CBI calls for a global cap-and-trade scheme

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The CBI voice concerns at government plans to impose a new per-plane tax on flights in and out of the UK
  Press Release 22.07.2010 CBI calls for a global cap-and-trade scheme The CBI voice concerns at government plans to impose a new per-plane tax on flights inand out of the UK The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) will today issue a new report entitled Green Skies Ahead: Creating a Low-carbon Aviation Industry  that voice concerns at government plans to imposea new per-plane tax on flights in and out of the UK. It argues that the most effective means of curbing aviation carbon emissions is through a global cap-and-trade scheme.The report warns that without a global cap-and-trade scheme for aviation there is a risk that anynational levies will simply encourage flights to be diverted to other countries. A new per-plane taxon flights would be ineffective, damage competitiveness, and would distract from the important goalof establishing a global cap-and-trade scheme.The move from the CBI follows reports that the US embassy has similarly lobbied the government toditch plans for a per-plane tax, which the coalition has argued will curb carbon emissions byencouraging airlines to operate fuller planes.John Cridland, CBI deputy director general said that the best way for the world's aviation industryto meet its climate obligations is through a global cap-and-trade scheme, he said. Such a schemewould include all airlines, removing scope for leakage of carbon emissions from one country toanother, and would run with, not against, the grain of this international industry. A global cap-and-trade scheme would ensure all airlines operate under the same rules The CBI continues to support EU plans to include aviation in its regional carbon emissions tradingscheme (ETS) from 2012, although it argues that it will remain an imperfect mechanism forregulating aviation carbon emissions until a global cap-and-trade scheme is established.The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the governing body for civil aviation is due tohost its tri-annual general assembly in September, where the CBI is calling on the ICAO to moveforward with mooted plans for an international cap-and-trade scheme that would ensure all airlinesoperate under the same rules. Such proposals are likely to be fiercely contested by the US anddeveloping economies which argue that pricing aviation carbon emissions will damage theireconomy. ---END--- About Envido Envido are the UK’s leading provider of energy, carbon and sustainability solutions for private and public sector organisations.We help our clients reduce their business carbon emissions - helping them to comply with climatechange legislation and save money at the same time.  Media contact Nathalie GoadHead of Marketing and CommunicationsEnvido Ltd.+44 20 7199 0090www.envido.co.uk ---
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