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BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN TOURISM Tourism Management Hotel Management Digital Tourism Business Management#SOCCETTAlso100% in English!2Experience…
BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN TOURISM Tourism Management Hotel Management Digital Tourism Business Management#SOCCETTAlso100% in English!2Experience CETT, enjoy an educational experience CETT is the leading international University Campus for education, research and knowledge transfer in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy in Catalonia and Spain. After 50 years, CETT has become an international benchmark in academic excellence and tourism, hospitality and gastronomy services.Affiliated to the University of Barcelona for over 20 years, CETT offers all levels of university education: bachelor’s degrees, postgraduates and PhDs, professional training and continuing education for working professionals customized for companies.CETT is much more: A team of teachers and professionals from the tourism sector with academic rigour and experience. A Campus, with own companies for the application of knowledge: • Hotel Alimara Bcn**** • Àgora BCN, International Hall of Residence • CETT Consultors. • BAS (Barcelona Academic Services).Committed to the responsible development of the sector and society, it offers education, research, innovation and expert knowledge, and firmly supports the personal and professional growth of everyone who forms part of it.The only Spanish University positioned among the best 150 in the world* One of the 100 most innovative universities of Europe****Source CWUR. No. 122 *Source Reuters. No. 65Professional opportunities, thanks to the close links with people and companies from the tourism sector.Quality, leading to students with a sound education and cross-cutting attitudinal skills.International, favouring the academic and professional mobility of students, where the classrooms are a meeting point for students from all over the world.Innovation, guaranteeing the added value of its educational programmes in the face of the evolution of the sector and students.Specialized knowledge in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy, through the emerging Research Groups recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia.Commitment, promoting the principles and values which have always characterized the CETT philosophy, through the Gaspar Espuña-CETT Foundation. 3TOURISM, A CHOICE FOR THE FUTURE As shown by 2018 data, tourism continues to be one of the sectors with the most growth in the country and one of the driving forces of the global economy, being a sound option for your professional future.Barcelona is one of the 10 most visited cities in Europe.The total number of international tourist arrivals in Spain in 2018 was 1.326bn, 7% more than the previous year.The tourist sector in Spain represents almost 12% of GDP, â‚Ź142bn.2017 was the 8th consecutive year of sustained growth in Europe, the most visited area of the world.The tourism sector employs 118 million workers directly worldwide.According to the UNWTO, there will be 1.8bn international tourists by 2030.Catalonia, leader in reception of tourists in Spain in 2017.The Spanish tourism sector had a salary increase of 2.7% and increase in employment of 3.1%, in 2018.DISCOVER, CREATE, EXPERIMENT, MANAGE AND TRANSFORM TOURISM The objective of the CETT-UB Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism is to train the new generation of tourism and hotel sector managers, capable of innovating in the face of the future challenges and of leading teams and projects in a complex and changing environment. Design and transform the tourism of a territory or tourism destination with the introduction of sustainable and responsible policies.TERRITORYDigitizationInnovationSTUDENT PlannerBecome an expert in tourism and hospitality, participating in the development and improvement of one of the most important international economic sectors.SustaManagerBusiness management and administrationin a ab po nd ility ns ibi lityres4TOURISM BUSINESS ECOSYSTEMnd s a hip c i s h Et der leaLOCALGLOBALCreatorCustomer orientationExperience tourism first-hand in an experiential manner, travelling to other countries for academic mobility programmes and international internships.eag d an an m sm s ed ri es liz ou in ia f t us ec o l b Sp ent ote m hManage tourism and hotel companies with an overview of the organization.T an our d ism go p ve ol rn ici an es ceCreate impressive products and experiences for the tourist.PROFILE OF THE GRADUATES Taking the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism of the CETT-UB Hospitality and Tourism Campus involves forming part of a new generation of managers, developing a successful professional career, with the most competent profile and in a sector with a future. The management competencies of this profile are as follows:BUSINESSINNOVATIONDevelopment of innovative business models and creative products which meet the needs of customers and business challenges.Management, administration and optimal organization of the tourism business, applying