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on Logos, Memra, and other letter for economist.
  1 by Jesus Christ  : Logos, Memra, and other letter for economist   march 2010   Create PDFfiles without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (  2 GOD by Jesus Christ  : Logos, Memra, and other letter for economist content a.   How you can rectify numerous problem in America economy 3b.   How maximize utility will lead you to fall into social darwinism 11c.   How maximize utility will not lead to welfare society 14d.   Generalized Tobin tax and implications to social virtue 16e.   How you can do evangelism as traveler 20f.   The meaning of twelve gate 25g.   Situational leadership in evangelism 26h.   Denial of service in evangelism 30i.   Logos, Memra, and Gospel of John chapter one, and Isaiah chapter 55 33j.   My last warning 36k.   Is there global warming, or there is global cooling only 39l.   How you can prepare properly evangelism team (do not maximize utility) 45m.   How doing evangelism will increase your future worth value in Heaven 48n.   How to do evangelization with only two bread 55o.   Cultural approach in evangelization 56p.   How rosicrucian sect ruin anglican church and all subsequent denomination 60q.   What you can do in the End of Day 69r.   How you can win the fruit making contest 72s.   Why you should not do magick 74 Appendix A: how Jesus Christ can help all of you, people with psychological problem 80 Appendix B: how you can do evangelization with social network 88 Create PDFfiles without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (  3 by Jesus Christ   a.   How you can rectify numerous problem in America economySome people especially in government team and especially those who work with russellsage foundation(b) and also with james rothenberg and also all people who are part of lawrence summers team, think that the present crisis in America is very very very veryvery difficult to solve because America economy is near to collapse and there is no liquidityat all in banking system. Don’t you know that people who work with lawrence summers, --including a number of economic scholar who teach in harvard university and few of themare related to another scandal that is a scandal that ruin Russia economy completely(andreishleifer, see reference [4]),-- do not like to find out solution to the present America crisis,because they only want to get more and more money from America banking. And theythink that America banking resemble a bakery which are always ready to print moremoney for their roaring mouth, and then they think that America banking is so stupid that they can pretend as a doctor who always hide the correct receipt until all money of theirpatient are drained completely, and that is why: their receipt is what they call asbehaviorism economics, and that is why they hire twenty nine scholar from russell sagefoundation who are expert in behaviorism economics.[4](b)Don’t you know that some economist literally speaking play that role of such psychiatrist who do not have heart at all even if their patient already go bankrupt. Don’t you know that psychiatrist often focus their attention to numerous wealthy and healthy people, and thenthey want to literally speaking take all mammon out of their patient, just like a hostage. Andafter numerous visiting, the hostage will develop stockholm syndrome, and that is all theirplan. There is another joke that: numerous people are drained and that is why if yourchildren swallow a coin, do not call a doctor, just call a psychiatrist because they knowmuch better how to take mammon and all coin not only from the mouth of your children,but they will also take another coin out from your pocket. Another joke can be said: how doyou call a hundred of psychiatrist in the bottom of the sea? Answer: a good start. And thesame joke can be made to other cruel cruel cruel cruel cruel type of people and that is toprosperity theology preacher: how do you call a hundred of prosperity theology falsepreacher in the bottom of the sea? Answer: a good start, because all of them are falsepreacher, and they often take all mammon literally speaking from their people who want tofind consolation out of their plentitude of blessing. And that is why: throw away allprosperity theology preacher and also throw away all psychiatrist and throw away allbehaviorism economist including james rothenberg and also lawrence summers quicklyquickly quickly quickly quickly today into the bottom of the sea, without hesitation and Create PDFfiles without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (  4 without even talk, and do not make another series of public hearing again. Read again andagain and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 18:6-7.Krugman have published a recent book on depression economics, the title of his recent book is: the return of depression economics,[2] published by w.w. norton and company,inc., new York (2009). A good chapter is devoted to history of America recession since1907, exactly when knickerbocker trust collapse completely after failure to support numerous stock market trader, and they do not support anymore because of rush in theiroffice that indicate that people lose their confidence in their scheme of investment (seepage 156). And then you can compare that story of collapsing knickerbocker pseudo-banking organization with Krugman’s explanation of logic behind America recession in2008, exactly because a number of investment company do similar risky investment including in secondary mortgage, stock market and also foreign exchange market (page190), and they are not properly regulated just like knickerbocker trust in 1907, and that isindicating one hundred year cycle of crisis. And you should know that there are numerouspseudo-banking company in America who accept investment from their client (--exactlysimilar to what they call as ‘trust’ around one hundred year ago, see again page 156 of that book--), but they do not provide security nor they provide insurance if something happento their client’s mammon, and don’t you know that America always are reluctant toregulate those pseudo-banking system including to regulate cruel cruel cruel cruel cruelinvestment advisor such as soros foundation, taconic capital advisor and ltcm, who aregoing bankrupt exactly because of the same lawrence summers’s uncle and that issamuelson (see page 137), and the reason behind such reluctance is because all economist actually worship free market, and they call that as the social virtue of free market exchange,exactly because they think that each time you do market transaction then you contributesomething to social utility. And that is why: America are reluctant to regulate such a cruelcruel cruel cruel cruel malpractice by numerous economics scholar who play against stability of America economy. But as Krugman point out numerous time in his recent book,the situation is more less similar with what happen one hundred year ago and that is: anumber of pseudo-bank do numerous risky investment which is actually not an economicsactivity at all, but only do paper mammon activity, including they do not report properly tobanking authority, and after sometime they become even more greedy and that after theybump to risky problem then they ask for help from banking system, and that is howbanking system now should suffer exactly because of that noise trader. And why do youspare the life of those noise trader? Because you like their dream of getting financial wealthonly by collecting information, and that is exactly what happen: if you only want tomaximize your utility without work at all, you should succumb to darkness at the end of your life. Read again and again and again and again and again the book of Gospel of Matthew 4:9-10. And to all of you who operate a true banking in America, don’t you realizethat you develop mutual dependence just like in stockholm syndrome? And that is why: Create PDFfiles without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (
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