Diplomatic ambiguity: Language, power, law, by D. Pehar

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Thesis/book by Drazen Pehar (UK, Keele University, SPIRE 2005); cataloged at the British Library and Keele University Library.
   1 CONTENTSAcknowledgments 4Introduction 5Chapter 1 The concept of diplomatic ambiguity 131.1 The concept of ambiguity 131.2 Ambiguity, vagueness, and incommensurability 201.3 Diplomatic ambiguity 271.4 Introducing the main themes and perspectives through Herodotus 29 PART ONEPOWER 38-110Chapter 2 Towards a theory of diplomatic ambiguity:reconstructing the power-centric view 392.1 Opening scenarios 40 2.2 The second step of reconstruction 472.3 The power-centric view and its two versions 53Chapter 3 ‘Rambouillet’ and ‘242’ under the power-centric view   643.1 The Rambouillet Draft under the power-centric view 643.2 The 242 text in its historical context 743.3 The ambiguity of the 242 793.4 From the 242 to power-considerations and historical narratives 83  2 Chapter 4 Traversing the power-centric view of diplomatic ambiguity 914.1 Argument from practical effects 914.2 Argument from ambiguous peace agreements 994.3 Argument from sub-optimal rationality 103 PART TWOLAW 111-142Chapter 5 International law of interpretation:an ambiguous response to ambiguity   1125.1 Negotiating international law of interpretation in three stages 1165.2 Moving beyond the parameter of law 137 PART THREELANGUAGE 143-233Chapter 6 Diplomatic ambiguity and the conflict of beliefs   1446.1 The role of beliefs 1446.2 Beliefs and legal/political/diplomatic ambiguity 150Chapter 7 Towards an axiological theory of language and communication 158   7.1 Axiology of language and communication 161   3 7.2 Ambiguity 179Chapter 8 Incommensurability, charity, and Habermas’s discourse ethics 1858.1 Incommensurability 1868.2 Charity 2048.3 Habermas 212Conclusion 234Bibliography 244  4AcknowledgmentsThis book is a slightly revised version of my Ph.D. thesis completed at the KeeleUniversity between 2002 and 2005. Throughout the period I was not alone.First of all, I thank my mother for her generous and continuous support of bothfinancial and spiritual kind. When I decided to move to the UK in the quest for anacademic institution which would support my research interests, Jasmina Husanovicprovided a lot of warmth, understanding and support. Costas Constantinou stronglysupported my application for a PhD research at the School of Politics, InternationalRelations and Philosophy (SPIRE) of the Keele University, as well as my applicationsfor the ORS award and the SPIRE PhD bursary. My special thanks are to my twoprincipal supervisors at the SPIRE: Hidemi Suganami who read and extensivelycommented on the first drafts of the first five chapters of this study, and John Hortonwho supported me hugely in the final stages of my writing and provided a valuablecomment on the study as a whole. Patrick Thornberry provided a rich and reassuringfeedback on Chapter 5, whilst Geraldine Coggins wrote a substantive comment onChapter 6, for which I thank them a lot.I also thank my examiners, Kimberly Hutchings (LSE) and Lukas Meyer (KeeleUniversity), for their perceptive and comprehensive response to the thesis as well as fortheir recommendations that have helped me to substantiate and improve the key parts of my argument.My work on this study would not have been possible without a number of grantsand financial injections: the SPIRE provided the PhD bursary; the UK Universitiesgranted the Overseas Research Scholarship Award. The Open Society Institute, NewYork, awarded me twice their Global Supplementary Grant that supported my stay inthe UK; and also I thank the BiH Federation Education Ministry for a small but veryuseful grant.I also thank the LAP Lambert Academic Publishing for having found the thesisworthy of being published as a book in their monograph series.My greatest debt is to my son Mak whose growth and development are both thebiggest reward and an unceasing inspiration to me. This book is for him.
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