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GOOD TIMES FREE BOOMER MEMORIES ãTRIVIA ãFINANCIAL ADVICE ãAND MUCH MORE Bob Evans Farm Explore the 1000 acre farm from Coal Mine to Sorghum Mill Plus... Bad Fads Looking back at 1968 JULY 2010 4....THOSE WERE THE DAYS... BAD FADS 5....REMEMBER WHEN...1968 6....BOB EVANS FARMS offering a full menu of pioneer history 9....FINANCIAL ADVICE Are the markets predictably unpredictable? 10...IN THE SAME BOAT... Semi-confidential memo 11...LOCAL WOMAN SHOWS PRIDE
  GOOD TIMES   FREE BOOMERMEMORIES   ãTRIVIAãFINANCIAL ADVICEãAND MUCH MORE Bob Evans Farm Explore the 1000 acre farm from Coal Mine to Sorghum Mill Plus... Bad FadsLooking back at 1968 JULY 2010  4....THOSE WERE THE DAYS...BAD FADS5....REMEMBER WHEN...19686....BOB EVANS FARMSoering a ull menu o pioneer history9....FINANCIAL ADVICEAre the marketspredictably unpredictable?10...IN THE SAME BOAT...Semi-conidential memo11...LOCAL WOMAN SHOWSPRIDE IN MILITARY   GOODTIMES   Vol. 4 No. 10 Don Hemple, PublisherNancy Spencer, Editor A monthly publication forAllen, Auglaize, Putnam,Logan, Mercer and Van Wert Counties.For editorial information:Nancy Spencer: 1-800-589-6950 Ext. 134Email - nspencer@delphosherald.comFor advertising information:1-800-589-6950 Marilyn Hoffman Ext. 131Sara Berelsman Ext. 128Stacy Prine Ext. 129 A DELPHOS HERALDPUBLICATION405 N. Main St.,Delphos, Ohio 45833 Contents   Birthday Trivia Guess who’s turning another year older?  1. I was born on July 28, 1945 in Marion, Indiana. Iam an American cartoonist who has also won anEmmy. I am best known for having creating thecomic strip “Garfield”. Who am I?2. I was born July 26, 1945 in Hammersmith,England. I am a British stage actress who laterbecame an Academy award winning actress for theportrayal of “The Queen”. Who am I?3. I was born July 22, 1947 in Gilmer, Texas. I ama musician, singer, songwriter and drummer whois best known for being a founding member of theEagles. I continued on as a solo artist with hits suchas “The Boys of Summer.” Who am I?4. I was born on July 22, 1955 in Appleton, Wisconsin.I am an actor who played parts in Platoon, Born onthe Fourth of July, Mississippi and many more. Iusually play the villain, but did give my voice to theheroic “Gill” in “Finding Nemo”. Who am I?5. I was born in Hollywood, California on July 20,1945. I am an American singer-songwriter who hadhits such as “Bette Davis Eyes” and “What AboutMe”. Who am I? 2 – GOOD TIMES ã July 2010 Birthday trivia answers 1. Jim Davis2. Helen Mirren3. Don Henley4. William Dafoe5. Kim Carnes Come In A Customer ... Leave A Friend 11260 Elida Rd. Delphos 419-692-0055 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED ã LEASING ãService & RepairãParts & AccessoriesãOwnerAdvantageRewardsãBodyRepair & Painting NEW & USED   The Area’sOnly DualFord Lincoln/Mercury Dealer! Proudly Serving The AreaSince 1922!   July 2010 ã   GOOD TIMES – 3 Lima’sGoldenRehabSuccess Mary, an active grandmother, had suffered with ar-thritis in her knee and as a consequence had sev-eral falls. She found it hard to do the things most take for granted such as getting out of her chair andsimple home making tasks. What Mary missed most  was enjoying activities with her grandchildren.She came to The Golden Living Center-Lima aftera knee replacement. Through much dedication onbehalf of the Rehab Team and Mary’s determina-tion, she returned home after just 3 weeks. Theresults were so positive that Mary continued heroutpatient therapy with our Golden Living RehabTeam. She is anticipating having her other kneedone and returning to The Golden Living Center-Lima for her rehab.Mary is back to doing the things she loves, spend-ing time with her grandkids and cheering them onat their sporting events. She is even planning for a vacation at the beach!Mary is back to living a full life thanks to the RehabTeam at The Golden Living Center-Lima. We canhelp you get back to the things that matter most too!   Don’t take our word for it,come experience theGolden Difference for yourself! 