Delegation of Financial Rules 2006 Amended

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THE PUNJAB DELEGATION OF FINANCIAL POWERS R U L ES, 2 0 0 6 (Effective from the 2nd October, 2006) Amended upto 26th March, 2010 GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB FINANCE DEPARTMENT i PREFACE TO THE 8TH EDITION Delegation of powers under the Punjab Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 2006 was issued on 2nd October, 2006. Since then a number of corrections and amendments have been made. It has been felt that the original rules alongwith corrections and amendments therein do not make an easy readin
   i TTHHEEPPUUNNJJAABBDDEELLEEGGAATTIIOONN OOFF FFIINNAANNCCIIAALLPPOOWWEERRSS RRUULLEESS,,22000066  (Effective from the 2 nd October, 2006) Amended upto 26 th March, 2010 GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJABFINANCE DEPARTMENT     ii PREFACE TO THE 8 TH EDITION Delegation of powers under the Punjab Delegation of Financial PowersRules, 2006 was issued on 2 nd October, 2006. Since then a number of corrections andamendments have been made. It has been felt that the srcinal rules alongwithcorrections and amendments therein do not make an easy reading of these set of Rules.In order to overcome this difficulty, an updated version of the Rules is being brought outfor the convenience of Administrative Departments and field offices. Circular letters andinstructions issued for clarification of financial powers have also been appended. Thisshould considerably enhance the utility of this edition. TARIQ MAHMOOD PASHA Dated Lahore, the 26 th May, 2009. Secretary to Government of the Punjab,Finance Department   iii PREFACE TO THE 7 TH EDITION The  Delegation of Financial Powers Rules   provide a regulatoryframework for the management of expenditure by the Provincial Government. Sincethese rules are intended both to streamline and facilitate the conduct of governmentbusiness, they require periodic reviews to keep the financial powers of governmentfunctionaries closely aligned with the emerging requirements of governance, particularlyin the context of modern public sector management practices. The basic format of the  Delegation of Financial Power Rules 1990 has been retained so as to ensure continuity.More specifically, the present revision, in the shape of The Punjab Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 2006  has been carried out in view of theextraordinary changes brought about in the institutional structures and financialprocedures in the Province by the implementation of the Devolution Plan and theintroduction of the New Accounting Model, coupled with the increase in the cost ofcommodities and services since 1990. This revision also signifies a marked departurefrom the previous revision in that it draws from a detailed analysis of various auditobservations generated because of certain lacunae in the  Delegation of FinancialPowers Rules 1990 with a view to improve financial discipline and to remove inherentweaknesses in the framework of financial regulations. Furthermore, recent changes inrelated financial rules have been considered and incorporated in the revision to makethem compatible.While drafting The Punjab Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 2006  ,the Finance Department has endeavoured to eliminate the potential for the misuse offinancial powers, to clarify certain misplaced notions regarding general and localpurchase powers under Sr.No.3(a) and 3(b) of the Second Schedule of the  Delegation of Financial Power Rules 1990 , as well as to curtail the tendency on the part of Drawingand Disbursing Officers to split expenditures. However, we expect the revised rules to beas facilitating in nature as they are intended to be regulatory.I must appreciate the untiring effort and extensive experience of Mr. RabNawaz, Provincial Director, Local Fund Audit / Deputy Secretary (Monitoring), FinanceDepartment, in making this revision possible. Any errors, omissions and suggestionsmay please be brought to the notice of the Finance Department.Dated Lahore the AZMAT ALI RANJHA 2 nd October, 2006. Secretary to Government of the Punjab,Finance Department   iv INDEX   Sr. # HEADING Page 1. The Punjab Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 2006 12.First Schedule Part-I Officers in Category-I 43. First Schedule Part-II Officers in Category-II 64.First Schedule Part-III Officers in Category-III75. First Schedule Part-IV Officers in Category-IV 76.Second Schedule Part-I Powers Common to All Departments87. Second Schedule Part-II Special Powers to Certain Departments& Officers32(1) Agriculture Department 32(2) Anti-Corruption Department 37(3) Communication and Works Department 38(4) Education Department 46(5) Food Department 48(6) Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Department 53(A) Fisheries Wing 53(B) Forest Wing 56(C) Parks and Wildlife Wing 62(7) Health Department 63(8) Housing and Physical Planning Department 66(9) Information, Culture and Youth Affair Department 73(10) Irrigation and Power Department 74(11) Livestock and Dairy Development Department 84(12) Local Government and Rural Development Department 86(13) Police 87(14) Population and Welfare Department 90(15) Printing Press Department 90(16) Prisons Department 91(17) Public Health Engineering Department 92(18) Public Service Commission 100(19) Reclamation and Probation Department 100
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