Classification & Clinical Features of Leprosy

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  CLASSIFICATION & CLINICAL FEATURES OF LEPROSY By DR UMAR,F.A. RHEUMATOLOGY UNIT DEPT OF MEDICINE. ABUTH-ZARIA. 11/17/2013 1 HANSEN's DISEASE  FORMAT ã INTRODUCTION/DEFINITION ã BASIS FOR CLASSIFICATION OF HANSEN’S DISEASE ã CLASSIFICATION OF HANSEN’S DISEASE   ã PECULIARITIES OF EACH SUBCLASSIFICATION ã CLINICAL FEATURES OF HANSENS DISEASE ã COMPLICATIONS ã DIAGNOSIS OF LEPROSY 11/17/2013 2 HANSEN's DISEASE  HANSEN’s disease   ã Leprosy is a chronic infectious systemic disease that primarily affects the peripheral nerves & skin.other organs that can be affected in long term include nasal mucosa,larynx,eyes,testis,liver,kidney etc. ã The disease is caused by a rod shaped bacillus called mycobacterium laprae & mycobacterium lepromatosus ã M laprae was discovered by G.A Hansen in Norway in 1873.It’s a slowly growing obligate intracellular pathogen incapable of independent existance outside its host. 11/17/2013 3 HANSEN's DISEASE  contd ã The organism cant be grown in the laboratory ã Can only be grown in armadillos & immuno-compromised mice ã Mycobacterium leprae has an average doubling time of 12-14 days ã Human, Armadillos,& 3 species of monkeys-(chimpanzee, Sooty mangabey & Cynomolgus macaques) are the only known sufferers from Hansen’s disease. ã Disease can take up to 20-40 years before manifesting. ã Above constitutes many impediments to the study, prevention & control of this ancient disease. 11/17/2013 4 HANSEN's DISEASE
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