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  Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 144 Fernando LopesHelder Coelho Editors Electricity Markets withIncreasing Levels of Renewable Generation:Structure, Operation,Agent-based Simulation,and Emerging Designs  Studies in Systems, Decision and Control Volume 144 Series editor Janusz Kacprzyk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Polande-mail: kacprzyk@ibspan.waw.pl  The series  “ Studies in Systems, Decision and Control ”  (SSDC) covers both newdevelopments and advances, as well as the state of the art, in the various areas of broadly perceived systems, decision making and control- quickly, up to date andwith a high quality. The intent is to cover the theory, applications, and perspectiveson the state of the art and future developments relevant to systems, decisionmaking, control, complex processes and related areas, as embedded in the  󿬁 elds of engineering, computer science, physics, economics, social and life sciences, as wellas the paradigms and methodologies behind them. The series contains monographs,textbooks, lecture notes and edited volumes in systems, decision making andcontrol spanning the areas of Cyber-Physical Systems, Autonomous Systems,Sensor Networks, Control Systems, Energy Systems, Automotive Systems,Biological Systems, Vehicular Networking and Connected Vehicles, AerospaceSystems, Automation, Manufacturing, Smart Grids, Nonlinear Systems, Power Systems, Robotics, Social Systems, Economic Systems and other. Of particular value to both the contributors and the readership are the short publication timeframeand the world-wide distribution and exposure which enable both a wide and rapiddissemination of research output.More information about this series at  http://www.springer.com/series/13304  Fernando Lopes  ã Helder Coelho Editors Electricity Marketswith Increasing Levelsof Renewable Generation:Structure, Operation,Agent-based Simulation,and Emerging Designs  1 3
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