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CONNECTION A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK Vol. 2 No. 38 September 23, 2010 The Chalice Lessons Learned From Teachers At Church By Rev. Chris Shorow, Senior Minister I mentioned in my sermon on Sunday that I was learning, or more accurately relearning, many things as I helped my kids with their homework. Many of us have become aware of how much we have forgotten over the years as we see the TV show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” Well, let me tell you, it’s true th
  The Chalice   CONNECTION  A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK Vol. 2 No. 38 September 23, 2010 God’s house. At school, some kids wereshunned, ignored, made fun of, ostracized,or even beaten up. But at church all wereaccepted and respected. We had jocks,nerds, hoods, loners, and cheerleaders all worshiping together. That would neverhappen at school. But in church, it was a way of life.I learned not to judge others. It didn’tmatter where everyone came from, whatthey did, what their parents did or howbig their house was. We were all on equalfooting at church. God loved each of us—no matter what kind of grades we made orhow good we were at basketball.Finally, I learned good stewardship. Isaw faithful people giving of their time andmoney to a higher cause. They gave infaith and it increased their faith.Those lessons were some of the mostimportant ones for me in the rest of mylife. Although I have forgotten all of mycalculus and most of my physics, I havecherished the lessons learned in church.Maybe I should be helping my sons withtheir church homework instead!!I mentionedin my sermonon Sundaythat I waslearning,or moreaccuratelyrelearning,many thingsas I helpedmy kids with their homework. Many of us have become aware of how much wehave forgotten over the years as we seethe TV show “Are You Smarter Than aFifth Grader?” Well, let me tell you, it’strue that many of the details have escapedmy memory.Especially math, which I never really had afirm grasp on in the first place. Lucky forme I had some great teachers in Edmondpublic schools like Jerri Jones, ArmeldaLinton, Georgia Sparks and Vieva Yoesting. Their dedication, effort, timeand energy combined to shape a gen-eration of children.I’m glad that I learned so muchfrom them. But I’m also glad that Ilearned many other things along the way. At church. I’m grateful for all of the Sunday School teachers and youthleaders who were patient enough to volunteer their time to try and teach methe mostimportant things in life. It was not aneasy job. Often, I thought I was rightand they were wrong. More often, I wasloud and easily distracted. But they werepatient and loving.I learned important things likehospitality. Everyone is welcome in Lessons Learned FromTeachers At Church By Rev. Chris Shorow, Senior Minister FCC FOLLIES & CHILI COOK-OFF This Sunday, September 26!    Join us this Sunday evening for our old fashioned chili cook-off and Follies talent show. Youcan’t beat the tasty and entertaining fun! The Chili Cook-Off begins at 5:30 in the fellowshiphall - we have over 25 pots of delicious chili on the way! At 6:30, we move into the sanctu-ary for a FREE evening of entertainment featuring some of the best talent in Edmond…..ourown FCC members! Questions? Contact Diane Ball at 341-3544 ex. 25;  Join The Walk To CROP Hunger Sunday, September 26 2pm at Mitch Park Since 1990, the Edmond CROP Walk has raised nearly $70,000 to ght hunger at home andaround the world. Twenty-ve percent of the money raised in each city goes to local pro-grams. In Edmond, that includes the Hope Center, Breakfast on Boulevard, Samaritan Houseand Edmond Mobile Meals. Annually, more than 2,000 communities organize CROP HungerWalks through Church World Service, a cooperative ministry of 36 Christian denominationsand relief organizations. It isn’t too late to join the 2010 CROP Walk. Just join us Sunday afternoon. If you want a free t-shirt,grab a pledge packet from the church foyer and nd friends to pledge at least $100 for your walk! Questions? Contact GregBunton  Throughouthistory wisepeople haveargued we needto live moresimply and thatonly by limit-ing outer wealth will we achieve inner wealth. In the new book Less is More Ifound a compelling collection of writingson the themes of simplicity and reduc-ing consumption. These essays advocatea thoughtful approach to how we live, work and spend our leisure time.The title says it all. So many of usare frantically piling up more stuff in thebelief doing so will make us happier. We work long hours to pay for stuff, struggleto finance and maintain large houses in which to store our stuff, and then find we don’t have the time to enjoy all thatstuff. Most of us have stuff we’ve forgot-ten we possess! Sometimes it seems ourstuff owns us, rather than the other wayaround. When excess is burden, couldgetting rid of it be the relief we need?  