Are you Looking For Crazy game Than you Should Try Going Postal Crazy its Free!!I os game free

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Going Postal is a simple video-game with 2D graphics. The theme of thegame is based on running through a course withouthittingany obstacles. The virtual obstacles are not inanimatethings butcreatures–dogs. The main character that the players have to control is a postman on his delivery route.As the mailmanmoves across the screen he is confronted by a number of dogs. The playerhasto save the postman from getting “bitten”by the dogs.Going Postal is based on simple function of tapping the finger on the screen in order to make the mailman jump to evade the approaching dogs. As an attempt to make the game more interesting, its developer Brian J. Paulovich has included dog biscuits, which enable players to get “bitten” 4 times before the game ends. This allows for higher scoring opportunity! The game has been launched especially for iPhone and iPad. It is totally free, with an option for in-app purchase.The downloadincludesa demo pack of 4bones that are used the first 4 games. Players can purchase a packet of 40 dog biscuits for $0.99 to continue their game towards making a record score. Going Postal has been published by Game Center and was released in August this year. All the instructions and commands in the game are in English. It occupies 57.8 MB of storage space of the phone and is compatible with iOS 4.3 or higher versions. The game can be enjoyed by users of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch alike.Though it has been only a few months since its launch, Going Postal has received considerable number of ratings, the average of which is 4.5 stars. It has been downloaded in 27 countries around the world. The game does not have a scoring limit, but the random onslaught of dogsprovides forinfinite new play, keeping the game fresh and appealling. It is appropriate to for people of all ages from young children to aged elders. The game does not use personal information of the users, so, it can be simply downloaded and played combat boredom.
  • 1. I O S G A M E F R E E ! ! ! Going Postal Crazy
  • 2. G o ing P o s t a l C raz y 2 A New Addictive game comes up in the App Store in the form of Going Postal Crazy! G o ing P o s t a l i s a s impl e v ide o g ame wit h 2D g raph i c s . T h e t h e m e o f t h e game i s based o n r u n n i n g thr o u gh a c o u r se w i tho u t hi t t i n g a n y o b s t a c l e s . The v i r t u a l o b s t a c l e s a r e n o t i n a n i m a t e t h i n g s b u t c r e a t u r e s –dogs . The ma i n cha r a c ter tha t the p l a y e r s ha ve t o c o n t r o l i s a p o s tma n o n h i s d e l i ver y r o u te. A s the ma i l man mo ves a c r o s s the s c reen h e i s c o n f ront e d b y a numbe r o f d o g s . T h e p l aye r ha s t o s a ve t h e postman f r o m g e t t ing “ b i t t e n “ b y t h e d o g s . G o ing P o s t a l i s based o n s i m p l e f u n c t i o n o f t a p p i n g t h e f i n g e r o n t h e s c r een i n o r d e r t o mak e t h e m a i lman jump t o e v ade t h e approac h ing d o g s . Bounc e t h e m a i lman pas t t h e dog s on h i s way a long h i s rout e . U s e d o g b i s c u i t s t o hel p make i t f a r ther a l o n g the w a y . Download i n c l u d e s 4- bone demo pack. • Category: Games • Released: Aug 22, 2014 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 57.8 MB • Language: English • Seller: Brian Paulovich • © 2014 Brian J. Paulovich SCAN CODE AND START FUN!!
  • 3. G o ing P o s t a l C raz y 3
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