Capt. Wm. Beatty's Journal, Maryland Line 1776-1781 [Continental Army]

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“Captain William Beatty’s Journal: From The Year of Our Lord 1776 to 1781” Maryland Historical Society, no. 58436 (1853). Presented by Judge Beatty of Kentucky, and found in the Maryland State Archives. Transcribed and Annotated by John Beakes, co-author of “Cool Deliberate Courage”: John Eager Howard in the American Revolution. Nautical & Aviation Publishing Company, Mount Pleasant, S.C., 2009
  The Papers of Captain William Beatty, of the Maryland Line Now first printed from the srcinal manuscripts in the Maryland Historical SocietyPrinted in 1866 MdHs PAM 10,699Page 1 Transcribed and Annotated by John Beakes, co-author of  “Cool DeliberateCourage”: John Eager Howard in the American Revolution . Nautical & AviationPublishing Company, Mount Pleasant, S.C., 2009.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MdHS Special Collections Entry for the Beatty Journal Author:   Beatty, William, 1758-1781.[manuscript] : Copy of journal kept in Flying Camp of Maryland, 1776-1781.28 pp. folio1 Special Collections Reading RoomMS 1814Q9700000002505  ________________________________________________________________ Note on the inside of the front cover of the srcinal pamphlet at MdHS.“562. Rev. Papers of Capt. Wm. Beatty of the Maryland Line. Now first printedfrom the srcinal MSS. In the Md. Hist. Soc. 8, sheets, pp. 28, Nirrusabuam1866). (15 copies $1.00)Cover PageVI.The PapersOf CAPTAIN WILLIAM BEATTYOF THE MARYLAND LINENow first printed from the srcinal manuscripts in thelibrary of the Maryland Historical Society ________________________________________________________________ The Cover of the srcinal printed Pamphlet has an inscription, as follows:Captain William Beatty's JournalFromThe Year of Our Lord 1776 to 1781Maryland Historical Society584361853Presented byJudge Beatty of Kentucky ________________________________________________________________   The Papers of Captain William Beatty, of the Maryland Line Now first printed from the srcinal manuscripts in the Maryland Historical SocietyPrinted in 1866 MdHs PAM 10,699Page 2 The inside cover of the srcinal Journal has the writing Born 19th June 1758 inthe same handwriting as the Journal, so it is presumably William Beatty's ________________________________________________________________ Page 1.I. JournalJune 25 th , 1776 12  – I was apptd. an Ensign 345 in ye flying Camp 6 raised in thestate of Md the 3d July. I reced my Warrant in Seven days recruited my Quota of men 7 March’d for Philadelphia the 13 th August Where the compt Joined the Regtto Which it belonged after Some few days Which it took to Equip We proceededto New York Where we arrived the 5 th of September  8 & Continued in it a weekwhen the whole army except a small body moved up the island within one mile of Fort Washington On the 15 th of this month the enemy landed on the Island near Hell Gate 9 & forced the Whole of our advanced troops to retire to the main bodywhich lay Encamped in the neighborhood of Fort Washington, The 16 th 10 in theforenoon some of our troops met With the Enemies Van Which brought on abrisk Engagement which lasted Some time, when the Enemy gave Way, Somefew days after this Happened a New England Captain Was Dressed in Woman’sapparel arm’d With a Wooden gun & Sword & Drum’d out of the army for Cowardice, Sometime in October the Whole army except a garrison in FortWashington Left York Island 11 the Same day that this happened I being veryunwell Crossed the North river for the purpose of going in the Country to recover my health after laying two Weeks at a Dutchmans at Scrawnburg 12 ChurchWhich lays nine Miles from fort Lee & five from Hackensack Town I proceeded to join our Regt, Which during this time had been on their Way from Kings Bridge to  The Papers of Captain William Beatty, of the Maryland Line Now first printed from the srcinal manuscripts in the Maryland Historical SocietyPrinted in 1866 MdHs PAM 10,699Page 3 Peeks-kill 13 Where I met it in the beginning of November after laying here two or three days, We Went on board of Boats Which transported us down the Northriver to Kings ferry where we landed and Encamped One night the next morningWe began Our march towards the Jerseys by the Way of Tappan, HackinsackBridge & the Town about 10, o,clock the night after passing the last place Our Brigade Were Ordered to Fort Lee Where we arrived some little time before day.On this March We crossed a ferry on the Hackensack, about five miles below thebridge Which we crossed the day before, the day after our arrival at Fort Leebeing the day the Enemy attacked Fort Washington, Which Surrendered to themin the afternoon 14 , The Enemies next object being Fort Lee Our army began toprepare for a retreat But before this Could be accomplished the Enemy landedabove us Which Obliged Our army to make a quick retreat leaving all our HeavyCannon & Stores & Baggage of all kinds behind, the Whole of Which fell into theHands of the Enemy 15 , We now began our retreat through the Jersey 16 by theway of Aquckanack Bridge Which Was tore up after Our troops had pass’d it,from this We retreated down the 2 nd river to a little village by the Same name atthis place With Some more Officers I quartered at a Gentlemans house Whotreated us With a great deal of politeness & Hospitality. From here I march’d witha Piquot by the Way of New ark to One Pecks, about four miles from New arktowards the mountain the Whole of this march being in the night the darkness of Which together With the Intolerable bad roads made this tour of duty very hardthis Was the last time I mounted Guard While in the flying Camp, From New arkOur army retreated in two Collums One by the Way of Wood bridge to Brunswick  The Papers of Captain William Beatty, of the Maryland Line Now first printed from the srcinal manuscripts in the Maryland Historical SocietyPrinted in 1866 MdHs PAM 10,699Page 4 & the Other by the New-ark mountain Springfields, Scotch-Plains Quibbletown &to Brunswick, While Our army lay in the neighborhood of New ark the Sick WereSent to Morristown; Two or three days after Our arrival at Brunswick being thefirst of December & the Expiration of the flying Camp troops time Our BrigadeMarch’d to Philadelphia leaving Our Brave General With a very Weak army 17 whoin a little time after Was obliged to retreat across the Delaware river notwithstanding the few troops that were left With Our Hero it is well known thathe in less than a month killed & took upward of 2000 of the Enemy & Obliged avery Superior force to retreat to Brunswick the Consequence of Which Was theyWere obliged in the Spring to abandon the Jersey intirely, after the flying Campsarrival to Philadelphia, I was employed in assisting to Pay & DischargeCompanys until the 10 th of December When I set out for Home Where I arrivedthe 14 th following 18 January 1 st  1777. I accepted a first Lts 19 Commission in the Contl Service 20 &immediately began to recruit On Which Service I Continued until some time inJune When I march’d from Home With a party to join'd the Regt in Which I was toServe I found the Regt With the army Which lay at Lincolns Gap 21 the 29 th June.In two or 3 days after Our Division March’d towards the north river by Way of Morristown, Pumpton Smiths Cove & newbern Where We Crossed the 7 th of Julyand march’d to Fishkills. On the foregoing March at Pumpton I went On the firstGenl Court Martial I ever Sat on the 18 th 19 th & 20 th . We lay at Fishkills Mondaythe 21 st of March’d to Peekskills 22 nd March’d five Miles towards Crowtan Bridge,
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