Beijing Starts Gating, Locking Migrant Villages

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Gee maybe our government will take their next lesson from China.
    Would a burqa ban violate one's right to practice religion? YOUR COMMENTS: Beijing starts gating, locking migrant villages BP begins testing new cap over Gulf oil leakAP source: Obama promises to help HouseDemsAfghan attacks kill 8 US troops in 24 hoursReport: CIA paid Iranian scientist $5 millionReport: Amputations without anesthesia inNKoreaHomes lost to foreclosure on track for 1M in 2010Accused 'Barefoot Bandit' has US courtappearance  More Top Stories » Invest in Gold: Learn How Gold Delivered to Your Door. Free Investor Kit.Since Earn From 1.40% to 1.70% With GE Capital Corporation. Not An Offer OfSecurities For Learn Jim Cramer's Trading Secrets Look inside a former hedge fund manager'sportfolio - for only $ 2010 World Cup Yahoo! Sports' complete coverageincludes blogs and slideshows. » Yahoo! Sports Blog Watch Who Knew?: There's a new way to get thenews. » More Who Knew? videos 100% RSS feed free Follow Yahoo! News on Twitter toget the top stories. » Follow @YahooNews here! U.S. spy or U.S. prisoner? The strange case of Shahram Buzz up! By CARA ANNA, Associated Press Writer   –   Wed Jul 14, 12:31 pm ET   BEIJING  – The government calls it sealed management. China'scapital has started gating and locking some of its lower-incomeneighborhoods overnight, with police or security checking identificationpapers around the clock, in a throwback to an older style of control.It's Beijing's latest effort to reduce rising crime often blamed on themillions of rural Chinese migrating to cities for work. The capital'sCommunist Party secretary wants the approach promoted citywide.But some state media and experts say the move not only looks badbut imposes another layer of control on the already stigmatized,vulnerable migrants.So far, gates have sealed off 16 villages in the sprawling southern suburbs, where migrants are attracted tocheaper rents and in some villages outnumber permanent residents 10 to one. In some ways, this is like the conflict between Americans and illegal immigrants in the States. The localresidents feel threatened by the influx of migrants, Huang Youqin, an associate professor of geography at theUniversity at Albany in New York who has studied gating and political control in China, said in an e-mail. Therisk is that the government can control people's private life if it wants to. The gated villages are the latest indignity for China's migrant workers, who already face limited access toschooling and government services and are routinely blamed by city folk for rising crime. Used to the hardshipof the farm and the lack of privilege, migrants seem to be taking the new controls in their stride.Jia Yangui said he accepts the new system as a trade-off for escaping farm work in the northern province ofShanxi. He arrived in Beijing less than two months ago and lives with a relative in one of the gated villages,Dashengzhuang. He sells oily pancakes just inside one of the gates. Anyway, it's not as strict as before, when we migrants would be detained on the way to the toilet, said Jia'srelative, a middle-aged woman who gave her family name as Zheng. Sealed management looks like this: Gates are placed at the street and alley entrances to the villages, whichare collections of walled compounds sprinkled with shops and outdoor vendors. The gates are locked between11 p.m. and 6 a.m., except for one main entrance manned by security guards or police, there to checkidentification papers. Security guards roam the villages by day. Closing up the village benefits everyone, read one banner which was put up when the first, permanent gatedvillage was introduced in April.But some Chinese question whether problems arising from growing gap between the country's rich and poorcan be fixed with locks and surveillance cameras. It's a ridiculous idea! said Li Wenhua, who does private welfare work with migrant workers in Beijing. This isdefinitely not a good long-term strategy. The government should dig up the in-depth causes of crime andimprove basic public services such as education and health care to these people. Crime has been rising steadily over the past two decades, as China moved from state planning to free marketsand Chinese once locked into set jobs began moving around the country for work. Violent crime in China jumped 10 percent last year, with 5.3 million reported cases of homicide, robbery, and rape, the ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences reported in February. Sealed management was born in the village of Laosanyu during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when thegovernment was eager to control its migrant population. The village used it again during the sensitive 60thanniversary of Communist China last year. Officials then reported the idea to township officials, who decidedto make the practice permanent this year. Eighty percent of the permanent residents applauded the practice, said Guo Ruifeng, deputy director ofLaosanyu's village committee. He didn't say how many migrants approved, though they outnumber the locals  AP – In this July 8, 2010, photo residents cycle past on the outside of a locked exit to  a gated village on …   Top Stories sponsored links Featured TRENDING NOW:chupacabraunemployment benefitsmel gibsoncarrie underwoodthe hills News Search World VideoMiddle EastEuropeLatin AmericaAfricaAsiaCanadaAustralia/AntarcticaKevin SitesHOMEU.S.BUSINESSWORLDENTERTAINMENTSPORTSTECHPOLITICSSCIENCEHEALTHOPINIONMOST POPULAR   Hi,Upgrade to Safer IE8cmt Sign OutHelpYahoo!Mail Search Web Search  More on Asia More » India, Pakistan to discuss resuming peace process AFP    Philippine troops search for typhoon missing AFP    BoJ keeps interest rate, boosts growth forecast AFP    More... World Video: Selling Barangaroo to China Australia 7 News    World Video: Rains trigger landslide in China Reuters    World Video: Selling Burangaroo to China Australia 7 News    354 Comments Show:Newest FirstSort   Post a Comment Comments 1 - 10 of 354FirstPrevNextLast  //CURRENTLY BEING USED IN: PamplonaAmiri. » More from Timeby 7,000 to 700. Anyway, they should understand that it is all for their safety, he said. Guards only check papers if they seeanything suspicious, he said.Gating has been an easy and effective way to control population throughout Chinese history, said Huang, thegeography professor. In past centuries, some walled cities would impose curfews and close their gatesovernight. In