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Dear Beekeeper Welcome to our 2010-2011 full colour catalogue. The Thorne family has been in business on the same site in Wragby, Lincolnshire for 96 years. Now in our fourth generation and employing 75 people on this site and our three other UK locations. We provide an unparallelled standard of quality and service to beekeepers and candle makers both at home and abroad. We have two southern branches. Thornes of Windsor is situated just 3 miles from junction 6 of the M4 and 7 miles from juncti
  Our complete range of equipment is also available through our on-line shop, As you would expect from the leadingsupplier in the country we offer more on-line: links, useful tips anda list of courses and events. OUR GREEN CREDENTIALS  Our green credentials are second to none.Many of you will know all our loose-fill packaging is recycledcardboard. It is also a service to the local community who arepleased to bring in their boxes and see even less going into landfill.This card is shredded and compressed into excellent loose-fillpackaging and even better smoker fuel or garden mulch.Our sawdust and shavings are compressed into briquettes. Theseare used to fuel our biomass combustion unit which heats ourfactory. All timber off-cuts are either delivered to local pensionersas fire kindling or given away to the public - none of it goes tolandfill.The water used in our wax process is recycled through a chiller unit with minimal waste and all office waste paper is finely shredded forprotecting foundation in transit. Our timber, obviously, is allsourced from sustainable forests both home and abroad.For quality, service and innovation, there is only one choice. Thornes ,  we lead where others follow. Dear Beekeeper   Welcome to our 2010-2011 full colour catalogue. The Thorne familyhas been in business on the same site in Wragby, Lincolnshire for96 years. Now in our fourth generation and employing 75 peopleon this site and our three other UK locations. We provide anunparallelled standard of quality and service to beekeepers andcandle makers both at home and abroad.Many of our staff are enthusiastic beekeepers with years ofknowledge and experience in the industry. The majority of theequipment in this catalogue is manufactured at Wragby withassembly also undertaken at our branches in Windsor, Newburghand Stockbridge. Heavy investment in new machinery means weare at the forefront in timber machining technology.  NewburghStockbridgeWindsor Wragby  Much of our equipment is delivered by our own vehicles ensuringthat you are guaranteed swift delivery with minimal damage. Wealso use the tracked systems of City Link and DPD whilst smallerpackages are sent by Royal Mail. You are most welcome to visit the only beekeeping supermarket inthe UK at Wragby or any of our retail outlets (please check theprice list for opening times) and browse in comfort through our vast range of equipment. Our Open Day at Wragby and Sale Daysat the branches are among the best attended beekeeping events inthe calendar, second only to the BBKA Spring Convention. Ourmail order January Sale is an opportunity to stock up with secondquality hive parts and frames – see our website for details.Thornes of Scotland is situated in Newburgh, Fife, just 8 miles from junction 9 of the M90. From here we provide Scottish beekeepers with a comprehensive range of equipment and also keep ourmanager, Brian, busy with hive assembly and candle mouldproduction. We have two southern branches.Thornes of Windsor is situated just 3 miles from junction 6 of theM4 and 7 miles from junction 15 of the M25. Heathrow Airport isonly 30 minutes away. We are pleased to welcome Lynda Evans asour new manager. She is an experienced beekeeper and very muchlooking forward to meeting local beekeepers.Thornes of Stockbridge is located on the A30 just 2miles east ofStockbridge in northern Hampshire. Formerly StockbridgeBeekeeping Supplies, it is still managed by Lin Coleman and she will be delighted to see customers, old and new. Stromab Automatic x-cut Machine   H I    V  E   S   a n d  B  E   E   S  Tel  01673 858555   Fax  01673 857004  3THORNE BEEHIVES – THE COMPLETE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY COMPANYSERVING THOUSANDS OF BEEKEEPERS ALL OVER THE WORLD Bees and Queens The bees we offer are from our own apiaries and selected breeders in England andare bred for good temper and hardworking qualities. The queens are usuallyover wintered and there are young bees, hatching broodand adequate food. Frames ofcomb are not more than two years old.Queens are mated and testedand normally available fromlate May to August. These areBritish Hybrids bred by one ofthe best queen breeders inthe country. All our nuclei and queenattendants have been treatedagainst Varroa by FERAapproved methods. These outfits will start you off admirably. This catalogue gives details ofall the equipment you may require and items can be added as yourexperience and enthusiasm grows. The Deluxe Kit is available “in the flat” or ready assembled and consists of: the complete hive plus“Bees at the Bottom of the Garden” by Alan Campion, a standard copper smoker, tensmoker cartridges, jacket and veil, kid leather gloves, record card, stainless steel hivetool, Ashforth feeder, ‘Honey for Sale’ sign and 3 months free subscription to BeeCraft or 6 months free subscription to The Scottish Beekeeper. The Standard Kit is available “in the flat” with assembly instructions or ready assembled and consistsof: thecomplete hive plus “Bees at the Bottom of the Garden” by Alan Campion, astandard galvanised smoker, hat and veil with ring, mordant leather gloves, recordcard, stainless steel hive tool, 1 gallon feeder, 3months free subscription to Bee Craftor 6 months free subscription to The Scottish Beekeeper.  