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1. Animal Pregnancy Animal Biology by: Miko Atkins, Staci Davis, and Ofelia Patrick 2. Topics of Discussion ● Pregnancy in Deuterostomes ● Pregnancy in Protostomes…
  • 1. Animal Pregnancy Animal Biology by: Miko Atkins, Staci Davis, and Ofelia Patrick
  • 2. Topics of Discussion ● Pregnancy in Deuterostomes ● Pregnancy in Protostomes ● Gestation Periods
  • 3. Deuterostomes ● Morphologically complex ● Share similar development ● Variable morphology & behavior ● Develop anus first, as opposed to protostomes 4 Phyla of Deuterostomes: - Echinodermata: sea stars & sea urchins - Hemichordata: acorn worms - Chordata: vertebrates - Xenoturbellida: worm-like organisms *more recently discovered
  • 4. Deuterostome Gestation Period Sea Horse 14 days - 4 weeks Starfish No gestation period, but the time it takes for a fertilized starfish egg to develop into a baby starfish is around 2 months depending on the species Human 36-40 weeks Chimpanze 32-33 weeks Humpback Whales 12-15 months Elephants 20-21 months Deuterostome Gestation
  • 5. The Seahorse Male Pregnancy… Yes, Males
  • 6. Ummm i’m sure there must be some type of mistake... We’re not related riiight??? Protostome Reunion
  • 7. ● Protostomes have true tissues, they are bilaterally symmetric, and the mouth develops first during embryonic development ● Protostomes also have an anterior brain, central nervous system, and a coelum. Protostomes
  • 8. Development of C. elegans ● There are precisely 959 cells during development ● Development of C. elegans from larvae to adulthood takes 2.5 days at 25 degrees celsius. ● During periods of starvation C. elegans develops into Dauer larvae, once food is available the dauer larvae reaches the L4 stage and the life cycle takes about 3 days. C. elegens
  • 9. C. elegans Embryonic Development
  • 10. Snail Embryonic Development
  • 11. HCG Placenta produces Stop ovaries from maturing egg ea month during pregnancy High level= increase nausea and vomiting Hormones in pregnancy
  • 12. Progesterone corpus luteum produces until 10 weeks then placenta takes over production relaxes uterus muscle, help keep immune system healthy relaxes smooth muscle and blood pressure increase hair growth
  • 13. Estrogen develop fetus organ and other bodily systems enhances uterus response to oxytocin responsible for skin changes
  • 14. Oxytocin stretches cervix for labor stimulates milk production Prolactin prepare breast tissue for lactation and milk release
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