basics of microscopy and staining

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this is a series of lectures on microbiology useful for undergraduates and paramedical students
  Fundamental Techniques in Microbiology Microscopy and Staining Dr. Ashish V. Jawarkar (M.D.)Parul Sevashram Hospital  Fundamental Techniques MicroscopyStaining Aseptic techniqueSterilization and waste disposal  Microscopy Measurement  Microorganisms are very small  Use metric system  Metre (m) : standard unit  Micrometre (  m) = 1 x10 -6 m  Nanometre (nm) = 1 x10 -9 m   Angstrom (Å) = 1 x10 -10 m  Terms Relevant to Microscopy Total Magnification  Eyepiece x objective lens Resolution   Ability of the lens to distinguish two points asseparate  Theoretical limit for light microscope is 0.2  m
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