Your Choice of Hive The National is the most popular in theBritish Isles. All frames and foundationare interchangeable with the WBC hive. The WBC  was designed by WilliamBroughton Carr at the turn of thecentury and is still the most attractivehive for the garden. (Painted white is anoptional extra). The Langstroth  was the first moveableframe hive invented by Rev. Langstrothin 1850. The most popular hive world- wide.  LangstrothWBC  National  CandlemakingEquipment 61-71Gifts 59-60Education 57-58Books Page53-56Health 48-52 The Queen 46-47Products of 43-45the HivePackaging and PageMarketing 41-43Labels 30-40Honey Processing 26-29Uncapping 22-25and Extraction Tools and Clothing Page19-21Apiary Hardware 17-18Hive Hardware 14-16Frames and 9-13FoundationHives and PageBees 3-8 CONTENTS   All complete hives nowsupplied with a basicbeekeeping and hiveassembly booklet. All flat packed hives nowsupplied with glue. All complete National and WBC hives now supplied withdummy boards.        H      I      V      E      S   a  n   d       B      E      E      S Tel  01673 858555   Fax  01673 857004  4 THORNE BEEHIVES – THE COMPLETE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY COMPANY  NATIONAL HIVE  You will find this bottom bee spaced, single walled hive in use all over the BritishIsles. It is still the most popular by far. Attractively designed with substantial handholds that also accommodate the long lugs of the British Standard frame.The complete hive as shown comprises: open mesh floor, brood body with11hoffman self-spacing frames (DN4) with wired premier foundation and dummyboard, Harmless queen excluder, two supers, each with 10 shallow frames (SN1) and wired premier foundation on metal castellated spacers, crownboard with 2plasticporter bee escapes and galvanised metal covered 4” roof. R o o f  S u  p e  r S u  p e  r Q u e e n  E   x c l  u d  e  r B  r o o d   B o d   y F  l  o o  r  CrownBoard  Observation Panel Replaces the inner wall of a standard National Hive allowing the beekeeper to seeinside the brood body without dismantling the hive. Supplied as individual panels orready assembled in a brood body. Made from unbreakable polycarbonate. Clean with hot water. Do not scrape with hive tool. Ply shutter included. Spacing Hoffman self spacing frames are standard in the brood body but you can alsospecify, narrow plastic or metal ends or even castellated spacers in the brood. We donot recommend this as manipulations in the brood are performed much quicker andsmoother if the frames can be slid along runners.Super spacing can be on wide or narrow plastic ends, hoffman self spacing orManley type frames. All our National Hives can be supplied as top bee space at an additional cost. Queen excluders The Harmless is now supplied as the standardexcluder option for a complete National Hive.Introduced by Thornes a few years ago. They haveproved a kinder and stronger alternative to thetraditional slotted steel.The wire excluder comprises a grid of wire rodssecurely fastened in a wooden frame. Bee space onone side only.The traditional slotted steel excluder is shown onpage 14. Brood Bodies The standard brood body is 8 7  ⁄  8 deep. Some beekeepers, particularly in the south ofEngland, prefer a larger brood area. This results in a bigger brood nest for a strongercolony. The 14x12 brood body provides approximately 50% additional brood space. Floors OPEN MESH FLOOR – Supplied aspart of a complete hive or can bepurchased separately. Nowrecognised as the healthy option –better ventilation and varroamanagement.  VARROA FLOOR – Substantial floor which can be used both in the ventilated or closed position.Ideal for varroa management. SOLID FLOOR – still preferred bysome beekeepers. Photographshows the correct position of theentrance block. A further alternative – theHappy Keeper floor can befound on page 18.  All complete hives nowsupplied with a basicbeekeeping and hiveassembly booklet. All flat packed hives nowsupplied with glue. All complete National and WBC hives now supplied withdummy boards. Super  The standard box, placed above the excluder, for honey storage.Close up of Nationalsuper inner wall andposition of spacer slot.The following items show components used in the complete National hive andalternatives which may be purchased either separately or as part of a complete hive.For example, you could change the 4 roof to a gabled roof; the Harmless queenexcluder to a wire type or the crownboard to a glass quilt. SUPERBROODBODY14 X 12 BROODBODY
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