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  11 CHAPTER III RESEARCH PROCEDURE 3.1 Operational Definition 3.1.1 Introvert Introversion is the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life 3.1.2 Extrovert Extraversion is the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with obtaining gratification from what is outside the self. 3.1.3 Behavior Behavior is actions that can be seen or visible and can be observe that formed by the existency of attitude.  3.2 Population and Sample Population of study is a collection of people, items, or events about which you want to make inferences. The population of study in this scientific reserch are students from Senior High School 17 Palembang. Samples of study are part of the population which is considered to represent the  population. Sample selection techniques using simple random sampling. From all the classes selected one class, which is class XI.3 MIA. The following table below is the name of sample with their personality. No. Samples Name Personality No. Samples Name Personality 1. Adinda Syanin S Extrovert 19. M. Furqon Extrovert   2. Ayu Fitriadi Extrovert 20. Muthia Khoiriyah Extrovert 3. Chairunizabella Extrovert 21.  Nadya Esa Aulia Extrovert  12 4. Desty Nur Rahma Extrovert 5. Devi O.P. Introvert 6. Difa Saskia S. Introvert 7. Errico Fatwa M. Extrovert 8. Forenzki Lamuda Introvert 9. Fristiaini Salsabila Extrovert 10. Hesti Yulia Sari Extrovert 11. Irfan Fadilah Extrovert 12. Ismi Rumaisya Extrovert 13. M. Daffa Alhadi Extrovert 14. M. Daffa Saputra Introvert 15. M. Haditya R. Extrovert 16. Maharani Citra Extrovert 17. Malikushawari I. Introvert 18. M. Bemby F.S Extrovert Total Students= 35 Total Introvert students= 13 Total Extroverts students= 22 3.3 Place and Time This research was conducted in Senior High School 17 Palembang Plus. The time research was conducted for 2 months in October and November. 3.4 Reserch Methods The method used in this scientific work is descriptive qualitative methods. Qualitative methods research is research that is descriptive and tend to use analysis. Processes and meanings (a subject perspective) is highlighted in qualitative research. 22. Nur Oktami G.P Extrovert 23. Nuraini Fitriyah Introvert 24. Nurul Intan Nabila Extrovert 25. Patrasha Putri P. Introvert 26. Nurfadilah Rifqah Introvert 27. Ratu Tria Introvert 28. Rena Fazza S. Extrovert 29. Selly Zalfa Extrovert 30. Sila Amelia A.S. Introvert 31. Tika Octri Dieni Introvert 32. Vania Paramitha Introvert 33. Wildan Dwi P.W. Extrovert 34. Yuzar Lazuardy Introvert 35. Zahra Zahfira Extrovert  13 3.5 Techniques for Collecting the Data 3.5.1 Quesioner Questionnaire is an information-gathering techniques that allow analysts to study the characteristics of samples. In this scientific work questionnaire is used to separate the sample personality into introvert or extrovert personality. 3.5.2 Observation Observation is observe a process or object with intent to feel and then understand the knowledge of a phenomenon based on the knowledge and ideas that have been previously known. In this scientific work observation is used to see the  behavior of the samples. 3.5.3 Literature Review literature review is data collection techniques done by collecting data that contains the data of things that need to investigated. literature review was added data to the data taken more complete and concrete. By reading and searching for various information sourced from books, articles, the Internet or other sources are relevant. 3.6 Techniques for Analyzing the Data Data analysis techniques that used in this scientific work is retraction conclusion. Describing the differences in samples behavior in class based on their  personality.
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