Divyanshu 9-c Economics[Project]Urban Area and Rural Area

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  Anis characterized by higher  population density and vast human features in  comparison to areas surrounding it. Urban areas may be  cities, towns  or  conurbations , but  the term is not commonly extended to  rural  settlements such as   villages  and  hamlets .  Urban areas are created and further developed by the process of  urbanization  . Measuring  the extent of an urban area helps in analysing   population density  and   urban sprawl  , and in  determining urban and rural populations.Unlike an urban area, a  metropolitan area  includes not only the urban area, but  also  satellite  cities plus intervening  rural  land that is socio-economically connected to the  urban core city, typically by   employment  ties through  commuting , with the urban core city being the primary labour market. In fact, urbanized areas agglomerate and grow as the  core population/economic activity centre within a larger metropolitan area or envelope.In the US, Metropolitan areas tend to be defined using counties or county sized political  units as building blocks of much larger, albeit more condensed population units. Counties  tend to be stable political boundaries; economists prefer to work with economic and social  statistics based on metropolitan areas. Urbanized areas are a more relevant statistic for  determining per capita land usage and densities    Rural areas or the  country or  countryside are areas of land that are  not  urbanized , though when large areas are described, country  towns and smaller   cities will be included. They have a low  population density , and typically much  of the land is devoted to  agriculture and there may be less air and  water  pollution than in an urban area. The degree to which areas  of  wilderness are included in the term varies; very large wilderness areas are not  likely to be described by the term in most contexts.  In most parts of the world rural areas have been declining since the 19th  century or earlier, both as a proportion of land area, and in terms of the  proportion of the population living in them.Urbanization encroaches on rural  land, and the  mechanization of agriculture has reduced the number of workers  needed to work the land, while alternative  employment is typically easier to  obtain in cities. In parts of the  developed world   urban sprawl has greatly   reduced the areas that can be called rural, and  land use planning measures are  used     to rotect the character o rural areas in various wa     s 
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