The extra carbon dioxide in theatmosphere is mostly coming from theoceans. Each glacial cooling andinterglacial warming cycle has a periodof about 100,000 years,whichcorresponds to the periodic changes inthe earth elliptical orbit about the sun.The increases and decreases inatmosphere CO2 occurred long beforeany significant human emission of CO2. In the past during ice ages suchas the Ordividian era, an ice age, CO2 THE GREENHOUSE GAS EFFECT IS BOGUS CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) - COOLS THE EARTH! Terri Jackson Bsc Msc MPhil (econ)Energy group founding chair at Institute of Physics, London.  levels have been 20 times todays levelwith no runaway global warming.Carbon Dioxide cools the earth!The greenhouse gas effect is bogus!The climate alarmists have argued thatgreenhouse gases keep the earth surfacewarm by absorbing its infrared energyand then radiating it back down to theearth below as so called “back radiation”. Carbon dioxide does nottrap heat, the only heat trapping gas isevaporated water operating as latentheat, not by any mythical greenhousegas effect. We know energy transfersfrom a liquid surface by way of evaporation. This evaporation cools thesurface but also transports considerablelatent heat to the immediateatmosphere. The question is can infrared radiation from a cooler atmospherehave any effect on non radiative processes such as evaporation anddiffusion? Professor Claes JohnsonProfessor of Applied Mathematics atthe Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm has concluded in his new paper “Computational black body radiation”that the electro-magnetic energy inradiation from a cooler source is NOTconverted to thermal energy when thatradiation strikes a warmer surface. Weknow energy transfers from a liquidsurface by way of evaporation. Thisevaporation cools the surface but alsotransports considerable latent heat tothe immediate atmosphere. The factthat there is no heat transfer when infrared radiation from the cooler atmosphere strikes the warmer earthmeans it does not have any effect onthe rate of evaporation and so on therate of cooling from the surface.Alarmists claim that by its infra redabsorption CO2 “blocks the earth`snatural cooling” However theKirchhoff fundamental law of radiationsays that a strong absorber of radiationis also a strong emitter of that radiation,so atmospheric CO2 emits as stronglyas it absorbs and as it absorbs heat itimmediately emits the same heat. Ittraps nothing! The heat emission fromthe colder CO2 in the atmospherecannot go back to the warmer earthsurface below. (2 nd law of thermodynamics). The only placewhere it can go is to the void of freespace above the atmosphere.Soatmospheric CO2 blocks nothing butsimply continues that natural cooling. Itacts as a coolant to the atmosphere!It is the sun, gravity and thehydrological cycle that causes climatechange. Latent heat via the water cycletogether with gravity and the sun.change the climate, not humans!Water vapour is the heat trapping gas notcarbon dioxide.There is no need tofactor in the bogus greenhouse gaseffect. For more than 30 years crank science led by Nasa`s James Hansensought to dodge that powerful climatemachine: the earth hydrological cycle.Astrophysicist James Postma and other PSI researchers have shown that when
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