599 SOUTH SHAWNEE STREETLIMA, OH 45804Phone: (419)227-2154  Mary Spears  4 – GOOD TIMES ã July 2010 Tose ere Te Days  Bad Fads Gold Fish Swallowing - Phone Booth Stufng Fads tend to dene periods of time, but lso highlight the persistence of the generalublic to make the best of good times .... andad. Last month we ventured into the world f agpole stting and dance marathons. This onth here are two more punishing and badads...  Goldsh Swallowing How does something which only lastedtwo months come to symbolize the popularconcept of a fad? Simple - it exceeds all ap-preciable levels of ridiculousness! Such was the case with goldsh swallowing.Goldsh swallowing started as a fad in the spring of 1939 when Harvard freshmanLothrop Withington swallowed one whena classmate wagered that he wouldn’t. Theevent received vast coverage from the localmedia in Boston and soon college studentsthroughout the country were trying to tophis feat. Within weeks, students (mostly men) were sucking down ve, ten, twentyand even thirty sh at a sitting. At some point, adults began feeling thatthe fun-natured frolicking of college studentswas not really all that funny. Many townspassed ordinances making itillegal and a MassachusettsState Senator presented a billwhich attempted to protect the sh from “cruel and wan -ton consumption.” U.S. Pub-lic Health service warned that ingesting live goldsh could result in the swallower con-tracting anemia through tape- worms living in the sh. Fi -nally a professor at U.C.L.A.concluded that an adult malecould safely consume up to 150 sh, but warned against exceeding that amount.Before the 1970’s, the record of goldsh gluttony had gone beyond three hundred. Thankfully though, this was one fad that has nally passed. Phone Booth Stufng In taking part in this event, several col-lege students would squeeze themselves intoa telephone booth, one after another, until no one else could t in. Of course, the morepeople who could t in, the better, and uni -versities everywheresaw students skip-ping class in order totry and devise a planto set a record.The fad is oftenassociated with col-lege students fromthe west coast of theUnited States but itwas, in fact, startedin South Africa. Twenty-ve students there were able to pack in a booth and an-nounce that they had set a world record indoing so. Soon students in England, Canadaand the United States were attempting to topthat mark.Some students in England went on di-ets, and some at M.I.T. attempted to usedgeometry and calculus as a manner of de-termining the precise method to achieve the highest efciency for stufng. When they found themselves unable to pile more andmore friends into the booths, they beganchallenging other universities’ “credibility”because of supposed violations of “rules”which should have been adhered to. Someclaimed all participants must keep their en-tire bodies within the booth, while others specied that someone inside was required to place a call.The fad died out within a year in theUnited States (1959) but was reincarnated in the form of Volkswagen stufng a few years later. AAUW BOOK FAIR   Sept. 7-11 ã 155 E. Northern Ave. (Former Big lots @ Northland Plaza)  NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS THROUGH AUG. 26. Hours: Tues.-Thurs 9am-12p; Tues, 5p-8p HARDBACK BOOKS, PAPERBACKS, CHILDREN’S BOOKS, SHEET MUSIC, RECORDS,VCR, DVD, SPECIALIZED MAGAZINES, TEXT BOOKS (2004 OR NEWER) . NO Encyclopedias, or Reader’s Digest Condensed before 2004 Questions can be answered by calling Pat at 419-235-1470. Proceeds provide college scholarships for area young womenand camperships for middle school girls for math and engineering study.  L o s t   IN THE   50 ’S  Diner   And  Gasoline Alley Museum  1533 Celina Road, St. Marys, Ohio 419-394-4959  Enjoy food just like your mom and grandma used to make  while listening to the sounds of the ‘50s on the jukebox. ã Great Burgers and Daily BLUE PLATE SPECIALS! ãDelicious Sunday Buffet ...9-1ãBanquet Room HOURS: SUNDAY OPEN 8-8 - BREAKFAST BUFFET 9-1MONDAY 7-8, TUES-CLOSED; WED, THR., FRI. 7-8PMSAT. 8-8 (BREAKFAST SERVED TILL 1 PM)   Check out our great collection of memorabilia andtake a trip back in time in our Gasoline Alley Museum. See ELVIS’ PINK CADILLAC& Blue Suede Shoes
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