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  By Nur Adilah (USM)  Characteristic of Water   Physical   Chemical   Biological   Radiological      Water quality and characteristics are important to consider when choosing a water source. The quality of water is determined by the measuring the concentrations of impurities in it.  Physical Temperature   Colour   Taste and odour   Turbidity    hracteristics of Water    ã Temperature will affects the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water. ã Oxygen is more easily dissolved in cold water. ã Oxygen levels become lower as temperature increase.  Temperature   ã The colour of a water sample is caused by both dissolved and particulate material in water ã Colour occurs most frequently in surface water due to the decay of organic material  Colour   ã  Taste and odour are human perceptions to water quality. Such as, sour (hydrochloric acid),salt (sodium chloride), sweet (sucrose) and bitter (caffeine)  Taste and Odour   ã Turbidity is a measure of water clarity which is how much the material suspended in water decreases the passage of light through the water ã Blocks out the light needed by submerged aquatic vegetation ã Can affect the colour of the water   Turbidity   
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