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Annual report 2009-10 of NGO Society For Integrated Development (SID)
   SOCIETY FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ( SID)Arypuri, Ratu Road, RanchiJharkhandAnnual Report( 2009-10)1. Coordinating office - Bhabya Bhawan,Near Bageswari AppartmentArypuri, Ratu Road, Ranchi2. Operational Area - Jharkhand state and other states in India andabroad with necessary approval thereof.3. Office Bearersi.   Sri Amit Kumar Sinha (Chairman)ii.   Sri Vivek Kumar (Secretary)iii.   Sri Kumar Ravi (Executive)iv.   Smt. Anita Sinha (Member)v.   Sri Marut Nandan Pandey (Executive)vi.   Smt. Rageswari Agarwal (Member)vii.   Sri Raj Kumar Prasad4. Founder - Sri Amit Kumar Sinha and Sri Vivek Kumar5. Date of Creation - 10-02-20036. Chief Functionary &Contact Person - Sri Amit Kumar Sinha (Chairman)7. Organizational Structure Ki ndly see Appendix „B‟  Executive Summary :- Society For Integrated Development (SID) got registeredunder Society Registration Act 1860 on 10 th of Feb 2003.Since then it has never looked back. By each passing yearactivity of SID is increasing and it has been able to build avery good support with the villagers and other target groupsthat always motivated to work and continue the struggle forupliftment or rural people and other target groups. SID hasa dedicated team of staff whose regular effort made thisorganization to reach upto this state.    ORGANIZATONAL STRUCTURE Chairman Cum Managing DirectorFinancial Advisor Secretary AuditorConsultants & Funding Project Officer AccountantAuthoritiesWorkshop & Seminar Project Coordinator Clerk Cum TypistOrganizer or Program OfficerEducation Group Supervisor Meeting & TrainingGroup Leader Social MotivatorField WorkerTrainee Achievement During the Year    Award of excellence Society for Integrated Development got award of excellence for our work in the sector of agriculture, community development and microfinance. Birsa Agriculture Universitygave this award during its annual kisaan mela Agro-tech 1010. Certificate of excellencehas been given by Agriculture minister Sri Mathura Prasad Mahto. Jharkhand Tribal Development Program (Micro Watershed) Society for integrated development has been working with JTDS on two MWS in Eightvillages at block Bundu, Ranchi since December 2006. JTDP is an IFAD assistedprogramme. The objective of the programme is:To develop and implement a replicable model that ensures household food securityand improves livelihood opportunities and overall quality of life of the tribal populationbased on sustainable and equitable use of natural resources. To achieve the following theprogramme would :* Empower tribal grass root associations and user groups, including women andother marginal groups, so that they would become more capable to plan, implement andmanage their own development and negotiate with relevant authorities to harness thenecessary resources.* promote activities which generate sustainable increase in production andproductivity of land and water resources.   * Generate alternative source of income outside agriculture particularly forLandless.1. Institution Building A) Gram Sabha :-During the year ,efforts were laid to strengthen Gram sabha by Empoweringtheir member and their chairperson. The regularization of Gram Sabha meetings weregiven major attention that resulted in strengthing the gra   m sabha in 08 villages underSociety for integrated Development.Villages No. of membersin GSPECNo. of householdNo. of meetingper month% attendenceKUCHIDIH 07 68 04 70JAMGAMI 09 157 01 65LOTEHATU 07 98 01 70HALUDIH 05 19 04 90ROREDIH 05 31 01 80SINGARIDIH 05 31 04 80BHURKUNDA 05 36 04 90NAWADIH 05 41 04 70B)Self Help Group(SHG)During the year three New SHG were formed, which is as follows:VILLAGE SHG No. of MembersLotehatu Nai subah mahila samiti 10Lotehatu Nai jyoti mahila samiti 18Nawadih Jeevan jyoti mahila samiti 11At present total no. of SHG is 26 in eight villages,which covering the 481 household .Strengthening of Existing SHG‟s and new SHG‟s are being promot ed.The regularizationof meeting as well as mobilization of saving was given major emphasis in existing 26 SHG‟s. SHG‟s has developed their income generation activity plan mostly in agriculture,livestock and NTFP‟s.  
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