Less is More  will open your eyes tothe ‘Simplicity movement’ which advo-cates a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle.It hopefully encourages us to shift ourfocus from mindless material consump-tion, to focus on inner riches, connec-tion with nature, meaningful involve-ment in the community and, above all,the act of making conscious choicesabout how we lead our lives.In an essay from Sweden, author Alan AtKisson introduces us to the con-cept of  lagom, a Swedish word whichhas to do with quantity and means nei-ther ‘too big’ nor ‘too small,’ more than‘enough’ but less than ‘too much.’ Themost accurate translation may be ‘justenough’ or ‘just the right amount.’Swedes apply lagon to describeanything from the size of a room to thequantity of chocolate cake they’d like tohave for dessert.  Lagom can be highlysubjective – what may be ‘just the rightamount’ of chocolate cake for me maybe way too much for you, or vice versa.But one can also apply the concept of  lagom to wider societal issues, allowingfor plenty — while setting healthy limits.If we need a concept for thinkingabout how much, in terms of stuff, is the A Stewardship Book Review by Shelley Regan, Communications Director LESS IS MORE: Embracing Simplicity for a Healthy Planet, Caring Economy, and Lasting Happiness  right amount–the Swedes have given usa word for it. We may just find ourselvesmore content if we stop the endlessstriving for the best, the fastest andthe most. The writers in Less is More present numerous possible approachesand solutions, aimed to help us be just what the book title promises —healthier,more caring, and happier.During our Enough sermon andstudy series, we are offering a varietyof stewardship books for purchase. You can purchase them at the  Enough  display in the rotunda. Other books youmight enjoy, include: ã UpsideLiving in aDownsideEconomy ã Not Your ParentsOffering Plate ã SimpleRules for Money A Seat At The Table  World Communion Sunday October 3, 2010 9:30 AM Sunday School10:45 AM Combined Worship12:00 PM FREE Gratitude Lunch Please join us as we celebrate theabundance we share - there isa seat at the table for you!  To ensure we have enough food for all,please let us know you plan to attend.Sign up on Sunday at theENOUGH display in the rotundaor register online Do you havea tough timeseparating‘wants’ from‘needs’?Do yousometimesfeel consumedby the desireto have more?Do you everlook at yoursurroundings and feel overwhelmed bythe sheer volume of things? When isenough, enough?This Sunday in worship, we willconsider these burdens, address ourhuman tendency head-on, and learnhow to consciously change our ways.Next week, you will receive an estimateof giving commitment card in the mail.On a practical level, we ask our mem-bers to turn in estimate of giving cardseach year so that our Finance Commit-tee is able to set an accurate ministrybudget for the coming year. This allowsus to make the most of every dollargiven to the church. On a personal level,the commitment card is an opportunityfor you to spend time in prayer andreflection, considering what offering you would make to God through our churchin the coming year. Please watch forthe mailing; then fill out the card andbring it with you to worship on Sunday,October 3rd. You also can pledge onlineat Contentment Is Key  The Visiting Nurse Association andthe Parish nurses will be giving F LU ANDPNEUMONIA SHOTS Sunday, Sept 26in the rotunda8am to 12:30pm Costs are $25 for u shots and $55for pneumonia shots.If you have Medicare Part B pleasebring your card and we can leyour u and pneumonia shots withMedicare for you. On Sunday, October 10 our youthwill host their annual WorldVision Dodgeball Tournamentfrom 1-5 p.m. in the Family LifeCenter. Adults are invited to puttogether a team and join in onthe fun. A team consists of 6-8players, and cost $50 per team.All proceeds from the tournamenthelp sponsor a World Vision childfrom Africa. Registration deadlineis October 3. Register Happy Birthday! 9/26 Lynn Holzberlein, Kalli Knox9/27   Lori Beasley, Karly Meadows, JohnOsburn9/28 Brian Cavanaugh, James Larrison,Randel Shadid, Matt Williams9/29 Jane Nay, Alan Simpson9/30 Dallas Ayers, Shirley Brady, PaigeLagasse, Ari Pierce, Dean Shipley10/2 Taylor Clark, Cooper Coil,Loretta Dodd, Barbara George,Kelly Jackson, Dante Little, LoreneWilkinson10/3 Christin Baker, Paxton Shorow  Prayers of the People THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER   Joshua Anthony, JennyWiechmann, Jeff Stephens, J.C. Mahan (Karla’s husband),Belinda Davis, Emily Bates Marsh, Mary Foreman, DorothyBryan, Chuck Hague (Suzanne Allison’s brother), Peggy Thies(Sandy Mitchell’s mom), Chelyne Barney (Marjorie Anderson’s daughter-in-law), AnnDouthitt (Duke Douthitt’s mom), Garry Sloan (former FCC minister of music), Bart & Jennifer Rodr, Lorelle Watts, Sharon Luton (Susan Black’s cousin), Ed Berry, Hank Thomas(Randy Thomas’ brother) Each Sunday we gather for worship, every Wednesday wecelebrate together around the dinner table and in small groupbible