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brief discussion of principle, instrumentation and applications
    Presented by Namitha K N I  st  year M PharmDepartment  of Pharmaceutical Chemistry  ELECTRON SPINRESONANCESPECTROCOPY  Contents  Introduction  Theory of ESR  Instrumentation and Working  ESR Spectrum  Hyperfine splitting  Determination of G value  Application  ecron pn esonanceSpectroscopy    It is a branch of absorption spectroscopy in which radiation having frequency in microwave region is absorbed by paramagnetic substance to inducetransition between magnetic energy level of electronwith unpaired spins.  Magnetic energy splitting is done by applying a staticmagnetic field.  Absorption spectroscopy, operate at microwavefrequency 10 4 – 10 6 MHz (~1.0 J mol-1)  ã ESR Phenomenon is shown by:   1.  Atoms having odd number of electrons. 2. Ions having partly filled inner electron shells 3. Other molecules that carry angular momentum of electronic srcin. 4. Free radicals having unpaired electrons. 5. Molecules with paired electrons and zeromagnetic field.
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