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It is a ppt on bi-histogram equaliztion with plateau limit based on IEEE paper of same name.
   BYAYUSHI TEWARI    Histogram equalization is a simple method of imageenhancement which improves digital image qualitywithout knowledge about the source of degradation. Histogram of an image is a graph between grey level and number of pixelassociated with it.   Histogram equalization is not suitable to beimplemented in consumer electronic product such asTV, camera because it causes level saturation effect insmall but visually important area.  Saturation effect not only degrades the appearance of image but also leads to information lost To apply histogram equalization on an image a function where number of pixel on a grey level is divided by the total number is obtained for each graylevel. This is called probability density function (P). From P, cumulativedensity function (CDF) is obtained using :To find new grey level simply scan input image for each pixel and look at greylevel and find corresponding level of cdf.    k ik i  P CDF  0   Preserving mean brightness of image isessential to avoid annoying artifacts.  It also maintains the artistic value of image.  Experimental results have also shown that bypreserving mean brightness of imagesaturation effect is also reduced and we areable to avoid unnecessary enhancement.
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