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  Creators, Makers and InnovatorsThe 14th annual Doors Open presented by Great Gulf offers residents and visitors an opportunityto take a peek behind the doors of nearly 150 architecturally, historically, culturally and sociallysignificant buildings across the city on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26, 2013. This year's theme is entitled 'Creators, Makers and Innovators' and features many older buildingsthat have been redesigned, re-invented and re-purposed into modern 21st century spaces thathost collaborative teams of imaginative people who are creating new ways of thinking, making anddoing. desk and at participating buildings on the event weekend.  ALL BUILDINGS ARE FREE! District Building Address Times Last Admit Photography Permitted East (former Scarborough) Cedar Ridge Creative Centre225 ConfederationDr 10:00 04:00p.m.3:45NoFool's Paradise1 Meadowcliffe Dr10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesGuild Park: Where Art MeetsNature WALKING TOUR -NEW!201 Guildwood Pky10:00 a.m.2:00Islamic Foundation of Toronto441 Nugget Ave11:00 04:00p.m.4:00YesJing Yin Temple - NEW!722 Brimley Road10:00 05:00p.m.4:45NoMiller Lash House - NEW!130 Old KingstonRd12:30 05:00p.m.4:45YesScarborough Museum1007 Brimley Rd10:00 05:00p.m.4:30Yes North (former North York)  Art Gallery of York University(AGYU) - NEW!4700 Keele St Unit: ACE Floor : 112:00 05:00p.m.4:45NoBlack Creek Pioneer Village1000 Murray RossPk11:00 05:00p.m.4:00YesDaniels Spectrum585 Dundas St E11:00 03:00p.m.2:45YesDownsview Park WALKINGTOUR - NEW!35 Carl Hall Rd02:00 03:30p.m.2:00Gibson House Museum5172 Yonge St12:00 05:00p.m.4:30Yes City of Toronto - Doors Open of 85/4/2013 9:54 AM  Havergal College1451 Avenue Rd10:00 04:00p.m.3:30NoHistoric Zion Schoolhouse1091 Finch Ave E12:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesJohn McKenzie House34 Parkview Ave10:00 04:00p.m.3:45YesOntario Association of  Architects111 Moatfield Dr Floor : second10:00 04:00p.m.3:30YesToronto Emergency MedicalServices Headquarters - NEW!4330 Dufferin St N10:00 04:00p.m.3:00Yes South (former City of Toronto and East York) 401 Richmond Street West401 Richmond St W10:00 05:00p.m.4:30Yes Archaeological Services Inc.528 Bathurst St12:00 05:00p.m.4:30Yes Arts and Letters Club(St.George's Hall)14 Elm St10:00 04:00p.m.3:30No Artscape Distillery Studios15 Case GoodsLane10:00 04:00p.m.3:45Yes Artscape Gibraltar Point -NEW!443 Lakeshore,Toronto Island Ave11:00 04:00p.m.3:45Yes Artscape Wychwood Barns601 Christie St10:00 04:00p.m.3:45YesBeach Hebrew Institute - NEW!109 Kenilworth Ave10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesBloor Hot Docs Cinema506 Bloor St W10:00 03:00p.m.2:45YesBridgepoint Hospital and Administration Building - NEW!14 St. MatthewsRoad10:00 04:30p.m.4:30YesCampbell House160 Queen St W10:00 04:30p.m.4:00YesCampus & Cosmos: Toronto's Astronomical HeritageWALKING TOUR - NEW!100 Queen's ParkCres01:30 03:00p.m.1:30Canada Life330 University Ave10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesCanadian Blood Services67 College St10:00 04:00p.m.4:00Yes City of Toronto - Doors Open of 85/4/2013 9:54 AM  Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives34 Isabella St10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesChildren's Aid Society of Toronto30 Isabella St10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesChurch of the Holy Trinity10 Trinity Sq01:30 05:00p.m.4:30YesCity and OMNI Television -Rogers Studios33 Dundas St10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesCoach House Press80 bpNichol Lane11:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesColborne Lodge Museum11 Colborne LodgeDr 12:00 04:00p.m.3:45YesCollege of Nurses of Ontario -NEW!101 Davenport Rd10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesCommerce Court North25 King St W10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesComplections College of Makeup Art and Design110 Lombard St12:00 04:00p.m.3:30NoCreating Toronto: The story of the City in Ten Stops WALKINGTOUR - NEW!95 Front St E10:30 a.m.2:30Dineen Building - NEW!140 Yonge St10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesDTAH50 Park Rd10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesElephant & Castle - NEW!378 Yonge St09:00 12:00p.m.YesElgin and Winter GardenTheatre Centre189 Yonge St10:00 04:00p.m.3:00YesEllis Building/Diamond Schmitt Architects384 Adelaide St W01:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesEnoch Turner Schoolhouse106 Trinity St10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesEvangel Hall Mission - NEW!552 Adelaide W10:30 05:00p.m.4:30YesFirst Narayever Congregation187 Brunswick Ave10:00 05:00p.m.4:45Yes City of Toronto - Doors Open of 85/4/2013 9:54 AM  Fort York National Historic Site250 Fort York Blvd10:00 05:00p.m.4:15YesFoundery Buildings - NEW!376 Bathurst St10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesFrontier College35 Jackes Ave10:00 05:00p.m.4:15YesGardiner Museum111 Queens Park10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesGeorge Brown CollegeWaterfront Campus - NEW!51 Dockside Dr10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesGladstone Hotel1214 Queen St W10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesHarbord Village NeighbourhoodWalking Tour 360A Bloor St W10:00 04:00p.m.3:30Harris Institute - NEW!118 Sherbourne St12:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesHart House - NEW!7 Hart House Cir12:00 04:00p.m.3:45YesHudson's Bay Queen Street176 Yonge St12:00 05:00p.m.4:00YesHugh Garner Housing Co-op550 Ontario St10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesIngram Gallery - NEW!49 Avenue Rd10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesISKCON Toronto (Hare KrishnaTemple)243 Avenue Rd10:00 05:00p.m.5:00YesIslamic Information & DawahCentre International1168 Bloor St W10:00 05:00p.m.5:00YesJapan Foundation, Toronto131 Bloor St W Unit:213 Floor : 210:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesJohn St Roundhouse - TorontoHistorical Railway Society255 Bremner Blvd10:00 05:00p.m.4:30YesKadampa Meditation CentreCanada631 Crawford St N10:00 05:00p.m.4:45YesKew Cottage - Gardener'sCottage - NEW!30 Lee Ave10:00 04:00p.m.3:45Yes City of Toronto - Doors Open of 85/4/2013 9:54 AM
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