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  Created by: -Manthan KananiBRANCH:-Mechanical Engg.  Group Members:-Enroll. No.Manthan Kanani140050119028Dhruvit Lakhani140050119032Sagar Makawana140050119035   INTRODUCTION  PRINCIPLES OF PLANNING  BASIC REQUIREMENT OF A BUILDING PLANNING  LAYOUT OF BUIDING  -RESIDENTIAL  -INDUSTRIAL   The term planning of building by an engineer is used to mean the arrangement of all the units of a building on all floors and at all levels and it not only includes the horizontal layout but also it takes into consideration the height and level to accommodate the space enclosed by walls, floors and roofs. During building planning, it is important to keep in mind, the general purpose of the building. Each type of building has its own requirement to suit its purpose in the best possible manner. There should be proper thinking on the functional or utility aspect of building. Main consideration of planning are:  Human habitation and their requirements  Climatic condition and effects  Bye-laws for planning and construction   Available finance  Comfort , safety and economy
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