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SYNOPSIS “Serving those who protect” To deliver next generation police and law enforcement reporting tools, and setting up intelligence platforms that agencies use to tale incoming incident reports, lessen live employee resources and allow these enforcement agencies to reallocate resources to much needed community areas. The E-COPS Pre-Qualification Program offered by Public Safety Solutions is the first of its kind to offer potential public safety employees a full range of services that will a
  SYNOPSIS “Serving those who protect”To deliver next generation police and law enforcement reporting tools, andsetting up intelligence platforms that agencies use to tale incoming incidentreports, lessen live employee resources and allow these enforcementagencies to reallocate resources to much needed community areas.The E-COPS Pre-Qualification Program offered by Public SafetySolutions is the first of its kind to offer potential public safety employees afull range of services that will assist them in obtaining the public safety position they desire. E-COPS Pre-Qualification Program provides acomplete applicant assistance program that includes in-depth assessment, personal counseling and coaching throughout the process, complete background investigation, and matching of your interests and capabilities tothe job and agency that will provide you with the best opportunity for success. We even mentor you in your quest for future advancementopportunities. 1  PROJECT DESCRIPTION This system entitled “E-COPS ” has the following major modules asfollows 1.Administration2.Citizen3.Police Officers(Constable to DGP)4.Detectives5.Magistrate1) Administrator: Administrator has the rights to create new Branch and canable the change the existing details of other branches it also have the task of appointing new police officers and register the new officers to the requiring police stations. Administrator can also change the place of the officers fromone place to another place to continue their jobs are known as transfer of  police officers. Reports are also submitted to the administrator like branchinformation and the details of the branch. Can also collects the details of theappointed officers by three sections like APPID wise, DISTRICT wise andalso the details of the TRANSFER OFFICERS. 2  2) Detectives:  Detectives have the rights to verify the complaints from thedifferent area police stations and officers. Then the other most important oneis to verify the reports. These are the two important tasks of detectives. 3) Police officers: The police officers main task is to maintain the FIR DETAILS that is the total information of an accused and it’s the main detailof a case that has to be submitted to the court. The FIR details must beupdated by the police officers with in the given time and submit to thehigher authorities. It must be transferred to the place where the officer ishandling the case. A police officer cannot commonly arrest a person theymust need a permission from the existing higher authorities that is known asARREST WARENT. So the police officers have to request the higher authority that is called as the REQUEST WARENT after that they have torefer the FIR. According to that they can reject warrant and view.Accused data are the very important things to be maintained throwthe police officers to finish a case. A police officer has every right to create anew DATA. It can be viewed when ever needed by the police officers or thehigher personalities.Licenses are nothing but the permission from the officers tocontain meetings and securities for the strike is acknowledged throw them.Only the officers have to give the permission to do all these things. 3   Security protection means when high personalities are inmeeting in public need protection throw some powerful persons like policeofficers. So they apply for the security, so they accept or reject. 4) Magistrate: They are the higher authorities to every problem to be solved or to process them. He decides whether to accept or to reject the warranty. Theofficers have to submit the reports of the warranty to the magistrate incase tosolve it. 5) Citizen: The citizens have every right to get the help of a police officer. Hegives the complaint form to the police officer to take action to the problemof the citizen. He must ask permission to do some mass meeting, to keeploud speaker and browsing centers from the police officers. He cannot doany thing with out their permission. According to that the officers must helpthe citizens. 4
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