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Rubens Barrichello 300th Grands Prix
  1   Brought to you by Barrichello300 PD v4.indd 127/08/2010 11:14  A celebration of Rubens Barrichello’s300 Grands Prix The most enduring career in F1 history Brought to you by IntroductionSir Jackie Stewart One of the hallmarks of Rubens’ career has been his commitment and dedication to thesport, so this incredible milestone of 300 GPs hasn’t come as a surprise to me. His focus andcommunication skill with the engineers is rst class and that, along with considerable ability,has kept him at the top of Formula One.I retired from driving on the eve of my 100th grand prix and Rubens has now completed three times thatnumber. That’s a marvellous achievement. A driver seldom tires of driving grand prix cars; it’s the businessthat surrounds the driving – the travel, the time away from home – that grinds you down and Rubens hasmanaged his life in such a way that he can deal with that.It’s with great fondness that I look back on the time Rubens spent with Stewart Grand Prix between 1997and 1999. When we set up the team we were looking for a driver who had at least some experience of F1and we chose Rubens. We’d competed against him as Paul Stewart Racing in Formula Opel, Formula 3and Formula 3000 and we liked what we saw.There are three unquestionable highlights from our time together. There was Monaco ’97, when heclimbed from 10th on the grid to be second on the podium, Pole position in the French Grand Prix in ’99and the European Grand Prix in ’99, when Johnny Herbert and Rubens nished rst and third. All werewonderful occasions.Many congratulations, Rubens, on this latest achievement. You’re like a ne wine: you keep on improving.I look forward to seeing you and AT&T Williams back on the podium again soon.Here’s to the next 100 races!Best wishes Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, RBS Global Ambassador  2    ©   F   1   R  a  c   i  n  g   C  u  s   t  o  m    P   h  o   t  o  s  :   L   A   T   P   h  o   t  o  g  r  a  p   h   i  c ,   G  e   t   t  y   I  m  a  g  e  s Barrichello300 PD v4.indd 2-327/08/2010 11:14  Born to race Barrichello300 PD v4.indd 4-527/08/2010 11:14  Theearlyyears “I’d seen Rubens race in Formula 3,”says Eddie Jordan, “but it was only when Ayrton Senna called me to say whata great kid he was that I thoughtseriously about signing him.” After some impressive winter testingperformances, Rubens made his FormulaOne debut for Jordan at the 1993 South African Grand Prix. Despite being twomonths short of his 21st birthday, heimmediately demonstrated his aptitude for F1 by qualifying his Jordan-Hart 14th, oneplace ahead of Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari.He remained with Jordan for four seasons, taking a couple of podiums,before switching to Stewart Grand Prix for ’97. Under Sir Jackie Stewart’s guidance,he consolidated his reputation as an F1front-runner. He took four podiums for the team, which attracted the attention of Ferrari, who were looking for a team-mateto Michael Schumacher.It was then that Rubens stepped intothe big time and he didn’t disappoint.The rst of his 11 wins came atHockenheim in 2000. 1993 European GP Rubens overtakes Alain Prostand Damon Hill to lie second,but he runs out of fuel withsix laps to go. “It would havebeen wonderful to be on thepodium with Ayrton,” he says. 1994 Pacifc GP  A gutsy drive at an unfamiliar track yields a podium nish.In only his 18th grand prix,Rubens nishes third at Aidabehind Michael Schumacher and Gerhard Berger. 7 Memorablemoments Jordan Team Principal Eddie Jordan(seated) poses for publicity photos withhis new signing, 20-year-old RubensBarrichello, at start of the 1993 season Barrichello300 PD v4.indd 6-727/08/2010 11:14
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