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The Yeast Beast Who would have ever thought that too much of a good thing could become so detrimental to the body? Yeast exists quite naturally in the system without drawing any undue attention, but, should you become imbalanced, the repercussions are significant and can spin your life into turmoil. Just as in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, the existence of the condition lives and proliferates long before it is identified. Usually by the time you know you have Candidiasis, significan
  Who would have everthought that too much of agood thing could become sodetrimental to the body?Yeast exists quite naturally inthe system without drawingany undue attention, but,should you become imbal-anced, the repercussions aresignificant and can spin yourlife into turmoil.Just as in Chronic FatigueSyndrome and Fibromyalgia,the existence of the conditionlives and proliferates longbefore it is identified. Usuallyby the time you know youhave Candidiasis, significantinfection is in progress whichrequires diligent work toeradicate.Candida’s life cycle is clearlyvisible and proceeds fromspore to mycelial form withgreat speed. This mycelialform is fungal in nature andgrows thread-like tentaclesforming what is clearly visibleas a thallus developments.Candida Albicans remain innon-virulent phases of devel-opment until the terrain al-lows for its progression intomore complex pathogenicforms. It is opportunist anddependent upon the microbialflora for its ability to sustainits life-form and proliferate.There is a huge misconcep-tion that exists with respectto being able to observeyeast in blood via Dark FieldMicroscopy. Michael Coyle,an expert in the field of DarkField Microscopy, states, “Candida is never observed inits fungal phase in the bloodbecause the blood's inherentalkalinity supports its devel-opment only to a sporestage. These spores are ex-tremely minute , and do notprogress to visibility at thelevel where they can be dis-tinguished from other similarmicroorganisms in the bloodexcept possible throughstaining”.When yeast is left unchecked,by beneficial flora, such aslactobacillus acidophilus, itmultiplies and converts to thefungal form, which then mul-tiplies throughout the bodytissue, especially the mucousmembranes. The acid cre-ated byyeastgrowslong roots called rhizoidswhich puncture the walls of the intestine allowing undi-gested food particles andtoxins to permeate, contrib-uting to allergies and sensi-tivities.Candida albicans left un-checked secrete formalde-hyde and acetaldehyde,which create innumerableproblems throughout all bodysystems. These toxins arepoisons that are convertedby the liver into alcohol,which explains some people’ssymptoms of drunkenness,even though they seldom, if ever, indulge in alcohol. Thefar reaching consequences of yeast imbalance can be dev-astating. The Yeast Beast  Antibiotics Anyone? One of the top reasons forthe rampant development of Candidiasis is the use of Anti-biotics.You don’t use antibiotics, yousay? Well, those who con-sume animal protein will begetting their fair dose of antibiotics and hormonesfrom this source. This is justanother reason to chooseorganic meats, or better yet,choose a pure isolated andionized Protein Powder ,such as Forti-flex .Antibiotic use wipes out theessential gut flora. Becausethe natural flora is alreadyoverruled in the case of Can-didiasis, the addition of anti-fungal drugs create the resis-tant strain of fungus and theyeast simply multiplies withgreat speed. The high alka-line pH that develops in theblood allows for more highlydeveloped floras to propa-gate. Fungal microorganismsare very close in nature toparasites, and unfortunately,unless you remove a highpercentage of the yeast, itcan come back. No wonderyou feel ill! Candida Albicans stained  Did you know that:  ã Candidiasis is often not detectable by stan-dard medical tests and is most often deter-mined by symptom profiles. ã Candida Albicans is one of over 80 speciesof candidiasis. ã This yeast forms over 70 known toxins that can cause problems in humans and createan environment for virus’, bad bacteria and  parasites to flourish in your body. Chronic Fatigue SyndromeFibromyalgiaDepressionColitis and Chrones DiseaseIrritable Bowel Syndrome Acid Reflux  Viruses, Flu, Allergies Candida Imbalance is mistaken for:    C   a   n    d    i    d    i   a   s    i   s  -   Y   e   a   s   t    W   W   W .   