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Old Time BBing!
  ECHOES FROM THE POWER STORMTHAT WAS…CHUCK SIPES! “Bodybuilding’s Original Iron Knight speaks…inthis rare hardcore series of unpublisheddirect training communiqués” By Dennis B. Weis “The Yukon Hercules”Distributed by   © 2003 Dennis B. Weis    “Chuck Sipes Lives Again” Through the 20 th Century-21 st Century millennial time barriercomes the incredible human strength and bodybuilding firepower wisdom of one of the 20 th Century’s greatestBodybuilding legends. He’s gone now (August 22, 1932- February 24, 1993)…but lives on here teaching the ideas andideals of his very important training life existence.Here for the first time are the unpublished IFBB Mr. America-Mr. Universe-Mr. World Chuck Sipes maximum trainingpotential direct communiqués…to Dennis B. Weis. The purpose of this e-report is to give you a personal glimpse and glance at the exactmethods, lessons, and philosophies I learned and came to espouse from Chuck Sipes(’59 IFBB Mr. America, ’61 Mr. Universe , ’66 Mr. Olympia 4 th place and ’68 Mr.World) from the periodic telephone and correspondence communiqués over a spanof 15 years. Unfortunately I don’t have any audio tape recordings of my phoneconsultations with Chuck but being an ecstatic user of his intensive trainingmethods for producing steroid like gains I did save most the written correspondenceand have chosen to include in this e-report 35 of theVERY BESTdirect trainingcommuniqués that he personalized for my particular wants and needs for becominga contest entering and winning amateurBODYBUILDER andPOWERLIFTER .   The 35 thoughtfully selected training communiqués revealed in this e-report werecrafted from Chuck’s quasi-core (instinctive) strength & physique contestpreparation system. The system Chuck used forinducing strengthincluded heavystrict power movements (exercises such as the Barbell Bench Press, Squat andConventional Dead lift) combined with the “cheating principle, “supports” and“quarter-movements.” Chuck’s approach forphysique contest preparationwas ahypothesis of lighter pumping movements for shape and muscularity. The strengthand physique contest preparation systems are certainly two different trainingvenues but as you will soon see Chuck had an explicitly calculated way in which hecombined them for the ultimate in size, shape, muscularity and strength.Upon first glance the 35 personalized training communiqués may seem like a plainvanilla approach to the regular strength and muscle density workouts that youwould commonly read about in any hardcore iron game literature. Rest assuredhowever that there are some very intriguingmuscle structural integrityspecializationworkouts for the delts, arms, chest and calves plus some exclusivepure cosmetic bodybuilding and true grit power lifting programs. Additionally  Chuck always went a step further by including a compilation of the little know orforgotten “incognito”training tipsandtechniques. I call them “ TNT’s ”  – They areethereal (refined) and intense and pack an explosive wallop in the muscle gaintheory. Some of these “incognito”training tipsandtechniquesinclude and are not limited to: ---ALTERNATES---PAUSE/NO-PAUSE SYSTEM---SECRET ONE- DUMBBELL WRIST CURL  ---TONNAGE SYSTEM---CALIFORNIA SISSY SQUAT  ---HEAVY/LIGHT SYSTEM---LOOPED STRAP CHINS ---10COUNT CALF FLEX---SECRETS OF RUNNING A GYM   ---1TO10TO1TECHNIQUE---14-GUIDING TRAINING MAXIMS ---4-21-16- 4 CONCEPT---EXCERPTS FROM CHUCKS WORKOUT JOURNAL ---3-WAY DUMBBELL CURL---INNOVATIVE1 & 2REP SYSTEM ---NEGATIVE RESISTANCE REPS---FEATS OF STRENGTH REVEALED! --- AND MORE! I invite you now to thoughtfully read these personalized communiqués and tap intothe hidden ‘intense vibes’ of one of the greatest Bodybuilding Power Heroeswhoever lived…    Communiqué No. 1/June 8 th 1965 Dear Dennis:Nice to hear from you and to know you are ready to start training. I haveenclosed a program for you to follow for 4 weeks. I want you to follow it for thisperiod of time and then send to me your program with the sets – reps, andpoundage’s you are handling in each exercise. I want you to follow the program inthe order I have outlined. As far as diet goes I want you to eat three good squaremeals every day. Along with those meals whenever you feel like it I would like youto eat as much as you can of the following foods: Avocadoes, bananas, nuts (peanuts,cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc.) Ice cream, cottage cheese, sun flower seeds etc.It would be a good idea to take some wheat germ oil and some protein inconjunction with your training. The program may seem easy to you but it will helpyou in programs to follow. Let me hear from you in 4 weeks. Please enclose $2.00at this time to cover handling for your next training program.Sincerely,Charles H. Sipes Exercises   Sets-Reps  Warm Ups-Push Ups 3 X 15   Do fairly rapid and get blood circulating well.   Seated Press behind Neck  3 X 8 Fairly wide grip – Keep back straight Good smooth motion-Non lockout - Two deep breaths between each rep.  Seated Barbell Front Press 4 X 6   Shoulder width grip.  Lying Pullover & Press (Bar) 4 X 8   First you do a bent arm pullover and then you do a bench press. Heavy Cheat Barbell Curl  5 X 2 You may cheat on these by rocking forward slightly and with aswing and backbend curl the weight up – then slowly lower theweight down to the start position    – Use heavy weight . Seated D.B. Concentration Curls 5 X 8 Pump arms good on these after doing heavy cheat curls. ALTERNATE these (2) exercises-one then the other as this will flushmore blood into the arms and give you added ligament and tendonstrength, plus add some inches to your arms-which has a lot to do withadded strength.
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