leadership skills, strategic and financial vision.GLOBALIZATIONGlobal skills, international business development, managing people, markets and businesses in an international environment.TECHNOLOGYKnowledge and command of ICT in tourism in the interest of business management and the company’s capacity to adapt to changes in the environment and people.TOTAL CUSTOMER ORIENTATIONProducts and services adapted to the different customers, with personalized marketing and communication strategies, with knowledge information systems and permanent monitoring of tourist behaviour.GOVERNANCEC03C04C05 C06C02 C01TOURISM MANAGEMENTC07From the level of the tourism company to an overview of the territory and the citizens. From people management to management of the tourism destination.RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITYPrinciples, values and ethics. Development of the economic, social, environmental and cultural dimensions of tourism.LEAD TOURISM OF THE FUTURE5WHY EARN A BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN TOURISM AT CETT-UB The prestige of the UB and of CETT andThe excellence of the education with a teamof its programmes with 50 years of experience.of expert lecturers and recognized professionals from the sector.An innovative learningPersonalized monitoring of the studentmethodology with active participation of the student.and academic and career guidance.The promotion of individual talent withSpecialized knowledgeadaptation to the different learning rates of the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy, through theResearch Groups and the Chair.Professional and personal development.The development of important skills:4th position on the graduate employability ranking.entrepreneurial spirit, capacity for innovation and business vision.A customized degreeDirect applicationin which the student can choose from among 3 specialist minors with official recognition.of the knowledge in the centres and companies of the Campus.The high number ofThe mobility options,national and international internships and job opportunities.the international climate and the development of the intercultural and international skills of the students.Recognition by the sector of the profile of CETTThe close link with the local business sector andstudents thanks to their crosscutting competencies and management skills.tourism administrations.Membership of theCETT Alumni network.Focus years DISCOVERYearEXPERIMENT2Academic DevelopmentKey CompetenciesProfessional DevelopmentPre-internshipInternational Development 61CREATE3Choice Second LanguageExtracurricular internshipChoice Official Specialist MinorCurricular internshipAcademic Mobility ApplicationChoice Third LanguageCurricular internshipCurricular internshipCURRICULUM General information and structure of the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism: Duration: 4 years.Timetable: morning or afternoon.Itineraries for intensification of the specialization: Management of responsible and sustainable tourism, Design and management of tourism and hotel experiences, Digitization of the tourism and hotel sector, Innovation in tourism and hospitality, Event organization and public relations.Qualification:Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism with official Specialist Minor in Tourism Management, Hotel Management or Digital Tourism Business Management*from the University of Barcelona.Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism: through the university access Portal of, with code CETT-UB 11011Credits: 240 ECTS. Teaching language: Catalan, Spanish and English, or 100% in English.University pre-enrolment:Specializations: Tourism Management, Hotel Management and Digital Tourism Business Management*Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism in English: through the university access Portal of, with code CETT-UB 11086FIRST YEARSECOND YEARSubjectsECTSSubjectsECTSTourism and Cultural Heritage6Policies in tourism6Economics in tourism6Strategic and operational marketing6Tourism and its global impact9Economic and financial management in tourism6Fundamentals of research in tourism6Market Research6Accounting in tourism companies6Tourism and Mobility6Geography and tourism6English communication in tourism II9Introduction to tourism and hospitality management6Second foreign language communication in tourism6Law in Tourism6Analysis of tourism destinations6English communication in tourism I9Practicum I96060*In accordance with the qualification improvement procedure, this specialization itinerary has been requested as the Digital Tourism Business Management specialist minor, in the framework of the applicable regulations, and is in the approval process.MANAGEChoice intensification itineraryTRANSFORM4Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Tourism Management4Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Hotel Management4Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Digital Business ManagementManagerial CompetenciesCross-trainingAcademic MobilityAcademic MobilityResearch SCPProfessional or Entrepreneurial SCPInternational SCP Advanced Management ProgrammeMaster’s degreeCareer PlanMinor 7ONE DEGREE, THREE OFFICIAL