T   H   E   W   O   L   F   E   C   L   I   N   I   C .   C   O   M     Powerful immune chemi-cals are produced by SBO’sfriendly bacteria. Althoughrecognized as a probiotic,Royal Flora is really in aclass by itself. The stabilityof Royal Flora ensures thatcolonization of healthy floraoccurs. Without this assis-tance, intestinal toxemiadevelops leaving the individual prone tonumbers of debilitating conditions.Because of the existence of rhizoids, threadBecause of the existence of rhizoids, thread -like attach-ments of yeast to intestinalwalls, the need to out-number the unfriendly bac-teria is important. Once thestress is off the walls of theintestine, then actual healingcan take place. Even betteryet, the SBOs begin to infil-trate the entire body, building a protectivegrid against the leak of toxins into the blood-stream. Immune enhancement is one of themany benefits that Royal Flora brings to you.Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) such as RoyalFlora are more stable than acidophilus andprobiotics. SBOs are considered to be in thefamily of probiotics but their value is signifi-cantly higher. They crowd out pathogens,therefore stabilizing the entire digestivesystem by balancing pH and restoring theproper bacterial balance. They assist in res-toration of the natural alkalinity of the bloodby eliminating harmful acid wastes. SBOsassist the hormonal system by controllingblood sugar and increasing glandular integ-rity.   The symptoms of chronic Candidiasis arevast and multi-dimensional and the conse-quences are far-reaching.Check here to determine if your health his-tory includes any of the list below. ã Hypersensitivity to foods, intolerance of the smell and taste of food ã Rectal itching, bladder urgency orinfections, mucous in the stool, psoria-sis ã Coated sore tongue, dry throat ormouth, bad breath, rashes or blister-ing in mouth, nasal congestion orpost-nasal drip, cough, wheezing ã Feeling bad all over without any ap-parent cause, suppressed immunesystem ã Hypoglycemia tendencies, shaking orirritability when hungry, jittery ã Cold hands and feet ã Anxiety/panic attacks, crying jags, depres-sion ã Headaches, muscle/joint pain, poorcoordination, dizziness ã Recurrent digestive complaints, heartburn,chronic diarrhea orconstipation, belch-ing, bloating, intesti-nal gas, abdominalpain ã Poor memory,feelings of disorienta-tion, ‘toxic fog’, in-ability to make deci-sions ã Unusual fatigue orlethargy, especiallyafter eating, “simplydrained”, drowsiness ã Intense cravings for sugar, breads, alco-hol ã Mild to severe sensitivity to perfumes,soaps, insecticides, dry cleaning fluids,chemicals, tobacco ã Prolonged use of birth control pills ã Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovaryproblems ã PMS, abdominal pain, menstrual problems,vaginitis, prostatitis, or loss of sexual in-terest ã Repeated use of tetracycline or other anti-biotics for acne ã Repeated use of broad-spectrum antibioticdrugs, prednisone or other cortisone drugs If any of the above symptoms are de-manding attention in your life, you maybe contending with an overgrowth of Candida Albicans. ã Candida can spreadthrough sexual in-tercourse, as well asto babies throughthe birthing process.Candida is alsofound in the folds of the anus. Becauseof the close prox-imity of the anus tothe vagina, re-infection can easilyoccur.   Women suffer from Candidiasis more no-ticeably because of the biological structure of their genitalia. Men contract yeast imbal-ance almost as frequently, but their symp-toms go undetected for longer. ã Candidiasis proliferates in warm, moistenvironments where the supply of glucoseis plentiful. According to Dr. John Lee MD,a pioneer in the field of women’s health,estrogen dominance causes a rise in mu-cosal glucose, therefore assisting the over-growth of yeast. Balanced Progesterone levels give less riseto the likelihood of yeast growth. You may haveCandida withouthaving an activeyeast infection . Page 2 The Importance of Intestinal Flora Using Soil Based OrganismsSymptoms of CandidiasisHormones Influence Candida Albicans Soil Based Organisms inRoyal Flora retard thegrowth of Candida Candidiasis can make you feel like you are always suffering from allergies,digestive complications, the flu and fatigue. Yeast overgrowth is not just limited to women.    