the first decades of communist rule, the desire for top-down organization and control showed inwork-unit compounds, usually guarded and enclosed.As the economy has grown, privately run gated communities with their own security have emerged in thebiggest cities, catering to well-to-do Chinese and expatriates, offering upscale houses and facilities like poolsand gyms.The new gated villages in Beijing are very different. To put it crudely, gated communities in the city are a way for the upper middle-class and urban rich to keepout trespassers, whereas gated villages represent a way for the state to 'keep in' or contain the problem of'migrant workers' who live in these villages, Pow Choon-Pieu, an assistant professor of geography at theNational University of Singapore who has studied the issue, said in an e-mail.Jiang Zhengqing, a supermarket owner in the gated compound of Laosanyu, told the China Daily newspaper inMay that he doesn't even know if he'll be in business next year because of the drop in customers. Before, the streets were crowded with people in the afternoon but now the village is deserted, he said. Ican't understand why the government has invested such a large amount of money into putting up theseuseless fences, rather than repair our dirty public restrooms and bumpy roads.  ___ Associated Press researcher Yu Bing in Beijing contributed to this report.Follow Yahoo! News onTwitter, become a fan onFacebook  Buzz up! Two wongs can make it white! 00Bob Bonez  1 minute ago Report Abuse I bet most of the ppl here NEVER been to China, and they read such article( has NO facts to it )then make their judgment, I'm Australian who is been living in China for the past 3 years and YESin Beijing itself, I swear to you it's the one of the best city's to live in, very PEACFUL and thesepeople have turned their life around from nothing to something with in 60 years, if you really careabout HUMAN Rights you should be talking about GAZA instead, stop talking @#$% about Chinawho are doing better than most western country. for EXAMPLE in Australia we think the US ismost unsafe place to visit, I bet that ’ s NOT true, so if I believed that I would never ever think aboutgoing there.last there is NO Governmet in this world who si 100%. look at our own back yard, mycountry and the US send our troups to Iraq on a FAKE war killing lots and lots of Innocent ppl,,PEACE 12Sam  10 minutes ago Report Abuse A little information about China. The migrant workers talked about in the article are not fromoutside of China, they come from the country side. China would never allow millions of immigrants,they have too many people all ready. China is still mostly a peasant country which accounts for allthe cheap labor. The new rich in China made their money by building factories manned by thepeasant migrant workers from the country side. Your shoes made in China were made by slavelabor. They are payed just enough to survive. The Chinese government likes this arrangement, theyare all getting rich, except the worker. This can not last forever. Look for major changes in China inyears to come when the workers realize they are the true power behind the Chinese economy. 00Dennis Mccrary  11 minutes ago Report Abuse Education If you've thought aboutbecoming a nurse, there's nobettter time than now.Hot Career Options in NursingDo you have what it takes toland a job that pays $60,000?Train For A $60K Career   Sign In to see what your Connectionsare up to on Yahoo! News.New User? Sign Up Updates My ConnectionsEveryone  Comments 1 - 10 of 354FirstPrevNextLast Post a Comment Sign into post a comment, orSign upfor a free account. Sounds like a reverse of gated community in the US. It's just economics, do whatever is most costeffective. If you have fewer nice communities, you put gates around them. If you have fewer migrantworkers, you put gates around the migrant workers. The migrant worker is minority in a big city. 00Banmu  12 minutes ago Report Abuse Its a look into the future.Either caused by our ever increasing in power government,or the growingof gangs,helped along by popular thug music and videos.oh the future looks great! 30Ron  43 minutes ago Report Abuse What's all this talk about China's SLAVE labor? It's not slave labor at all. It's simple supply anddemand. They have a billion dirt poor folks from the countryside that want a piece of modern life sothey line up out the door for these so called sweat shop slave jobs. They want to work hard inorder to get what they want. If you don't take the job you got a thousand others waiting to take itand you can go back to your dirt farm back home and plant rice and vegetables to survive off of.Supply and demand guys not slavery. these people have a choice to work in these factories orfarm and they're choosing the factories. Don't like it then go home.. it's an opportunity that's beinggiven to them. Read up on the transpacific railroad and the role the Chinese laborers played in itand you'll see that this is how it's always been. The Chinese simply work hard for their future butwe are lazy and prefer to use mexican's for our dirty work instead the Chinese just tap into theirown people for their labor force to build their country. Slaves... HAH 21Mr N  47 minutes ago Report Abuse There is no freedom of speech in America because you can be sued for libel. 45N Atlantic Beach  58 minutes ago Report Abuse People can say whatever they want about China really, but the fact is 20 years ago nobody wantedto live in China compared with the US, today at least there are alot of people willingly go back toChina, and there are millions of foriegn nationals permenently living in China today, and increasing,so all the bashing cant really change the fact. China are steadily moving forward, fixing itsproblems, while americans are still standing still in the same place, it will come a day when chinawill catch up and surpass, by the looks of it, wont even take too long. 54M.J.  1 hour ago Report Abuse I like to stroke my johnson and spank my monkey. 62Keithstone  1 hour ago Report Abuse china version of gestapo 20Johnny  1 hour ago Report Abuse All Most Viewed » Post-Cold War, darker side ofspy game moves east  AP   Report: Amputations withoutanesthesia in NKorea  AP   Beijing starts gating, lockingmigrant villages  AP   3bodies found hanging frombridges in Mexico  AP   Mexican president replaces topsecurity official  AP    Most Viewed - World All Comics » Opinions & Editorials:Diverse views on news from the right, left, and center. 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