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ESR or EPR principles and Instrumentation
  E LECTRON   SPIN   RESONANCE   SPECTROSCOPY   1  E- ELECTRONS-SPIN  A spin s = 1/2 is an intrinsic property of  electrons,  characterized by quantum number 1/2. 2   R-RESONANCE   An excited state of a stable particle causing asharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation.  S-SPECTOSCOPY ESR comes under magnetic spectroscopy wherestudy is done using EMR under influence of magnetic field. 3   W HAT I S ESR???  It is a branch of absorption spectroscopy inwhich radiation having frequency in microwaveregion is absorbed by paramagnetic substance toinduce transition between magnetic energy level of electron with unpaired spin.  It is also called as electron paramagneticresonance spectroscopy . 4
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