even more toxins, calledyeast ‘die-off’. This canlead to nausea and ill-feelings that can last any-where from a few days to afew weeks. With a lessthan efficient liver, thetoxins circulate freely inthe bloodstream. ã Support intestinal flora using Royal Flora  (soil-based organisms) ã Detoxify  bowel, liver and all affectedsystems ã Digestive Enzymes  en-sure that all food is beingbroken down Diet is critical. The Diet-Master program will showyou what to do ã Use SuperFoods  and Coconut Oil  to help rein-state the integrity of the bowel. The use of energy frequency devices such asthe Photon Genie help to destroy pathogensin the system. Frequency medicine is themedicine of the future.Digestion begins in the mouth with the pres-ence of saliva. As we travel further downthe tract, adequate amounts of hydrochloricacid, pancreatic enzymes and bile help pre-vent the overgrowth of Candida. Given thatmost of our digestive systems are operatingat less than optimum, and our diets includenegative foods such as sugar, it is under-standable that we are vulnerable to Candida.The bowel is the primary zone to addressand the liver is next. A toxic bowel ensure atoxic liver. Because of the number of toxinsproduced from the yeast, the liver is put intooverload. As you kill off the Candida Albi-cans, the liver must deal with the filtering of Of all the possible health challenges, Can-didiasis is directly a result of the inner ter-rain imbalance. It is not contingent uponoutside viruses and bacteria, but rather,solely on Inner Terrain. Our immunity istypically able to produce enough white bloodcells to assist in this invasion, but often theyare immobilized or consumed with otherproblems.The innate regulators that have beenobliterated by antibiotics, heavy metalsand other such influences, allow poten-tially harmless floras to become highlydeveloped. When in abundance, thesefloras now develop into fungal forms withlong thread-like root structures that per-meate the intestinal walls therefore allow-ing foreign and toxic substances to pol-lute the body systemically. This develop-ment presents another problem. LeakyGut Syndrome. Nutrients are absorbed from food via thesmall intestine where they are thenpassed through to the bloodstream. Themucosal lining of the intestine becomesoverwhelmed with the overload of toxins,therefore the unwanted substances pene-trate the walls of the intestine. Candidiasisis one of the repercussions of LGS. Parasiteinfestation is also directly connected to Can-didiasis, which complicates matters evenfurther. The exis- tence of Leaky Gut Syndrome can be substanti- ated by urine tests, dark field mi- croscopy,&intestinal wall ex- amination  . It is becoming more and more apparent thatrepair of the digestive system is the mostimportant step in eradicating both Candidi-asis and Leaky Gut Syndrome. Without thisrepair, these problems continue to flourish inspite of any medical attention you may re-ceive. Most often, the presence of thesesymptoms and the damage they incur arerepresentative of auto-immune dysfunction.The inflammatory response of the tissue, inthe case of Leaky Gut Syndrome, creates yetanother problem. Inflammation makes tis-sue more susceptible to invasion, whichcreates a vicious circle where physical dam-age to organ walls makes them leaky.It is possible that this fungus plays a majorrole in numbers of conditions. These condi-tions are not necessarily known for the pri-mary cause, which is frequently Candidiasis.Taking precautions by monitoring diet, usingdigestive enzymes and Soil Based Or-ganisms is a most important deterrent.non-toxic anti-fungal agent. Caprylic acidsimply tumbles through the gut, killing Can-dida along the way. Coconuts also containslauric acid which kills lipid coated bacteriaand other fungi, but does not interfere withthe friendly bacteria in the intestine. Inter-estingly