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Description 2638 Quarry Lake Drive Baltimore, MD 21209 410-653-7878 Arenal Fitness Basics… and then some CrossFit Attitude 10 Ways to Be a Better CFitter – CrossFit Watertown 10. Hold the bar straight. 9. Pay attention to your breathing. 8. Use less chalk. Really. 7. Read the CrossFit Journal articles and watch the videos. What’s this going to take? Like 15 min a day? Worth the time and worth the $25 per year. Stop whining and commit. 6. Stop whining and com
Transcript 2638 Quarry Lake DriveBaltimore, MD Arenal Fitness B asics…   and then some  © 2012, CrossFit Arenal 2 CrossFit Attitude 10 Ways to Be a Better CFitter – CrossFit Watertown  10.   Hold the bar straight.   9. Pay attention to your breathing.   8. Use less chalk. Really. 7. Read the CrossFit Journal articles and watch the videos. What’s this going to take? Like 15 min a day? Worth the time and worth the $25 per year. Stop whining and commit. 6. Stop whining and commit. Yeah, that was so good and simple, it needed to be said again and for like all of life. 5.   Put sh** away where it belongs. You might call it housekeeping but, really, it’s a form of discipline.You don’t want bumpers or collars or KBs or whatever all over the place. Pick your item, use it, and put it away. Mental discipline is as important as physical discipline, maybe even more so. 4.   Get to class 15 minutes early, all the time.   Use that extra time not to chat or work on stuff you’re  good at — use it to suck. Suck at L-sits, suck at deadhang pull-ups, suck at KB snatches. All thestuff you and your ego have been avoid ing. Put on your big girl panties and do the stuff you don’twant to do. It’s called being a grown -up. And a CrossFitter. Go do it. 3.   Shut up about programming. Nobody’s ever happy with programming unless they’re the ones doing the programming. Do the wor  kouts. If you’re getting stronger and quicker and feel better, guess what? The programming is working. And if you’re not getting stronger or quicker and youdon’t feel better, grab a coach and address your concerns privately. (Note: I am talking to myself here. If anyone hears me complain one word about programming for the next 30 days, feel free to call my ass out and institute a 10 burpee fine on the spot. If you want to follow this way, that’s cool too.) 2.   Pay attention. Stop chatting and daydreaming and goofing off. Focus. 1.   Stop praying at the bar. Gather yourself, address the bar, breathe, and lift. Don’t make it more complex — in movement or thought —   than it needs to be. Lift the flippin’ bar.    © 2012, CrossFit Arenal 3 Glossary When you first walked into Arenal Fitness, there were probably some things written on our walls and whiteboards that looked like a foreign language and you thought to yourself, “What am I   getting myself into?” There is a lot to learn and to take in so, in case you forgot what some of theterminology is, here is a list of Cross Fit’s most common jargon:  WOD – Stands for Workout of the Day (or some variation thereof). This all started when Greg Glassman, founder of CF began posting a daily workout for his athletes to follow. Every day,there will be a different WOD posted on our whiteboards. You never do the same WOD, 2days in a row or even 2 months in a row. You are constantly shocking your system so you never hitthose plateaus in your performance you would normal hit during a more traditional fitness regimen.CFitters – the people who do CrossFit workouts.KBellers – the people who do CrossFit Kettlebell workouts.AMRAP – stands for As Many Rounds (or sometimes Reps) As Possible. This a very commonworkout structure where you have a set amount of time to do as much work as youcan. Most AMRAPs are 20 minutes long, but you will occasionally see some 10, 12, 15, 30 minuteor other length workouts.RFT – stands for Rounds For Time. The opposite structure of an AMRAP, in a RFTworkout you have a set amount of work to do and we see how long it takes you.GHD – Stands for Glute Hamstring Developer. This is a piece of equipment used for backextensions, hip extensions and GHD sit-ups (a very difficult type of sit up) . It’s one of the few pieces of specialty equipment CrossFit uses.SS – stands for Samson Stretch. A full body stretch done at the end of every warm-up where you are down on one knee driving your hips forward to stretch your hip flexors, and your armsoverhead extending your arms up and back to stretch your upper body.SP or SPT – stands for Shoulder Pass Throughs – holding a PVC pipe with your armsstraight, move your arms from the front of your body to the back of your body without bending  your elbows, passing your head through the space between your arms. Start with your hands at a  © 2012, CrossFit Arenal 4 wide grip and little by little narrow your hands just enough so you can pass through the sticking point in the range of motion.Goat – Your   goat    is a specific exercise or WOD that you hate to do and you suck at. We don’t know where the term srcinated from, but we do know that everyone has one! CrossFit philosophy gets us to address our weaknesses, face our goats, and work to improve those area(s) that we suckat the most.The Girls – These are the named benchmark workouts that the entire CrossFit communityaround the world understands. Like Hurricanes, they are named after women and will tear youapart. As you repeat these WODs over time they allow you to see your progress through faster times or more reps. Everyone has a favorite and most hated Girl. When CrossFitters ask about  your “Fran” or “Angie” time, they’re talking about workouts, not last weekend’s conquest!  The Heroes – These are the same principle as the girls but they are named to commemorate fallenmilitary and law enforcement personnel who were also CFitters. The Heroes are usually longer and more grueling than the average workout to recognize, in some small and inadequate way, thesacrifice made by these men, women, and their families.Pukie –   This is CrossFit’s mascot. Pukie is a clown that vomits. It stems from CrossFits uniqueability to make athletes revisit their breakfast. Although the goal is never to make anyone throw up, occasionally it happens when you’re approaching the limit of your mental and physical tolerance.It takes a lot of mental strength to push yourself to puking in a workout so it’s become a bit of abadge of honor. Most people don’t get there, but then again, most people don’t want to.  Rhabdo – Rhabdo is short for Rhabdomylysis, a potentially lethal condition in which your musclesare trashed to the point that the cells spill their contents into your blood stream, leading to kidneyfailure. This is an extremely rare metabolic disorder, but there have been a handful of casesassociated with high intensity exercise programs such as CrossFit. While the mascot “Uncle Rhabdo” has led some to believe that CrossFitters make light of  this serious condition, weare in fact extremely cautious and take great care to avoid the risks of rhabdo with all our newathletes.
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