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    CHAPTER V SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION A. Summary of Findings The primary purpose of this study is to make a computerized program of the enrollment and billing system of the student of Misericordia Dei Catholic School. Based on the questions stated in Chapter I, the summary is presented as follows: 1. What is the needed information in making the Computerized Enrollment Information System of MDCS? The Computerized Enrollment and Billing System of Misericordia Dei Catholic School requires the personal data of the student such as name, address, gender, age, parent’s information, siblings name(if they have any), and requirements needed to enroll. 2. What programming language would be used in making the computerized enrollment system? The researcher used the old Visual Basic 6.0 with Microsoft Access as the database. These were used because Visual Basic (VB) is easy to use and user-  303 friendly. Also, the researcher has more knowledge to VB than the other programming language. 3. What are the benefits of the computerized enrollment system for both staff and students? The benefits of the computerized enrollment and billing system of Misericordia Dei Catholic School to both MDCS staff and students are, the enrollment is way more quick and accurate in computing bills for the student. Student’s information can also be stored securely and can be updated anytime. The payment transactions of students are recorded; so that they can monitor the students’ payment transactions. The collectibles or the total bills of all students of MDCS are summed. The system can also show the population of the student at every grade level. All information and payment transaction are stored and can be seen only by the authorized user: the MDCS staff. This system can also print the list of enrolled student, the payment history of every school year with summed bills from the students, student list wherein you can print it by grade level, school year or section and invoice or payment report for reference only. There is a  backup\restore function wherein only the administrators can use the said function, can back up the database to a specified folder and restores it. However, the disadvantage of the computerized enrollment and billing system of Misericordia Dei Catholic School is, it can’t be used without electricity since it runs through the computer. The data inputted but was not saved yet to the  304 database will not be recovered when the power supply is interrupted while inputting the data. Thus, they need to be inputted it again. And this will be obsolete in the future because there is a probability that this system will not function because of advanced technology. B. Conclusion The researcher concludes that there is a significant difference between the existing manual enrollment system and the computerized enrollment and billing system of Misericordia Dei Catholic School in which it lessens the work of MDCS staff in enrolling students as it automatically computes the bills of a stu dent according to their grade level. The students’ information is stored securely to the database and can be updated anytime the authorized users want. C. Recommendation The researcher recommends this study to Misericordia Dei Catholic School for them to have less work when it comes to enrolling students. Also, they can assure that the student’s information is secured, can view each of the students’ information with ease and update them. Because of the fast improving technology, the researcher recommends this study to other researchers who are interested to make the same work, upgrade the system, or add features such as printing of students and  parents’  information, SMS notification, and grading system.
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