Fempreneur Summit 2016

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How to build a beautiful business with BAM! using your feminine energy Build a brilliant business: 3 keys to fulfill your purpose, create profit and life prosperity Fulfillness is the key to create a profitable business and a prosperous lifestyle. But how do we know what fulfills us? And how can we turn this into a profitable business? Kaja Otto shows you how to find your authentic voice and craft you message. You’ll learn how you get from being a lightbulb to becoming the lighthouse in your industry by building a brilliant business that lights you up and serves the world. www.fempreneur-summit.com
  • 1. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto KAJA OTTO FULFILL Y O U R S E L F
  • 2. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto PEOPLE WANT RICHES, THEY NEED FULFILLMENT. Robert Conklin
  • 3. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto YOUR OUTER WORLD REFLECTSYOUR INNERWORLD
  • 4. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto WE ARE NOT HUMAN DOINGS. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS.
  • 5. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto OWN
  • 6. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto THE MIND IS AN AWSOME SERVANT. BUT AN AWEFUL MASTER. Chinese Proverb
  • 7. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto WHY FOR MYSELF? WHY FORTHE WORLD? What impact do I want to make?
  • 8. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto FOR MYSELF FORTHE WORLD
  • 9. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto OWN
  • 10. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto OW N
  • 11. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto YESTERDAY IS HISTORY, TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY. TODAY IS A PRESENT, WE BETTER USE WISELY. Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim
  • 12. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto BABY I WAS BORNTHIS WAY! Lady Gaga
  • 13. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto NOWWON
  • 14. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto BETHE CHANGE YOU WANTTO SEE INTHE WORLD. Mahatma Ghandi
  • 15. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto HELLYES!
  • 16. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto I GOT FIRE UNDER MY FEET, AND I FEEL IT IN MY HEARTBEAT. Leona Lewis
  • 17. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto THE WESTERN WOMEN WILL CHANGETHE WORLD Dalai Lama
  • 18. www.kajaotto.com @kajaotto KAJA OTTO FULFILL Y O U R S E L F
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