enough, women in countries wherecoconuts are a diet staple such as in thePhilippines, seldom suffer from yeast infec-tions.The University of Iceland found that “Caprylic acid causes the fastest and mosteffective killing of all three strains of C. albi-cans tested, leaving the cytoplasm disorgan-Many patients have eliminated such items assugar, dairy breads, pickled, smoked anddried meats, peanuts, canned foods andfruits from their diet. The minute they rein-troduce any of the above, the problem be-gins again, which emphasizes that monitor-ing diet alone does not ensure the eradica-tion of Candida Albicans. But, if you know just what to do, then it is possible.Theoleic acid component of Olive Oil is anti-fungal therefore assisting in the fight againstyeast. Caprylic acid, which is the non-nutrient extract of coconuts, is a powerfulized and shrunken because of a disrupted ordisintegrated plasma mem-brane.” A low carbohy-drate/high fat diet is beneficialin the case of persistent Can-dida. Coconut Oil is an excel-lent deterrent for fungal situa-tions. Ask us about ourhigh qualityCoconut Oil Page 3 Detoxifying the Body Systems One by OneThe Leaky Gut Syndrome ConnectionThe Power of Coconut Oil Yeast ‘die-off’ can leave you feeling less than well, but don’t stop treatment! This may cause a rebound effect.  Antibiotics, acne drugs, steroids and other such drugs influence the devel- opment of Candida Albicans by upsetting the fragile inner terrain. Coconut Oil offers much helpto rid the body of Candida Albicans and fungus.  The Wolfe Clinic  Darrell L. Wolfe, Ac, PhD   The Wolfe Clinic   1-800-592-9653 Subscribe to my free newsletter: Dear Readers; This booklet, Candidiasis -‘The Yeast Beast’ is the final installment in a series on three debilitat-ing illnesses that have similar symptoms. The first part is Fibromyalgia -‘The Invisible Illness.’ Part two is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -‘The Realities of CFS.’ I hope, the information they provide will help you and those you care for.Someone once said, “ nothing succeeds like success.” Well, for over 20 years the Wolfe Clinichas been successfully treating Candidiasis patients with our proven protocols. Decades of ex-perience has clearly shown that Candidiasis is responsive to proper treatment and is reversible.Appropriate treatment starts by having balance in your diet as well as by including a step bystep detoxification program to cleanse the body. To help start the process of healing pleaseread; ‘ Reclaim your inner Terrain’  and ‘ Spoiled Rotten  .’ They will give you the needed in-formation to begin the journey to wellbeing. Don’t let Candidiasis take your life on a rollercoaster ride. Get grounded and reclaim your health!A final note:My 25 years of experience in the prevention and treatment of Chronic Illness’ is just a phone callaway. Most people with Candidiasis inevitably suffer while wasting time, money and energy try-ing to combat their illness. A personalized telephone Consultation with ongoing support will giveyou the highest potential for success at the lowest possible cost. Fungal Diseases, such as Can-didiasis, certainly lead to worse problems if not treated properly. They create an environmentfor viruses, bad bacteria and parasites to flourish in your body. So, please call to learn aboutreal and effective solutions to your health concerns. Remember that fear is the greatest dis- ease—knowledge is the cure  .At the Wolfe Clinic we take the time to ensure that you have the latest and best informationavailable to you at all times.Visit our web site and find valuable information in the following articles thatwill aid you in the journey to better health. You’ll be glad you did! ã Reclaim Your Inner Terrain  ã Spoiled Rotten  ã Cleansing For Life  ã Depleted Soils – Decreased Vitality – Diminished Min  ds    Set your mind free from fear that you are doomed to a life of pain and suf-fering.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call. We are here to help. Sincerely, Darrell L. Wolfe, Ac, PhD    10% offConsultations withDr. Darrell Wolfe, Ac,PhD Garden of LifeSuperfoods and ‘forti-FLEX’ 1-800-592-9653  Call Today! 
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