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    BUSINESS RESEARCH METHOD TOPIC: The secret formula for choosing the right next role  BY KATE MATSUDAIRA  INTRODUCTION : ‘ The secret formula for choosing the right   role ’ is a journal that that summarises that one should not focus on the title, projects or the surface level benefit rather one should focus on the ultimate goal ,people and wise decision while choosing the next role . The researcher here says that as we go to higher levels, one person considers many factors which may be considered as least important. Kate also adds that carrier is not one step but it is also a long  journey, it is smatter to invest in long term success rather than short term benefit. The job title is less important than the work and skills one should require .The employers mainly focus on the skills more , the researcher also adds that if you have a high profile job but not differentiated from others , then there won’t  be any difference with a new comer. REVIEW OF LITERATURE: From this journal one should focus more on goal rather than title. A good title can be a boost in the resume. In April 2009 Kode Vicious : said that the biggest threat to systems is administrators Not the technical threat (security, outages, etc.), but the biggest threat to systems administrators as a profession. Thirteen years ago, Eric Raymond's book The Cathedral and the Bazaar (O'Reilly Media, 2001) redefined our vocabulary and all but promised an end to the waterfall model and big software companies, thanks to the new grass-roots open source software development movement. I found the book thought provoking, but it did not convince me. On the other hand, being deeply involved in open source, I couldn't help but think that it would be nice if he was right.    METHODOLOGY: The article was produced by Kate Matsudaira . The article is about the factors that one should consider while choosing an organisational role. ANALYSIS: Explanatory type of study is used here. The study here analysis that one should mainly focus on certain other factors rather than fancy titles, future success etc. . FINDINGS :    It is smarter to invest in long term success rather than short term      Job title is less important than work and skills required      If the job does not gives you a right opportunities , then it is a wrong choice      Focus should be given to people rather than projects   CONCLUSION : From this article we could conclude that if one person focuses at an opportunity, they should consider whether that particular role will help to level up their career. And also should ask to one self that certain questions which includes The skills required to build in order to make progress toward goals, the benefits will the job afford that maybe aren't visible in the job description, What is this job setting up for, What will one have gained from this role .   
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