SPECIALIZATION OPTIONS 1 SPECIALIZATION IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT This specialization provides students with the knowledge, techniques and instruments necessary for efficient tourism planning and management, in addition to the development of the travel and market intermediation businesses. This focus impliesThird year Subjectsachieving the skills for the creation of tourism and experiences, their communication and marketing, and the sustainable management of tourism destinations and organizations on a social, cultural, economic and environmental level.Fourth year ECTSTourism marketing and communication6Communication in English in tourism: advanced level9Organization of tourism companies and people management6Practicum II9SPECIALIZATION IN TOURISM MANAGEMENTSubjectsECTSDevelopment of management skills and of an entrepreneurial spirit in the tourism sector.6Senior Capstone Project30SPECIALIZATION IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT Cultural tourism mediation3Revenue Management in tourism4,5 4,5Tourism project management4,5Financial management of tourism organizationsManagement of cultural tourism4,5Advanced writing skills33Other electives subjects9Business administration in the transportation industry Tourism planning4,5Management of business tourism and events4,5Other electives subjects609 60PROFESSIONAL FIELDS AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF DESTINATIONS Head of tourism projects in big cities · Director of destination promotion campaign · Coordinator of the visitor information service· Manager of tourism destinations · Tour guide · Marketing manager · Manager of tourism promotion programmes · Manager of tourist office · Technician in digital tools and tourism cartography · Others. TOURISM PRODUCTS AND ACTIVITIES Marketing director · Manager of entertainment department · Manager of enotourism · Design of tourism products and activities · Manager of cultural tourism · Heritage site interpreter · Cultural space guide · Tourist information agent · Manager of leisure spaces · Others. ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS AND CONGRESSES Professional organizer of congresses, events and incentives · Booking manager · Public Relations · Project manager · Manager of incentives · Head of sales · Others.8INTERMEDIATION Travel agent · Account manager· Tourism operations department · Manager of websites and online marketing · Manager of booking centre and Community manager · Accounting and Finance · Others. TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS Expert in tourism mobility · Commercial director · Manager of GDS · Manager of customer service department · Head of booking department · Operations manager · Public Relations · Cabin crew · Others. TEACHING, RESEARCH AND CONSULTING Tourism consultant · Teacher · Corporate trainer · Researcher· Manager of quality and environment audits · Others.2 SPECIALIZATION IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT During the last two years of the bachelor’s degree, students will take specific company management and administration subjects of the specialist minor, in addition to subjects which cover theTHIRD year SubjectsFourth year ECTSTourism marketing and communication6Communication in English in tourism: advanced level9Organization of tourism companies and people management6Practicum II9SPECIALIZATION IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT Management of tourism accommodation companies4,5Catering Management4,5Operations management in Catering3Hotel management4,5Strategic management in hospitality4,5Other electives subjectsdifferent areas of hotel management with an international and sustainable vision and which respond to the main challenges of the tourism accommodation sector.SubjectsECTSDevelopment of management skills and of an entrepreneurial spirit in the tourism sector.6Senior Capstone Project30SPECIALIZATION IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT Revenue management4,5Financial management4,5International management of hotel and catering corporations3Advanced electives skills3Other electives subjects9 609 60PROFESSIONAL FIELDS AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES ACCOMMODATION COMPANIES Hotel director · Manager of congress and event organization · Commercial director · Public Relations Manager · Director of the accommodation area · Revenue manager · Head of reception · Administration Department · Quality and development department · HR department · Key account manager · Booking manager · Social media and Community manager · Manager in rural accommodation, tourism apartments, halls of residence, hospitals and similar · Others.GASTRONOMY Creator and manager of tourism products, events and services· Promotor of food and gastronomic heritage · Gastronomic marketing professional · Others. TEACHING, RESEARCH AND CONSULTING Tourism consultant · Teacher · Corporate trainer · Researcher· Manager of quality and environment audits · Others.CATERING COMPANIES Director of catering · Director of restaurant · Director of banquets and conventions · Head of purchasing ·F&B manager· Director of operations · Commercial catering manager · Manager of groupcentres · Manager of commissary and wine cellar. Others.93 SPECIALIZATION IN DIGITAL TOURISM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT This specialization provides students with the skills necessary to deal with the management of digital businesses and the creation of tourism products and services based on the opportunities arising from the technical evolution and digitization of companies from the sector.Using entrepreneurship as the vehicular learning methodology, students will learn the main innovation instruments and processes, from both a theoretical and a practical viewpoint, through the application of these processes in real projects.THIRD year subjectsFOURTH year ECTSTourism marketing and communication6Communication in English in tourism: advanced level9Organization and human resources management in tourism companies6Practicum II9SPECIALIZATION IN DIGITAL TOURISM BUSINESS MANAGEMENTIndustry 4.0 and the transformation of tourism business models4,5subjectsDevelopment of management skills and of an entrepreneurial spirit in the tourism sector.6Senior Capstone Project30SPECIALIZATION IN DIGITAL TOURISM BUSINESS MANAGEMENTInnovation Processes for Tourism Product Development II4,5Digital Platform Optimization4,5Corporate and Entrepreneurial Acceleration3Innovation processes for the creation and transformation of tourism products I6Advanced writing skills3Investment and financial management of digital projects6Other Electives9Digital platform design4,5e-Commerce for tourism products and services4,5Branding and digital content4,560 Other Electives60PROFESSIONAL FIELDS AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The professional profile of the digital business management specialist minoris cross-cutting in the tourism and hotel sector. The main job opportunities which can be highlighted are: Director of digital tourism marketing · Manager of e-Commerce · Brand content specialist in the digital sphere · Entrepreneur in the tourism and services sector · Tourism and services intrapreneur · Manager of tourism consumer experiences · Developer of mobile applications in tourism · Developer of tourism websites · Developer of digital tourism businesses · Manager of digital tourism projects · Management and administration of digital companies · Marketing and digital communication · Introduction of new technologies in tourism · User experience10ECTSPERSONALIZE YOUR DEGREEITINERARIES FOR INTENSIFICATION OF THE SPECIALIZATION CETT offers different options to adapt the degree to the students’ motivations, so as to shape their professional career profile. Students who take one of these itineraries receive an expert diploma in the subject chosen, issued by CETT, accrediting their specialization in addition to the specialist minor, with a differential added value which will enhance their professional career.1Intensification geared to developing a specialization in tourismThe bachelor’s degree curriculum is designed to incorporate a number of credits which the student can assign to shape their syllabus in a personalized manner, in accordance with their career interests and personal motivations.Sustainable and responsible tourism management · Development, cooperation and tourism · Ethics and Corporate social responsibility · Local management and tourism policies · Quality, safety and the environmentDigital Business in Tourism and Hospitality · Smart Tourism · Big data management · Management and development of new technologies in tourism · Artificial intelligence in tourismDesign and management of tourism and hospitality experiences · Creation of tourism experiences · Design of tourism establishments · Enogastronomic tourism · Cinema and literature in tourismInnovation in Tourism and Hospitality · Creation of innovation environments in tourism · Corporate acceleration and entrepreneurship · Expansion models and strategies in tourism businesses · Innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism Event planner and public relations · Organization of congresses and corporate events · Management of customers and public relations · Events and protocol · Organization of social events and celebrations112Intensification geared to increasing a command of languages 30 credits in English and up to 24 credits in a second language are taken compulsorily. The level of English achieved is equivalent to C1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and, for the rest of the languages, the level will depend on the total number of credits taken. YEARYEARYEARYEAR1234English II 9 ECTSEnglish III 9 ECTSEnglish + 3 ECTS6 ECTS to choose: · French I · German I · Spanish I9 ECTS to choose: · French II · German II · Italian I · Chinese I · Russian I · Spanish II9 ECTS to choose: · French III · German III · Italian II · Chinese II · Russian II · Spanish IIIEnglish I 9 ECTS3Intensification geared to applied learning and to knowledge of organizations and business management models Advanced Internship Management Programme Cross-training during which the students undertake periods of practical learning of between 4 and 6 months, under the direct supervision of t
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