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GB Heart Rate Pulse Watch Model 60206/KPPM 35 Guarantee Certificate valid only together with receipt If you wish to make a claim under the guarantee, please contact our service hotline before sending us the device. You must do this if you wish to avoid paying shipping/postage charges! Many thanks. IRL Heart Rate Pulse Watch Model 60206/KPPM 35 3 years guarantee GB L&S after-sales services Unit 1A,1B Learoyd Road New Romney Kent, TN28 8XU Hotline: 0870 442 8226 Email:
  Heart Rate Pulse WatchModel 60206/KPPM 35  44 Heart Rate Pulse WatchModel 60206/KPPM 35  1Bedienungsanleitung   Owner´s Manual  3 years guarantee Guarantee Certificate valid only together with receiptIf you wish to make a claim under the guarantee, pleasecontact our service hotline before sending us the device.You must do this if you wish to avoid payingshipping/postage charges!Many thanks. L&S after-sales services Corbans LaneNaasCO KildareHotline: +353 (0)45 435940 IRL L&S after-sales services Unit 1A,1B Learoyd RoadNew RomneyKent, TN28 8XUHotline: 0870 442 8226Email: GB KPPM 35 0404 GBIRL  2 Contents 1Introduction Page 41.1CEPage 41.2Intended usePage 4 2Essential safety notices Page 4 3Supplied parts Page 5 4Power supply Page 64.1 Battery indicatorPage 64.2. Replacing the batteryPage 64.3 Battery saving modePage 9 5The device functions Page 105.1The control buttons on the receiver watchPage 105.2DisplayPage 11 6Getting ready for use Page 126.1Putting on the transmitter Page 126.2Interference of frequenciesPage 13 7Main menu of the heart rate pulse watch Page 14 8Setting the watch time Page 168.1 Zone timePage 188.212-hour displayPage 19 9Activating the alarm Page 20 10Deactivating the alarm Page 22 11Displaying the heart rate Page 23 12Creating a USER profile Page 2412.1Activity levelPage 2612.2Fitness levelPage 27 13 Training in stopwatch mode Page 30 14 Starting the intelligent training program Page 32 15 Calculating the lower and upper heart rate values Page 34 16Stopping the training program Page 36 17Stopwatch MEM mode (viewing training statistics) Page 37 18 Timer MEM mode (viewing training statistics) Page 38 19 Factory default settings Page 39 20 Care information Page 39 21 Troubleshooting Page 40 22 Specifications Page 41 23EU Declaration of Conformity Page 42 24 Environmental protection / disposal Page 43 Guarantee Page 44 Hotline Page 44 3  1Introduction The device is labelled with the CE symbol and therefore conforms to the respectiveEuropean standards.The device is only intended for private and personal use.The heart rate pulse watch is intended to allow or provide the following:-continuously supplied information on the heart rate during sports activities-an optimum training check thanks to the intelligent training program-optionally set the lower and upper heart rate limits(An alarm will sound if your heart rate falls below the lower limit or exceedsthe upper limit).-information on the currently set watch time and alarm functions astopwatch function 2Essential safety notices   Caution! Important notice:People with heart pacemakers must not use this heart rate pulse watch!Important notice:Please note that this heart rate pulse watch is only a device to assistyou during training and is not a piece of medical equipment. Use of theheart rate pulse watch and measured values that you have ascertainedyourself are in no way a substitute for check-ups carried out by a doctor.   Note: You should also adjust the frequency and duration of your training to suit your body's level of health and fitness. This is the only way you can ensure youachieve optimum success during training and so improve your health.- Please read the following information carefully.- You must keep the operating instructions in a safe place and if applicablepass them on to other people together with the heart rate pulse watch.-Only use the product for the purpose for which it is intended in accordancewith these operating instructions. 1.2 Intended use1.1CE  Dear Customer,We hope you enjoy using your new Heart Rate Pulse Watch 60206.Please read the operating instructions carefully to avoid damaging the device and toprevent it from malfunctioning. 4   Risk of malfunction! - You must not use the heart rate pulse watch if it shows signs of damage.- You must never modify the construction of the heart rate pulse watch or any of thecomponents that are supplied with it.The guarantee becomes invalidated.  Risk of poisoning! - Children must never be allowed to handle or play with batteries.Children could putthe batteries in their mouths or swallow them.  Risk of burns! - Leaking or damaged batteries can cause burns upon contact with the skin.In thiscase, you must use suitable protective gloves.  Risk of explosion! - You must never charge batteries or reactivate them using other means. You mustnever dismantle batteries, throw them into fires or short-circuit them.  Risk of suffocation! - Never leave packaging materials lying around carelessly.- Plastic foils/bags, polystyrene parts, etc. can become very dangerous objects if children play with them.  Caution! - Never subject the heart rate pulse watch to high temperatures, direct sunlight, strongvibrations or severe mechanical stresses.- Never clean the device with strong, abrasive or corrosive detergents/cleaners.- When inserting the battery into the battery compartment, make sure the polarity iscorrect.- When not in use for extended periods of time, you must remove the battery from thebattery compartment.ã1 x Heart rate pulse watchã1 x Chest strapã1 x Elastic strap (chest strap fastening)ã1 x Bicycle bracketã1 x Operating instructions 3Supplied parts5 ⇒ Remove the old lithium battery and replace with a new one. Note: Ensure polarity when inserting the lithium battery. ⇒ Close the lid on the battery compartment. When fitting the battery, ensurethat the seal on the compartment lid closes tightly against the chest straphousing. Changing the battery in the heart rate monitoring watch: ⇒ Use a suitable tool to unscrew the screws in the armbands. ⇒ Carefully remove the armbands from the heart rate monitoring watch. Note: Ensure that the armbands are not mixed up. ⇒ Unscrew the four screws in the battery compartment to remove the compartmentlid. 7 6 If you wish to change the lithium battery yourself, please observe the followinginstructions: Changing the battery in the chest strap ⇒ Use a suitable item (e.g. a coin) to open the battery compartment in the cheststrap.BatteryBattery contacts View of chest strapfrom aboveView of chest strap from side If the voltage of the battery in the heart rate pulse watch is too low, a symbol willappear in the display depicting a crossed-out battery.The battery must be replaced. 4Power supply  The heart rate pulse watch and the chest strap are each powered by a lithium battery(type CR 2032, 3 V). Note: We recommend you ask an authorized skilled person to replace the batteryto ensure that the seal on the heart rate pulse watch remains tight. 4.1Battery indicator 4.2 Replacing the battery 
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