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angol feladatok
  The film (start) every day at 8 p.m. 2. Many children (drink) milk with their meals. 3. Our cat generally (sleep) a lot during the day. 4. Julie (write) a letter to her mother once a week. 5. Tom and Julie (live) in a big city in the south of the country. 6. Usually tourists (not/go) to Egypt to play golf. 7. Jimmy always (take) the bus to go to school. 8. We all know that many children (not/like) vegetables. 9. Anne (think) it's a good idea to do English exercises. 10. If you want to be healthy, you must (eat) good food. Robert twenty-five pounds a week. ( earn ) 2. Robert beautiful pictures. ( paint ) 3. She to come here. ( want ) 4. They to buy a television-set. ( want ) 5. It two hours to get there. ( take ) 6. This sweater four pounds. ( cost ) 7. Ted football well. ( play ) 8. Miriam too much time with him. ( spend ) 9. Stan to the BBC regularly. ( listen ) 10. Linda German fluently. ( speak  ) 11. He medicine. ( study ) 12. Miss Gibb very well. ( dress ) 13. Barry too much whisky. ( drink  )  14. Mike only thrillers. ( read ) 15. My teacher very hard. ( work  ) 16. Betty to me regularly. ( write ) 17. Mr Bull us very often. ( visit ) 18. This beer sour. ( taste ) 19. It on the circumstances. ( depend ) 20. Water of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. ( consist ) Do, Does 1.   you write with a pencil? 2.   your father often make breakfast? 3.   your teachers always check your homework? 4.   you and your sister feed the pets? 5.   you upload pictures? 6.   your friend visit museums? 7.   your cats climb trees? 8.   you learn to cook at school? 9.   your sister play badminton? 10.   your grandparents go on holiday in winter? Do, Does,Don’t, Doesn’t   1.   My mother likes chocolate, but she like biscuits. 2.   What the children wear at your school? 3.   Lynn's father watches badminton on TV, but he watch judo. 4.   Where the Masons buy their fruit? 5.   the cat like to sleep on the sofa? 6.   Dogs love bones, but they love cheese. 7.   Where Sam and Ben hide their CDs? 8.   We eat pizza, but we eat hamburgers. 9.   Mrs Miller read magazines? 10.   the boys play cricket outside?   
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