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Granth Sahib
  suix suix gMFxu gMFIAY iliK piV buJih Bw{ ] (20-13, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)Again and again, we hear and tell stories; we read and write and understandloads of knowledge, q.snw Aihinis AglI hamY rogu ivkw{ ] (20-13, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)but still, desires increase day and night, and the disease of egotism fills uswith corruption. Ehu vyprvwhu Aqolvw gurmiq kImiq sw{ ]2] (20-14, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) That Carefree Lord cannot be appraised; His Real Value is known onlythrough the Wisdom of the Guru's Teachings. ||2|| lK isAwxp jy krI lK isa pRIiq imlwpu ] (20-14, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)Even if someone has hundreds of thousands of clever mental tricks, and thelove andcompany of hundreds of thousands of people ibnu sMgiq swD n DRwpIAw ibnu nwvY dUK sMqwpu ] (20-15,isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)-still, without the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, he will not feelsatisfied. Withoutthe Name, all suffer in sorrow. hir jip jIAry CutIAY gurmuiK cInY Awpu ]3] (20-15, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)Chanting the Name of the Lord, O my soul, you shall be emancipated; asGurmukh, you shallcome to understand your own self. ||3|| qnu mnu gur pih vyicAw mnu dIAw is{ nwil ] (20-16, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)I have sold my body and mind to the Guru, and I have given my mind andhead as well. q.Bvxu Koij FMFoilAw gurmuiK Koij inhwil ] (20-16, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)I was seeking and searching for Him throughout the three worlds; then, asGurmukh, Isought and found Him. sqguir myil imlwieAw nwnk so pRBu nwil ]4]17] (20-17, isrIrwgu,mhlw 1) The True Guru has united me in Union, O Nanak, with that God. ||4||17|| isrIrwgu mhlw 1 ] (20-17, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)Siree Raag, First Mehl: mrxY kI icMqw nhI jIvx kI nhI Aws ] (20-18, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living. qU srb jIAw pRiqpwlhI lyKY sws igrws ] (20-18, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) You are the Cherisher of all beings; You keep the account of our breaths andmorsels of food. AMqir gurmuiK qU vsih ija BwvY iqa inrjwis ]1] (20-19, isrIrwgu, mhlw1)   You abide within the Gurmukh. As it pleases You, You decide our allotment. ||1||  jIAry rwm jpq mnu mwnu ] (20-19, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)O my soul, chant the Name of the Lord; the mind will be pleased andappeased. AMqir lwgI jil buJI pwieAw gurmuiK igAwnu ]1] rhwa ] (20-19,isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) The raging fire within is extinguished; the Gurmukh obtains spiritual wisdom.||1||Pause|| pñnw 21AMqr kI giq jwxIAY gur imlIAY sMk aqwir ] (21-1, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)Know the state of your inner being; meet with the Guru and get rid of yourskepticism. muieAw ijqu Gir jweéAY iqqu jIvidAw m{ mwir ] (21-2, isrIrwgu, mhlw1) To reach your True Home after you die, you must conquer death while youare still alive. Anhd sbid suhwvxy pweéAY gur vIcwir ]2] (21-2, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) The beautiful, Unstruck Sound of the Shabad is obtained, contemplating theGuru. ||2|| Anhd bwxI pweéAY qh hamY hoie ibnwsu ] (21-3, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) The Unstruck Melody of Gurbani is obtained, and egotism is eliminated. sqgu{ syvy Awpxw ha sd kurbwxY qwsu ] (21-3, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)I am forever a sacrifice to those who serve their True Guru. KiV drgh pYnweéAY muiK hir nwm invwsu ]3] (21-4, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) They are dressed in robes of honor in the Court of the Lord; the Name of theLord is on theirlips. ||3||  jh dyKw qh riv rhy isv skqI kw mylu ] (21-4, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1)Wherever I look, I see the Lord pervading there, in the union of Shiva andShakti, of consciousness and matter. gux bMDI dyhurI jo AwieAw jig so Kylu ] (21-5, isrIrwgu, mhlw 1) The three qualities hold the body in bondage; whoever comes into the worldis subject totheir play.
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