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  CNS Grand Test Important Questions Short answer questions 1)   What are the principles of security?  2)   Describe CBC mode of operation?  3)   Briefly explain three approaches of Message Authentication?  4)   What is HTTPs?  5)   Write short note on Virtual Elections?  6)   Explain SSH?  7)   Write short notes on RC5.  8)   Discuss RC4 algorithm  9)   Discuss Knapsack problem  10)   Discuss HMAC and CMAC   Long answer Questions: 1)   (a) Discuss in detail about various types of Security attacks with neat diagrams. (b) write about Security Services and Security Mechanisms in detail. 2) (a) Consider the following Plaintext : Balloon Secret key : KMIT what is the corresponding cipher text using playfair cipher method. (b) Explain any 2 Transposition Techniques in detail. 3) (a) Explain DES algorithm in detail. (b) Consider a Diffie-Hellman scheme with a common prime q=11 and a primitive root alpha =2. (i)If user A has public key Y A =9 WHAT a’S Private key X A =? (ii)If user B has public key Y B =9 WHAT a’S Private key X B =? 4) (a)Discuss IDEA algorithm in detail (b) Consider Elgamal Scheme with prime q=19,alpha=10,x A =5,M=17 and K=6 generate Cipher text  5) (a) What do you mean by Message authentication and What are the requirements of Authentication? (b) Explain Kerberos in detail and also give its version 4 and version 5 differences. 6) (a)Discuss Hash function properties. Explain SHA-512 logic in detail (b) Explain x.509 authentication service. 7) (a) Discuss the need of Secure Socket Layer. What are different alert codes of this protocol? (b) Discuss about Mobile Device Security and Wireless security. 8) (a) Explain SSL Handshake Protocol in detail. (b) Discuss in detail about IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN and Explain IEEE 802.11i WLAN security. 9) (a)Explain PGP in detail (b) Discuss in detail about Secure Inter Branch Payment Transactions. 10) (a) Explain IP Security Architecture and Combining Security Associations. (b) Discuss about Cross site Scripting Vulnerabilities.
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