Cara Pembuatan Media Pada Microbiology

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  CARA PEMBUATAN MEDIACARA PEMBUATAN MEDIAPADA MICROBIOLOGY PADA MICROBIOLOGY  Selvianti P DjarudjuSelvianti P Djarudju  isolationinoculationincubationSpecimen collectioninspectionidentification 5 ³I´ s  MediaMedia   A microbiologist can A microbiologist can fine tunefine tune a media for almost a media for almost any purpose.any purpose.  G eneral purpose media G eneral purpose media are designed toare designed to g row g rowa board spectrum of microor g anismsa board spectrum of microor g anisms e.g.e.g.nutrient agar/broth, brain and heart infusion,nutrient agar/broth, brain and heart infusion,trypticase soy agar (TSA)trypticase soy agar (TSA)--casein, soy digest andcasein, soy digest and NaCl.NaCl.  E nriched media E nriched media hashas complex or g aniccomplex or g anicsubstratessubstrates such as blood serum and specialsuch as blood serum and specialgrowth factors (vitamins, amino acids).growth factors (vitamins, amino acids).   A bacteria that requires requires complex growth A bacteria that requires requires complex growthfactors is termedfactors is termed fastidiousfastidious ..  E nrichment media E nrichment media facilitates thefacilitates the extensiveextensive g rowth of particular or g anism g rowth of particular or g anism ..  Base MediaBase Media  Breeding base medium simple breedingBreeding base medium simple breedingthat contains general substances that that contains general substances that need by large part microorganism and put need by large part microorganism and put also as fundamental component to makealso as fundamental component to makemedium breeding other.medium breeding other.
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