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Letter sent to director of cultural development to find events for Barefoot business.
   Name Director of Cultural DevelopmentCity of Pittsfield28 Renne AvenuePittsfield, Mass. 01201  Date Dear   Name ,My name is Richele Baburina, I am a new Pittsfield resident, mother of two young boys and aStallholder with Barefoot Books. I wanted to introduce Barefoot Books to you and waysstallholders are taking part in their communities.Barefoot’s mission, to “Celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children,” isapparent across our range of products and services. We are convinced that it's never too early tointroduce children to other cultures. We believe that children can appreciate high quality art, andenjoy the music and meaning of language from a very early age.To promote these values, we focus on themes that can open into group or adult-child discussions, performance, art sessions, dance routines and a lot more. Our products are intended to act asspringboards for children’s hearts and minds, helping them to express themselves with confidenceand to explore the world in new ways. For example, I offer storytelling using the “Whole Book”approach, developed by the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum in Amherst. This is an interactiveexperience where children are introduced to the picture book as an art form in a fun, playful way.We have a number of regional authors and artists, including Jane Yolen, Heidi E.Y. Stemple,Rebecca Guay, Maria Carluccio, Linda Wingerter, Laya Steinberg, Josepha Sherman, and CarolynCurtis. Barefoot Books are not found in the major chain-retail stores. Additionally, our books arefree from media tie-ins (no TV or movie characters) and our complementary products inspire achild's imagination. Our books encourage children to learn, imagine and broaden their horizons inall directions – musical, theatrical, environmental and cultural.I have included a catalog with some literature and a sample of books for you to discover. Iwelcome the opportunity to discuss with you ways Barefoot can help introduce art and story tothe children of Pittsfield.Respectfully, Your name and address  ã Offering storytelling at local venues, including cafés and farmers’ markets. · Hosting book signings with Barefoot authors and illustrators.ã Putting the books back in book fairs with no gimmicks and quality art and story.ã Promoting a commercial-free childhood (Our books are free from television and movie tie-ins).ã Taking part in Earth Day events, offering earth-friendly art projects with children.ã Fundraising during the rebuilding process after Hurricane Katrina. · Book drives for schools, libraries, organizations, hospitals and the like. · Barefoot book drives for transitional housing and emergency shelters.ã Partnering with literacy programs and ESL programs.ã Using Barefoot books in programs such as Upward Bound and Expeditionary Learning.ã Barefoot blogging…book reviews, kid picks, and ideas for homeschoolers. · Taking part in multi-cultural events with children’s activities, coloring competitions, andstorytelling.
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