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carrier in semi condutor
  Carrier Transport Phenomena Transport ; the process by which charged particles (electronsand holes) move By Dr. Ghanshyam Kumar Singh  In this section, we will ã Describe the mechanism of carrier drift due to an appliedelectric field ã Describe the characteristics of carrier mobility ã Describe the mechanism of carrier diffusion ã Describe the effects of a nonuniform impurity dopingconcentration ã Discuss and analyze the Hall Effect  Understanding of  electrical properties (I-Vcharacteristics) Basic current equation;  E ne I     e; electronic charged (constant, 1.6 x 10 -19 C)  ; mobility ( figure of merit that reflect the speed)n; carrier concentration E; Electric field  Carrier Transport “Drift”   The movement of carrier due to electric field (E) “Diffusion”   The flow of carrier due to density gradients (dn/dx)V+- E electrondivider electron
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