Facilities Manager Responsibilities for the College of Arts and Sciences

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1. FacilitiesManagerResponsibilitiesfortheCollegeofArtsandSciences  Inspectionof11 buildingswith atotal of 418,452 squarefeet. a. Inspect buildings forsafety problems.…
  • 1. FacilitiesManagerResponsibilitiesfortheCollegeofArtsandSciences  Inspectionof11 buildingswith atotal of 418,452 squarefeet. a. Inspect buildings forsafety problems. Lookat all fire extinguishers on a regular basis. b. Inspect buildings forany and all maintenance problems on a regular basis. c. Report all maintenance and safety problems to ULM Fix web site. d. Coordinate dates and times to have maintenance issues resolved. e. Assist with unlocking doors.  Assist19 departmentswith year-endinventory. a. Scan each room using a Protégé scanner forany and all inventory listed on state inventory list. b. Build reports using Excel of items that was not scanned. c. If items are not located, go back and forthseveral times to locate missing items. d. Correspond with professors daily to try and located the items missing from their department. e. Once, I have completed my search come to the conclusionthat the item was moved to another room; it stays on the report of unallocated items for the department head and faculty tolook for. f. Then compile information of missing items fordepartment heads and Academic Affairs to sign off on and forwardwith Jean. g. Lookfor information about the property, run reports if needed in the STATE web site Incircuit.  BuildingSpaceUtilization SurveyReportYearly. a. Walk in every room of the 11 buildings that I oversee and determine what code matches the room description, list what is in the room (example; computers, printers, smart board, projector,number of chairs)if listed a person in the office locate their last four number and enter that on the file using MicrosoftAccess.  Building/RoomProjects. a. Sit downwith all faculties involved and determine what their needs and wants are throughout the project. b. Set up appointments withProjectManager and faculty and make notes. c. Build a report of items ordered, PhysicalPlantcharges, Computer Center, and contractors’ charges. d. Get cost estimates; submit paperwork for approval to Academic Affairs. e. Workwith outside contractors. f. Workwith PhysicalPlant Maintenance: Electricians,Plumbers, carpenters and HVAC. g. Workwith Property Control to remove any items not needed. Submit Property Control paper workrequired by state.
  • 2. h. Order furniture, computers, and any other equipment that may be going into the room using Banner. i. Check in daily with the contractors,to make sure things are going according to the faculties needs and answer any questions that may come up. j. Once all items are receivedand accounted for.Enter items in Banner to be paid.  Locate andassignrooms forfacultyas needed. a. Locate furniture, tables, and items to setup new offices. b. Speak withfaculty on their needs. c. Fill out forms for approval from Academic Affairs. d. Fill out Property Control Forms for move. e. Contact Ginger forPhone transfer.  Assistdepartment headswith PropertyControl Forms. a. Maintain, assist, and keep property controlrecords for all departments. b. Submit forms forfurniture moves, computer moves, computer surplus, chair moves, and desk moves. c. Workclosely withProperty Control to oversee any kind of property move. d. Assist Property Control with moves. e. Have to move desk, file cabinets, computers, chairs, and shelves when Property Control is not available and someone wants the things moved now.  AssistComputingCenter a. Assist with linking officecomputers to department printers and personal printers. b. Setup Computers for faculty and staff. c. Hook up extra monitors for faculty and staff. d. Help withsmart rooms, when faculties are not sure what to do. e. Setup printers for faculty and staff. f. Change out toner forfaculty and staff. g. Assist with setting up portable projectors, computers and screens to make a classroom usable.  Assistwith orderingkeysfordepartments. a. Assist department heads with signing off for keysin their department when not available.  Order officesuppliesfortheCollegeofArtsandSciences. b. Order supplies needed on-line. c. Enter information into Banner for approval. d. Receive items into Banner forcompany to be paid. e. Maintain spreadsheet on charges from me.
  • 3.  Knowledgeofthefollowingprograms: Incircuit STATE PROPERTY SYSTEM TMA PHYSICAL PLANTWORK ORDERSYSTEM Excel2010 Word 2010 PowerPoint2010 Publisher 2010 Access 2010 Banner Purchasing and Procurement Banner Requisition Banner Receiving INB Banner Dreamweaver
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