studies, and throughout the week we participate in otherforms of ministry within our church and community. Theseministries of First Christian Church are clearly seen and evidentamong our family of faith, yet there is another vital ministry of-ten hidden from public view which needs our attention - it is our Benevolence Ministry.Each year our church reaches out to hundreds of individuals and families who aredesperate for hope, who need some encouragement, and who desperately need a help-ing hand. Most of you will never see or meet these people, but as staff members, wehave the privilege of ministering on your behalf. Each day brings someone new intoour building looking for assistance with food, a place to stay, help with their rent, utilitybill, or transportation. And each day we try our best to be the hands of Christ and meettheir needs.Our Business Administrator, Karla Mahan says this about our benevolence ministry -  Everyday I meet people from our community that are desperate to protect and care for their children. They are trying to find work, get to the doctor, or in pain and in needof prescriptions. They are simply trying to make ends meet for one more day. What a privilege it is to look into a desperate face and tell them First Christian Church will help.Watching most of them leave thankful, some in tears, I am humbled by the way Godblesses First Christian Church enabling the church to serve in this way, and blesses mewith this living example of His provision. It can be hard at times. Our benevolence ministry is not a “budgeted” ministry.It relies on donations from you. We do our best to be financially responsible for themoney entrusted to this ministry. We track those who receive assistance, only providingfor them once every 6 months. We limit the amount we offer for gas, utilities, and rent. Yet even with these measures in place, we often have a hard time keeping up with thedemand.Since the beginning of the 2010, we have offered over $12,000 in assistance! Thankyou First Christian Church for your support! What a difference you are making in ourcommunity and in the lives of those who walk through our doors. Now the seasons arechanging, the weather will be getting colder, and the holidays are fast approaching. Andour benevolence fund is nearly empty. In fact, making it through the next month will bea stretch. If you feel called to support this ministry, we will gladly accept your donation.Together we can continue to offer hope to God’s people need!  Are You Called to Give?  Benevolence FundRunning Short of Demand By Rev. Greg Bunton, Associate Minister of Student Ministries  The Chalice CONNECTION Shelley Regan, Editorsregan@fccedmond.orgRead News Online@ Articles   (   U   S   P   S   2  1   0  -   3   6   0  )  i  s  p  u  b l i  s  h  e  d   w  e  e  k l  y  (  e  x  c  e  p  t   w  e  e  k  s   o  f  N  e   w  Y  e  a  r ’  s   D  a  y  a  n  d  C  h  r i  s  t   m  a  s   D  a  y  ) .  P  e  r i  o  d i  c  a l  s   p  o  s  t  a  g  e  p  a i  d  b  y  F i  r  s  t  C  h  r i  s  t i  a  n  C  h  u  r  c  h ,  2  0  1  E .  S  e  c  o  n  d ,   E  d   m  o  n  d ,   O  K  7  3  0  3  4  -  4  5  6    P   O   S   T   M   A   S   T  E   R :   S  e  n  d  a  d  d  r  e  s  s   c  h  a  n  g  e  s  t  o  T  h  e  C  h  a l i  c  e  C   O  N  N  E  C  T  I   O  N ,  P   O  B  o  x  3  5  4  8 ,   E  d   m  o  n  d ,   O  K  7  3  0  8  3   P  e  r i  o  d i  c  a l  s   P  o  s  t  a  g  e  P  a i  d   E  d   m  o  n  d ,   O  K   U  S  P  C  2  1  0  -  3  6  0 Worship at First Christian 8:15, 9 & 11am September 26, 2010  3rd Sermon in our ENOUGH Series“Cultivating Contentment”  Message: Rev. Chris Shorow Scripture: Luke 12:13-21October 3, 2010 4th Sermon in our ENOUGH Series“Cultivating Contentment”  Message: Rev. Chris Shorow Scripture: Luke 6:43-45 News from our Nursery  By Anna Lisa Stanley, Director of Children’s Ministry We are pleased to introduce our new nursery coordinator, Kendra Mobley! Kendra grewup in Marlow, Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 2009 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Following graduation, Kendra taught Kin-dergarten at Eugene Field Elementary in OKC. Kendra and her husband are proud par-ents to Ashton, 9 months. When not working at First ChristianChurch, Kendra enjoys being a stay at home mom and caringfor three kindergarten age kids during the day.Also, please make welcome an entirely new nursery staff;Karen Endicott, Christina Mitchell, Allie Blundell, and ClairePatton. We want your child to feel welcome and a part of ourprogram through people and activities that God has placed inthis ministry area.We provide nursery care for children birth through twoyears of age during the Sunday school hour. Childcare maybe provided for other occasions for children birth through 5thgrade. You can make reservations for your ministry event byusing this form on our website Kendra Mobley,Nursery Coordinator 
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